Regula SDK supports localization. If any language is required by your application, but is not supported by Regula SDK, or you want to change our localized strings, you can add localized strings to strings.xml file and allow the Regula SDK to be presented to the users in their desired system locale. To do it, you need to know the identifiers of the strings, which are available in values.xml file provided with the latest Regula release version. Now you can redefine every string in Regula SDK with the appropriate translated values. This way, when the user has their device's System Language set to a language supported by your application, Regula SDK will utilize the appropriate string resources.
For more information on localizing your application and best practices, please see the official Android documentation.
values.xml file with all available strings can be found in the project: External Libraries -> Gradle: com.regula.documentreader:api:[email protected] -> values -> values.xml
Last modified 2yr ago
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