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The SDK consists of two frameworks: API and Core.

The API framework provides an external interface for controlling the process and getting the result.

The Core framework provides the recognition functionality where all the processing happens. This is the internal framework, it is used by the API framework only and is not accessible for developers. However, it should be referenced in the project.

Core Types and Features

There are several types of the Core framework, each has different recognition capabilities. Depending on the features included, the sizes of frameworks differ, so choose the one that suits your case the best:

Core name Document location MRZ OCR Barcode recognition NFC chip reading Document type recognition Visual zone OCR Graphic fields Credit card recognition
bounds X
mrz X X
mrzrfid X X X
barcode X
barcodemrz X X X
barcodemrzrfid X X X X
doctype X X X X
ocrandmrz X X X X X X
ocrandmrzrfid X X X X X X X
full X X X X X X X
fullrfid X X X X X X X X
  • Document location
    Detecting the document boundaries and cropping out the document from the supplied picture.

    Reading and parsing the Machine Readable Zones lines into separate fields.

  • Barcode recognition
    Reading 1D and 2D (PDF417, QR, Aztec, Datamatrix) barcodes and automatic parsing into text fields using included document template specifications if the template database is available and the document type is identified.

  • NFC chip reading
    Reading data from electronic contactless chips of ePassport, eID, and eDL using NFC (if present).

  • Document type recognition
    Automatic recognition of the document type: no need to manually select a country, document type, and series for processing.

  • Visual zone OCR
    OCR of the document visual zone text fields based on document templates included in the database.

  • Graphic fields
    Cropping graphic fields, like photo and signature, based on templates included in the database.

  • Credit card recognition
    OCR of embossed bank card number, date of expiry, and holder name.