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PKD certificates

  • To add a list of PKD certificates during the initialization process that will be passed to Core, use:
  • To add a list of PKD certificates when the PKD reading started that will be passed to Core, use:
DocumentReader.Instance().startRFIDReader(new IDocumentReaderCompletion() {
    public void onCompleted(int rfidAction, DocumentReaderResults results, Throwable error) {
        // Completed RFID-chip processing
}, new DocumentReader.RfidReaderRequest() {
    public void onRequestPACertificates(byte[] bytes, PAResourcesIssuer paResourcesIssuer, DocumentReader.RfidPKDCertificateCompletion rfidPKDCertificateCompletion) {
        // Requested PA certificates

    public void onRequestTACertificates(String s, DocumentReader.RfidPKDCertificateCompletion rfidPKDCertificateCompletion) {
        // Requested TA certificates

    public void onRequestTASignature(TAChallenge taChallenge, DocumentReader.RfidTASignatureCompletion rfidTASignatureCompletion) {
        // Requested TA signature
  • To clear a list of PKD certificates that has been passed to Core, use:
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