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eRFID_CertificateType enumeration contains a set of constants that define the type of certificate used in the procedure of document security object digital signature verification.

const eRFID_CertificateType = {
    CT_CSCA: 1,
    CT_CSCA_LINK: 2,
    CT_DS: 3,
    CT_MLS: 4,
    CT_DEV_LS: 5,
    CT_DEF_LS: 6,
Constant Description
CT_UNDEFINED type is not defined
CT_CSCA Country Signing Certification Authority
CT_CSCA_LINK Country Signing Certification Authority
CT_DS Document Signer
CT_MLS Master List signer
CT_DEV_LS Deviaton List signer
CT_DEF_LS Defect List signer