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BarcodeResult enumeration contains identifiers determining barcodes data reading result.

class BarcodeResult {
  static const int NO_ERR = 0;
  static const int NULL_PTR_ERR = -6001;
  static const int BAD_ARG_ERR = -6002;
  static const int SIZE_ERR = -6003;
  static const int RANGE_ERR = -6004;
  static const int INTERNAL_ERR = -6005;
  static const int TRY_EXCEPT_ERR = -6006;
  static const int BAR_CODE_NOT_FOUND = -6008;
  static const int BAR_CODE_DECODE_ERR = -6010;
  static const int NO_USER_DLL_FOUND = -6019;
  static const int NO_IPP_DLL_FOUND = -6020;
  static const int IPP_EXEC_ERR = -6024;
  static const int IPP_TRY_EXCEPT_ERR = -6025;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_INPUT_PARAM = -11001;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_FINIT = -11006;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_NOT_LOAD_IP_DECODED_LL = -11012;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_INNER_PROBLEM = -11100;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_DECODE_1D_BAD_DECODE = -11200;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_FIND_ROW_OR_COLUMN = -11201;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_FIND_3X8_2D_X = -11202;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_FIND_3X8_2D_Y = -11203;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_2D_UGOL_MAX = -11204;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_INDEFINITELY_DECODED = -11210;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_DLL_NOT_INIT = -11300;
  static const int BARCODE_ERROR_IP_DECODE_DLL_Try_Except = -11400;
  static const int IPDECODE_ERROR_LARGEERRORS = -4503;
  static const int IPDECODE_ERROR_FAULTCOLUMNS = -4504;
  static const int IPDECODE_ERROR_FAULTROWS = -4505;
  static const int IPDECODE_ERROR_INCORRECT_ERROR_LEVEL = -4511;
  static const int IPDECODE_ERROR_LOADING_DEV_TABLE = -4512;
Constant Description
NO_ERR no error
NULL_PTR_ERR null pointer of input arg/param error
BAD_ARG_ERR function arg/param is bad
SIZE_ERR wrong value of data size
RANGE_ERR bad values of any parameter range
INTERNAL_ERR internal program error
TRY_EXCEPT_ERR try-except process
BAR_CODE_NOT_FOUND barcode detection error
BAR_CODE_DECODE_ERR barcode decoding error
NO_USER_DLL_FOUND "ImageProcess.dll" connection error
NO_IPP_DLL_FOUND IPP Dll connection error
IPP_EXEC_ERR run-time error in IPP-function
IPP_TRY_EXCEPT_ERR _try-except _execution in IPP-function
BARCODE_ERROR_FINIT initialization error
BARCODE_ERROR_NOT_LOAD_IP_DECODED_LL "IpDecode.dll" connection error
BARCODE_ERROR_INNER_PROBLEM internal program error
BARCODE_ERROR_DECODE_1D_BAD_DECODE 1D-barcode decoding error
BARCODE_ERROR_FIND_ROW_OR_COLUMN Row or Column count computational error (PDF417)
BARCODE_ERROR_FIND_3X8_2D_X MinX computational error (PDF417)
BARCODE_ERROR_FIND_3X8_2D_Y MinY computational error (PDF417)

invalid barcode angle (> 3


BARCODE_ERROR_INDEFINITELY_DECODED the result may contain decoding errors
BARCODE_ERROR_DLL_NOT_INIT Dll initialization error
BARCODE_ERROR_IP_DECODE_DLL_Try_Except try-except in IPDECODE-function
IPDECODE_ERROR_LARGEERRORS too many invalid code words
IPDECODE_ERROR_FAULTCOLUMNS invalid number of columns
IPDECODE_ERROR_FAULTROWS invalid number of rows
IPDECODE_ERROR_LOADING_DEV_TABLE loading "DevTable.bin" error