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eGraphicFieldType enumeration contains identifiers determining the logical type of the graphic data obtained while reading document filling fields or barcodes.

class eGraphicFieldType {
  static const int GF_PORTRAIT = 201;
  static const int GF_FINGERPR = 202;
  static const int GF_EYE = 203;
  static const int GF_SIGNATURE = 204;
  static const int GF_BAR_CODE = 205;
  static const int GF_PROOF_OF_CITIZENSHIP = 206;
  static const int GF_DOCUMENT_IMAGE = 207;
  static const int GF_COLOR_DYNAMIC = 209;
  static const int GF_GHOST_PORTRAIT = 210;
  static const int GF_STAMP = 211;
  static const int GF_PORTRAIT_OF_CHILD = 212;
  static const int GF_OTHER = 250;
  static const int GF_FINGER_LEFT_THUMB = 300;
  static const int GF_FINGER_LEFT_INDEX = 301;
  static const int GF_FINGER_LEFT_MIDDLE = 302;
  static const int GF_FINGER_LEFT_RING = 303;
  static const int GF_FINGER_LEFT_LITTLE = 304;
  static const int GF_FINGER_RIGHT_THUMB = 305;
  static const int GF_FINGER_RIGHT_INDEX = 306;
  static const int GF_FINGER_RIGHT_MIDDLE = 307;
  static const int GF_FINGER_RIGHT_RING = 308;
  static const int GF_FINGER_RIGHT_LITTLE = 309;
Constant Description
GF_PORTRAIT Photo of the document owner
GF_FINGERPR Fingerprint of the document owner
GF_EYE Iris of the document owner image
GF_SIGNATURE Signature of the document owner
GF_BAR_CODE Barcode image
GF_PROOF_OF_CITIZENSHIP Image of the citizenship proving document
GF_DOCUMENT_IMAGE Document image
GF_COLOR_DYNAMIC Color dynamic area in the document
GF_GHOST_PORTRAIT Ghost portrait
GF_PORTRAIT_OF_CHILD Portrait of child
GF_OTHER Other image type
GF_FINGER_LEFT_THUMB Fingerprint, left thumb
GF_FINGER_LEFT_INDEX Fingerprint, left index
GF_FINGER_LEFT_MIDDLE Fingerprint, left middle
GF_FINGER_LEFT_RING Fingerprint, left ring
GF_FINGER_LEFT_LITTLE Fingerprint, left little
GF_FINGER_RIGHT_THUMB Fingerprint, right thumb
GF_FINGER_RIGHT_INDEX Fingerprint, right index
GF_FINGER_RIGHT_MIDDLE Fingerprint, right middle
GF_FINGER_RIGHT_RING Fingerprint, right ring
GF_FINGER_RIGHT_LITTLE Fingerprint, right little