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eImageQualityCheckType enumeration contains possible values of input image quality check result type.

class eImageQualityCheckType {
  static const int IQC_IMAGE_GLARES = 0;
  static const int IQC_IMAGE_FOCUS = 1;
  static const int IQC_IMAGE_RESOLUTION = 2;
  static const int IQC_IMAGE_COLORNESS = 3;
  static const int IQC_PERSPECTIVE = 4;
  static const int IQC_BOUNDS = 5;
  static const int IQC_SCREEN_CAPTURE = 6;
  static const int IQC_PORTRAIT = 7;
Constant Description
IQC_IMAGE_GLARES glares presence check
IQC_IMAGE_FOCUS focus quality check
IQC_IMAGE_RESOLUTION image resolution check
IQC_IMAGE_COLORNESS image colorness check
IQC_PERSPECTIVE document perspective check, i.e. the deviation of the corners of the document from the value of 90 degrees is checked
IQC_BOUNDS document bounds check, i.e. that document bounds are fully in the frame is checked
IQC_SCREEN_CAPTURE image moire check