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  • The SDK receives data from a motion sensor and pauses scanning when a device is moving. Turn on/off the video capture motion control:
DocReader.shared.functionality.videoCaptureMotionControl = true
[RGLDocReader shared].functionality.videoCaptureMotionControl = YES;
  • Pause scanning while a camera is focusing (may decrease the camera processing speed):
DocReader.shared.functionality.skipFocusingFrames = true
[RGLDocReader shared].functionality.skipFocusingFrames = YES;
  • To omit the document focus check, enable the following parameter:
DocReader.shared.processParams.disableFocusingCheck = true
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.disableFocusingCheck = @YES;
  • Set the maximum value of the deviation of the corners of the document from the 90 degrees value:
DocReader.shared.processParams.perspectiveAngle = 5
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.perspectiveAngle = @5;
  • Specify the minimal area of an image that a document should cover to be treated as a candidate when locating. The value should be in a range from 0 to 1, where 1 is for the document that fully covers the image:
DocReader.shared.processParams.documentAreaMin = 0.7
  • Shorten the list of candidates to process during the document detection in a single image process mode. The option reduces the processing time for specific backgrounds:
DocReader.shared.processParams.fastDocDetect = true

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