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Use the parameter to set the time limit (in seconds) for the document recognition, beyond which the recognition does not continue regardless of its result.

You can define the moment for the countdown to start.

  • Start the countdown from the moment the scenario starts:
DocReader.shared.processParams.timeout = 20
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.timeout = @20;
  • Start the countdown from the moment the document is detected:
DocReader.shared.processParams.timeoutFromFirstDetect = 5
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.timeoutFromFirstDetect = @5;
  • Start the countdown from the moment the document type is recognized:
DocReader.shared.processParams.timeoutFromFirstDocType = 3
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.timeoutFromFirstDocType = @3;

Barcode recognition

Set the types of barcodes to process:

DocReader.shared.processParams.barcodeTypes = [BarcodeType.QRCODE.rawValue as NSNumber, BarcodeType.AZTEC.rawValue as NSNumber]
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.barcodeTypes = @[@(RGLBarcodeTypeQRCODE), @(RGLBarcodeTypeAZTEC)];

Document recognition

DocReader.shared.processParams.documentIDList = [-274257313, -2004898043]
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.documentIDList = @[@(-274257313), @(-2004898043)];
  • Set the minimum acceptable DPI value:
DocReader.shared.processParams.minDPI = 100
[RGLDocReader shared].processParams.minDPI = @100;
  • Use a specific template ID and skip the document type identification step:
DocReader.shared.processParams.forceDocID = 123
  • Ignore assumptions based on the field mask in the template:
DocReader.shared.processParams.matchTextFieldMask = true
  • Guarantee that an output image contains the correct MRZ on it in the series process mode:
DocReader.shared.processParams.forceReadMrzBeforeLocate = true
  • Limit MRZ formats to be recognized by specifying them in array:
DocReader.shared.processParams.mrzFormatsFilter = [MRZFormat.ID2.rawValue as NSNumber, MRZFormat.ID1.rawValue as NSNumber]

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