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The RGLAuthenticity enumeration contains identifiers that determine the possibility of performing different authenticity control procedures using images for definite lighting schemes.

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RGLAuthenticity) {
  RGLAuthenticityNone                           =   0,
  RGLAuthenticityUvLuminescence                 =   1,
  RGLAuthenticityIRB900                         =   2,
  RGLAuthenticityImagePattern                   =   4,
  RGLAuthenticityAxialProtection                =   8,
  RGLAuthenticityUVFibers                       =   16,
  RGLAuthenticityIRVisibility                   =   32,
  RGLAuthenticityOCRSecurityText                =   64,
  RGLAuthenticityIpi                            =   128,
  RGLAuthenticityPhotoEmbedType                 =   512,
  RGLAuthenticityHolograms                      =   4096,
  RGLAuthenticityPhotoArea                      =   8192,
  RGLAuthenticityPortraitComparison             =   32768,
  RGLAuthenticityBarcodeFormatCheck             =   65536,
  RGLAuthenticityKinegram                       =   131027,
  RGLAuthenticityHologramsDetection             =   524288,
} NS_SWIFT_NAME(Authenticity);
Constant Description
RGLAuthenticityNone no authenticity control procedure provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityUvLuminescence document material UV fluorescence control (check for presence of UV dull paper) is provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityIRB900 control of MRZ contrast using the image for IR lighting scheme is provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityImagePattern luminescent fragments presence control using the images for UV lighting scheme is provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityAxialProtection UV fluorescence of protection fibers control is provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityUVFibers blank elements visibility control using the images for IR lighting scheme is provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityIRVisibility authenticity control using the images for white coaxial light scheme is provided for this document
RGLAuthenticityOCRSecurityText make OCR for the text field in UV and compare it to other text sources
RGLAuthenticityIpi find invisible personal information images
RGLAuthenticityPhotoEmbedType check if a photo is printed or sticked
RGLAuthenticityHolograms reserved for internal use
RGLAuthenticityPhotoArea reserved for internal use
RGLAuthenticityPortraitComparison portrait comparison
RGLAuthenticityBarcodeFormatCheck barcode format check
RGLAuthenticityKinegram kinegram
RGLAuthenticityHologramsDetection reserved for internal use