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The RGLDocReaderAction enumeration contains all possible notification codes about the reading process.

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RGLDocReaderAction) {
  RGLDocReaderActionComplete = 0,
  RGLDocReaderActionProcess = 1,
  RGLDocReaderActionMorePagesAvailable = 2,
  RGLDocReaderActionCancel = 3,
  RGLDocReaderActionError = 4,
  RGLDocReaderActionProcessWhiteFlashLight = 5,
  RGLDocReaderActionProcessTimeout = 6
} NS_SWIFT_NAME(DocReaderAction);
Constant Description
RGLDocReaderActionComplete processing finished, the results were received
RGLDocReaderActionProcess processing didn't finish, intermediate results may be obtained
RGLDocReaderActionMorePagesAvailable processing completed for a single page
RGLDocReaderActionCancel processing was cancelled, incomplete results may be obtained
RGLDocReaderActionError error occurred during the processing, incomplete results may be obtained
RGLDocReaderActionProcessTimeout processing finished, incomplete results may be obtained