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The constants of the RGLDocReaderFrame enumeration identify the frame type.

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, RGLDocReaderFrame) {
    RGLDocReaderFrameScenarioDefault = 0,
    RGLDocReaderFrameMax = 1,
    RGLDocReaderFrameNone = 2,
    RGLDocReaderFrameDocument = 3
} NS_SWIFT_NAME(DocReaderFrame);
Constant Description
RGLDocReaderFrameMax full frame
RGLDocReaderFrameScenarioDefault size of the frame depends on the scenario, that means default values are used
RGLDocReaderFrameNone no frame
RGLDocReaderFrameDocument size of the frame corresponds to the ID-3 format in the portrait mode and to the ID-1 in the landscape mode