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On this page, find out the required camera and RFID permissions.



Please note that as of iOS 10, you must declare access to the camera ahead of time or the app will crash. As Document Reader SDK requests access to the user's camera, your application must declare use of the camera framework.

To do this, add the NSCameraUsageDescription key to the Info.plist along with the usage description string. This usage string is displayed when a user is asked to allow access, so you may need localization depending on your user base.


Add the NFCReaderUsageDescription key as a string item to the Info.plist file.

Also, add and declare a list of application identifiers that the app must be able to read according to ISO7816.

Find the list of application identifiers that Document Reader SDK is able to process here.


Don't forget to turn on the Near Field Communication Tag Reading under the Capabilities tab for the project’s target.