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Eight quick steps to get started with the Document Reader SDK.

1. Install the Document Reader SDK

Follow the Installation guide to integrate the Document Reader SDK into your applications.

2. Initialize the SDK

After installation, you need to initialize the SDK. You can use either your license or a demo one.

3. Get the database

If you are going use the SDK to recognize the document type and Visual zone data, you need to add the database db.dat file: How to add, update, and remove the database.

For MRZ, Barcode recognition or image cropping, the database inside the application is not reqired.

4. Choose the processing scenario

Scenario is the main setting for processing the document, so you need to set up processing scenario.

5. Start the document processing

When the initialization is completed successfully and the scenario is set, you can start the document recognition processing.

6. Start the RFID chip processing (optional)

If you are going to check documents that contain Radio-frequency identification chips, make sure to grant the required permissions and learn how to start and stop the RFID reader: RFID chip processing.

7. Get processing results

When you are ready to get the results, you can find all the in-detail information on the Handling results page.

8. Deinitialize the SDK

Once the processing of identity documents is finished, there is no need to keep the Document Reader SDK in memory. You can free up the consumed by the Document Reader SDK memory.

Next Steps