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EGraphicFieldType enumeration contains identifiers determining the logical type of the graphic data obtained while reading document filling fields or barcodes:

Constant Description
GfPortrait Photo of the document owner
GfFingerpr Fingerprint of the document owner
GfEye Iris of the document owner image
GfSignature Signature of the document owner
GfBarCode Barcode image
GfProofOfCitizenship Image of the citizenship proving document
GfDocumentImage Document image
GfColorDynamic Color dynamic area in the document
GfGhostPortrait Ghost portrait
GfStamp Stamp
GfPortraitOfChild Portrait of child
GfOther Other image type
GfFingerLeftThumb Fingerprint, left thumb
GfFingerLeftIndex Fingerprint, left index
GfFingerLeftMiddle Fingerprint, left middle
GfFingerLeftRing Fingerprint, left ring
GfFingerLeftLittle Fingerprint, left little
GfFingerRightThumb Fingerprint, right thumb
GfFingerRightIndex Fingerprint, right index
GfFingerRightMiddle Fingerprint, right middle
GfFingerRightRing Fingerprint, right ring
GfFingerRightLittle Fingerprint, right little