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ERFID_DataFile_Type enumeration contains a set of constants that define the file type (or logical belonging of the data object) within the context of the communication session with electronic document:

Constant Description
DftUnspecified not specified
DftPassportDg1 Passport DG1
DftPassportDg2 Passport DG2
DftPassportDg3 Passport DG3
DftPassportDg4 Passport DG4
DftPassportDg5 Passport DG5
DftPassportDg6 Passport DG6
DftPassportDg7 Passport DG7
DftPassportDg8 Passport DG8
DftPassportDg9 Passport DG9
DftPassportDg10 Passport DG10
DftPassportDg11 Passport DG11
DftPassportDg12 Passport DG12
DftPassportDg13 Passport DG13
DftPassportDg14 Passport DG14
DftPassportDg15 Passport DG15
DftPassportDg16 Passport DG16
DftPassportDg17 Passport DG17
DftPassportDg18 Passport DG18
DftPassportDg19 Passport DG19
DftPassportDg20 Passport DG20
DftPassportSod Passport SOD
DftPassportCvca Passport CVCA
DftPassportCom Passport COM
DftIdDg1 ID DG1
DftIdDg2 ID DG2
DftIdDg3 ID DG3
DftIdDg4 ID DG4
DftIdDg5 ID DG5
DftIdDg6 ID DG6
DftIdDg7 ID DG7
DftIdDg8 ID DG8
DftIdDg9 ID DG9
DftIdDg10 ID DG10
DftIdDg11 ID DG11
DftIdDg12 ID DG12
DftIdDg13 ID DG13
DftIdDg14 ID DG14
DftIdDg15 ID DG15
DftIdDg16 ID DG16
DftIdDg17 ID DG17
DftIdDg18 ID DG18
DftIdDg19 ID DG19
DftIdDg20 ID DG20
DftIdDg21 ID DG21
DftDlDg1 DL DG1
DftDlDg2 DL DG2
DftDlDg3 DL DG3
DftDlDg4 DL DG4
DftDlDg5 DL DG5
DftDlDg6 DL DG6
DftDlDg7 DL DG7
DftDlDg8 DL DG8
DftDlDg9 DL DG9
DftDlDg10 DL DG10
DftDlDg11 DL DG11
DftDlDg12 DL DG12
DftDlDg13 DL DG13
DftDlDg14 DL DG14
DftPaceCardaccess PACE card access
DftPaceCardsecurity PACE card security
DftPaceChipsecurity PACE chip security
DftMifareData MIFARE data
DftMifareValidity MIFARE validity
DftAuthenticityv2 Authenticity V2
DftAtr ATR
DftEsignPk E-sign PK
DftEsignSigneddata E-sign signed data
DftCertificate Certificate
DftMasterlist Master list
DftDefectlist Defect list
DftDeviationlist Deviation list
DftAppDirectory App directory
DftSession Session
DftLogdata Log data
DftUserdefined User defined
DftChipProperties Chip properties