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EVisualFieldType enumeration contains identifiers determining the logical type of the text data obtained while reading MRZ, document filling fields and bar-codes:

Constant Description
FtDocumentClassCode document class code
FtIssuingStateCode issuing state code in compliance with 3166-1 standard (ICAO doc 9303)
FtDocumentNumber document number
FtDateOfExpiry expiry date of the document
FtDateOfIssue issue date of the document
FtDateOfBirth date of birth
FtPlaceOfBirth place of birth
FtPersonalNumber personal number
FtSurname surname
FtGivenNames given name(s)
FtMothersName mother's name
FtNationality nationality
FtSex sex
FtHeight height
FtWeight weight
FtEyesColor eye color
FtHairColor hair color
FtAddress address
FtDonor organ donor indicator
FtSocialSecurityNumber social security number
FtDlClass driving licence classification code
FtDlEndorsed driving licenсe endorsement code
FtDlRestrictionCode driving licence restriction code
FtDlUnder21Date date of 21st birthday
FtAuthority issuing authority
FtSurnameAndGivenNames surname and given name(s)
FtNationalityCode nationality code in compliance with ISO3166-1 standard (ICAO doc 9303)
FtPassportNumber passport number
FtInvitationNumber invitation number
FtVisaId visa identification number
FtVisaClass visa class
FtVisaSubClass visa subclass
FtMrzString1 not used
FtMrzString2 not used
FtMrzString3 not used
FtMrzType MRZ type (ID-1 – 0, ID-2 – 1, ID-3 – 2)
FtOptionalData optional data
FtDocumentClassName document class name
FtIssuingStateName issuing state name
FtPlaceOfIssue place of issue
FtDocumentNumberChecksum checksum for document number
FtDateOfBirthChecksum checksum for date of birth
FtDateOfExpiryChecksum checksum for date of expiry
FtPersonalNumberChecksum checksum for personal number
FtFinalChecksum final checksum (for the whole MRZ)
FtPassportNumberChecksum checksum for passport number (for visas)
FtInvitationNumberChecksum checksum for invitation number (for visas)
FtVisaIdChecksum checksum for visa identification number
FtSurnameAndGivenNamesChecksum checksum for surname + given name(s)
FtVisaValidUntilChecksum checksum for visa expiry date
FtOther other information
FtMrzStrings MRZ lines
FtNameSuffix name suffix
FtNamePrefix name prefix
FtDateOfIssueChecksum checksum for date of issue
FtDateOfIssueCheckDigit check digit for date of issue
FtDocumentSeries document series
FtRegCertRegNumber serial number of registration certificate
FtRegCertCarModel vehicle model
FtRegCertCarColor vehicle color
FtRegCertBodyNumber vehicle identification number (VIN)
FtRegCertCarType vehicle type
FtRegCertMaxWeight permissible maximum weight
FtRegCertWeight vehicle weight
FtAddressArea address (area)
FtAddressState address (state)
FtAddressBuilding address (building number)
FtAddressHouse address (house number)
FtAddressFlat address (flat number)
FtPlaceOfRegistration place of registration
FtDateOfRegistration date of registration
FtResidentFrom resident from (date)
FtResidentUntil resident until (date)
FtAuthorityCode issuing authority code (for the passport of the Russian Federation)
FtPlaceOfBirthArea place of birth (area)
FtPlaceOfBirthStateCode place of birth (state code)
FtAddressStreet address (street)
FtAddressCity address (city)
FtAddressJurisdictionCode address (jurisdiction code)
FtAddressPostalCode address (postal code)
FtDocumentNumberCheckDigit check digit for document number
FtDateOfBirthCheckDigit check digit for date of birth
FtDateOfExpiryCheckDigit check digit for document expiry date
FtPersonalNumberCheckDigit check digit for personal number
FtFinalCheckDigit final check digit (for the whole MRZ)
FtPassportNumberCheckDigit check digit for passport number (for visas)
FtInvitationNumberCheckDigit check digit for invitation number (for visas)
FtVisaIdCheckDigit check digit for visa number
FtSurnameAndGivenNamesCheckDigit check digit for surname and given name(s)
FtVisaValidUntilCheckDigit check digit for visa expiry date
FtPermitDlClass permit type
FtPermitDateOfExpiry permit expiry date
FtPermitIdentifier permit identifier
FtPermitDateOfIssue permit issue date
FtPermitRestrictionCode driving permit restriction code
FtPermitEndorsed driving permit endorsement code
FtIssueTimestamp a line used for document validation in accordance with the database
FtNumberOfDuplicates number of duplicates
FtMedicalIndicatorCodes medical indicator/code
FtNonResidentIndicator indicator showing that the document holder is a non-resident
FtVisaType visa type
FtVisaValidFrom the earliest date from which the visa is valid
FtVisaValidUntil the date until which the visa is valid
FtDurationOfStay duration of stay (in days) granted by the visa
FtNumberOfEntries number of entries granted by the visa
FtDay day in the date
FtMonth month in the date
FtYear year in the date
FtUniqueCustomerIdentifier identification number
FtCommercialVehicleCodes commercial vehicle code
FtAkaDateOfBirth also known as (date of birth)
FtAkaSocialSecurityNumber also known as (social security number)
FtAkaSurname also known as (surname)
FtAkaGivenNames also known as (given names)
FtAkaNameSuffix also known as (suffix name)
FtAkaNamePrefix also known as (prefix name)
FtMailingAddressStreet mailing address (street)
FtMailingAddressCity mailing address (city)
FtMailingAddressJurisdictionCode mailing address (jurisdiction code)
FtMailingAddressPostalCode mailing address (postal code)
FtAuditInformation a number which is used for driving licence validation
FtInventoryNumber inventory control number
FtRaceEthnicity race/ethnicity
FtJurisdictionVehicleClass jurisdiction vehicle class
FtJurisdictionEndorsementCode jurisdiction endorsement code
FtJurisdictionRestrictionCode jurisdiction restriction code
FtFamilyName surname and (or) given name(s) at birth
FtGivenNamesRus given name(s) (Russian transcription)
FtVisaIdRus visa ID (Russian transcription)
FtFathersName father’s name/patronymic
FtFathersNameRus father’s name/patronymic (Russian transcription)
FtSurnameAndGivenNamesRus surname and given name(s) (Russian transcription)
FtPlaceOfBirthRus place of birth (Russian transcription)
FtAuthorityRus document issuing authority (Russian transcription)
FtIssuingStateCodeNumeric numeric issuing state code in compliance with ISO 3166-1 standard
FtNationalityCodeNumeric numeric nationality code in compliance with ISO 3166-1 standard
FtEnginePower engine power
FtEngineVolume engine capacity
FtChassisNumber chassis number
FtEngineNumber engine number
FtEngineModel engine model
FtVehicleCategory vehicle category
FtIdentityCardNumber identity card number
FtControlNo control number
FtParrentsGivenNames parents' given names
FtSecondSurname second surname
FtMiddleName second name
FtRegCertVin vehicle identification number
FtRegCertVinCheckDigit check digit for vehicle identification number
FtRegCertVinChecksum checksum for vehicle identification number
FtLine1CheckDigit check digit for the first MRZ line
FtLine2CheckDigit check digit for the second MRZ line
FtLine3CheckDigit check digit for the third MRZ line
FtLine1Checksum checksum for the first MRZ line
FtLine2Checksum checksum for the second MRZ line
FtLine3Checksum checksum for the third MRZ line
FtRegCertRegNumberCheckDigit check digit for vehicle registration number
FtRegCertRegNumberChecksum check sum for vehicle registration number
FtRegCertVehicleItsCode vehicle code according to ITS (IntelligentTransportation Systems )
FtCardAccessNumber access number for RFID chip
FtMaritalStatus marital status
FtCompanyName company name
FtSpecialNotes special notes
FtSurnameOfSpose surname of spouse
FtTrackingNumber number for checking document status
FtBookletNumber booklet number
FtChildren children
FtCopy copy number
FtSerialNumber serial number
FtDossierNumber dossier number
FtAkaSurnameAndGivenNames also known as (surname and given names)
FtTerritorialValidity territorial validity
FtMrzStringsWithCorrectCheckSums MRZ with correct checksums
FtDlCdlRestrictionCode commercial driving license restriction code
FtDlUnder18Date date of 18th birthday
FtDlRecordCreated date of record creation
FtDlDuplicateDate date of duplicate creation
FtDlIssType type of issued driving license
FtMilitaryBookNumber military card number
FtDestination destination
FtBloodGroup blood group
FtSequenceNumber sequence number
FtRegCertBodyType car body type
FtRegCertCarMark car make
FtTransactionNumber transaction number
FtAge age
FtFolioNumber folio number
FtVoterKey voter's identification number
FtAddressMunicipality address (municipality)
FtAddressLocation address (location)
FtSection section/sector
FtOcrNumber OCR number
FtFederalElections federal elections
FtReferenceNumber unique number
FtOptionalDataChecksum checksum for optional data
FtOptionalDataCheckDigit check digit for optional data
FtVisaNumber visa number
FtVisaNumberChecksum checksum for visa
FtVisaNumberCheckDigit checkdigit for visa
FtVoter voter
FtPreviousType type/number of the previous document
FtFieldFromMrz reserved for internal use
FtCurrentDate reserved for internal use
FtStatusDateOfExpiry status expiry date
FtBanknoteNumber banknote number
FtCscCode Customer Service Centre code
FtArtisticName pseudonym
FtAcademicTitle academic title
FtAddressCountry address (country)
FtAddressZipcode address (zip code)
FtEIdResidencePermit1 data on permanent residence permit 1(eID field)
FtEIdResidencePermit2 data on permanent residence permit 2(eID field)
FtEIdPlaceOfBirthStreet place of birth: street (eID field)
FtEIdPlaceOfBirthCity place of birth: city (eID field)
FtEIdPlaceOfBirthState place of birth: state (eID field)
FtEIdPlaceOfBirthCountry place of birth: country (eID field)
FtEIdPlaceOfBirthZipcode place of birth: zip code (eID field)
FtCdlClass commercial driving license class
FtDlUnder19Date date of 19th birthday
FtWeightPounds weight (pounds)
FtLimitedDurationDocumentIndicator indicator of document limited duration
FtEndorsementExpirationDate endorsement expiry date
FtRevisionDate date of revision
FtComplianceType type of compliance
FtFamilyNameTruncation family name truncation
FtFirstNameTruncation first name truncation
FtMiddleNameTruncation middle name truncation
FtExamDate examination date
FtOrganization organization
FtDepartment department
FtPayGrade pay grade
FtRank rank/status/title
FtBenefitsNumber number that relates to benefit eligibility
FtSponsorService sponsor's service
FtSponsorStatus sponsor's status
FtSponsor sponsor
FtRelationship relationship
FtUscis alien registration number issued by theU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
FtCategory category
FtConditions conditions
FtIdentifier identifier
FtConfiguration configuration
FtDiscretionaryData discretionary data
FtLine1OptionalData optional data from MRZ Line 1
FtLine2OptionalData optional data from MRZ Line 2
FtLine3OptionalData optional data from MRZ Line 3
FtEqvCode equivalence value (security code)
FtAltCode ALT сode
FtBinaryCode binary сode
FtPseudoCode pseudo-code
FtFee fee
FtStampNumber stamp number
FtSbhSecurityoptions parameters of biometric data protection
FtSbhIntegrityoptions parameters of biometric data integrity
FtDateOfCreation date of creation of biometric data record
FtValidityPeriod term of validity of biometric data record
FtPatronHeaderVersion version of header of biometric data format owner
FtBdbType type of biometric data record
FtBiometricType type of biometric data
FtBiometricSubtype subtype of biometric data
FtBiometricProductid identifier of biometric data
FtBiometricFormatOwner identifier of biometric data format owner
FtBiometricFormatType biometric data format
FtPhone DO's phone number
FtProfession DO's profession
FtTitle DO's title
FtPersonalSummary DO's personal summary data
FtOtherValidId other valid identifier
FtCustodyInfo custody information
FtOtherName other name
FtObservations observations
FtTax tax information
FtDateOfPersonalization date of document personalization
FtPersonalizationSn serial number of personalization
FtOtherpersonName other person's name
FtPersontonotifyDateOfRecord date of record entry on persons to notify in case of emergency
FtPersontonotifyName name of person to notify in case of emergency
FtPersontonotifyPhone phone number of person to notify in case of emergency
FtPersontonotifyAddress address of person to notify in case of emergency
FtDsCertificateIssuer textual information about the DS-certificate issuer
FtDsCertificateSubject textual information about the document issuer
FtDsCertificateValidfrom start date of the DS-certificate validity
FtDsCertificateValidto expiration date of the DS-certificate
FtVrcDataobjectEntry vehicle category/restrictions/conditions from DG1 data group of eDL application
FtTypeApprovalNumber type approval number
FtAdministrativeNumber administrative number
FtDocumentDiscriminator document discriminator
FtDataDiscriminator data discriminator
FtIsoIssuerIdNumber ISO issuer ID number
FtGnibNumber registration number issued by GardaNational Immigration Bureau
FtDeptNumber department number
FtTelexCode telegraph code
FtAllergies allergies
FtSpCode Sp. code
FtCourtCode code of restriction imposed by court
FtCty county code
FtSponsorSsn sponsor's social security number
FtDoDNumber Department of Defense identification number
FtMcNoviceDate expiry date of Motorcycle status
FtDufNumber DUF Number (a number that is assigned to everyone who applies for residence inNorway)
FtAgy code of Philippine Land TransportationOffice Agency
FtPnrCode passenger name record (reservation code)
FtFromAirportCode code of the airport of departure
FtToAirportCode code of the airport of arrival
FtFlightNumber flight number
FtDateOfFlight date of flight
FtSeatNumber seat number
FtDateOfIssueBoardingPass date of boarding pass issue
FtCcwUntil expiration date of Concealed CarryWeapon Permit
FtReferenceNumberChecksum checksum for reference number
FtReferenceNumberCheckDigit check digit for reference number
FtRoomNumber room number
FtReligion religion
FtRemainderTerm months to expire
FtElectronicTicketIndicator electronic ticket indicator
FtCompartmentCode сompartment сode
FtCheckInSequenceNumber сheck-in sequence number on a boarding pass
FtAirlineDesignatorOfBoardingPassIssuer code of the airline which issued the boarding pass
FtAirlineNumericCode numeric airline code
FtTicketNumber ticket number
FtFrequentFlyerAirlineDesignator frequent flyer indicator
FtFrequentFlyerNumber frequent flyer number
FtFreeBaggageAllowance free baggage allowance
FtPdf417Codec codec for PDF417
FtIdentityCardNumberChecksum checksum for identity card number
FtIdentityCardNumberCheckDigit check digit for identity card number
FtVeteran veteran
FtDlClassCodeA1From DL class code A1 valid from
FtDlClassCodeA1To DL class code A1 valid to
FtDlClassCodeA1Notes DL class code A1 notes
FtDlClassCodeAFrom DL class code A valid from
FtDlClassCodeATo DL class code A valid to
FtDlClassCodeANotes DL class code A notes
FtDlClassCodeBFrom DL class code B valid from
FtDlClassCodeBTo DL class code B valid to
FtDlClassCodeBNotes DL class code B notes
FtDlClassCodeC1From DL class code C1 valid from
FtDlClassCodeC1To DL class code C1 valid to
FtDlClassCodeC1Notes DL class code C1 notes
FtDlClassCodeCFrom DL class code C valid from
FtDlClassCodeCTo DL class code C valid to
FtDlClassCodeCNotes DL class code C notes
FtDlClassCodeD1From DL class code D1 valid from
FtDlClassCodeD1To DL class code D1 valid to
FtDlClassCodeD1Notes DL class code D1 notes
FtDlClassCodeDFrom DL class code D valid from
FtDlClassCodeDTo DL class code D valid to
FtDlClassCodeDNotes DL class code D notes
FtDlClassCodeBeFrom DL class code BE valid from
FtDlClassCodeBeTo DL class code BE valid to
FtDlClassCodeBeNotes DL class code BE notes
FtDlClassCodeC1EFrom DL class code C1E valid from
FtDlClassCodeC1ETo DL class code C1E valid to
FtDlClassCodeC1ENotes DL class code C1E notes
FtDlClassCodeCeFrom DL class code CE valid from
FtDlClassCodeCeTo DL class code CE valid to
FtDlClassCodeCeNotes DL class code CE notes
FtDlClassCodeD1EFrom DL class code D1E valid from
FtDlClassCodeD1ETo DL class code D1E valid to
FtDlClassCodeD1ENotes DL class code D1E notes
FtDlClassCodeDeFrom DL class code DE valid from
FtDlClassCodeDeTo DL class code DE valid to
FtDlClassCodeDeNotes DL class code DE notes
FtDlClassCodeMFrom DL class code M valid from
FtDlClassCodeMTo DL class code M valid to
FtDlClassCodeMNotes DL class code M notes
FtDlClassCodeLFrom DL class code L valid from
FtDlClassCodeLTo DL class code L valid to
FtDlClassCodeLNotes DL class code L notes
FtDlClassCodeTFrom DL class code T valid from
FtDlClassCodeTTo DL class code T valid to
FtDlClassCodeTNotes DL class code T notes
FtDlClassCodeAmFrom DL class code AM valid from
FtDlClassCodeAmTo DL class code AM valid to
FtDlClassCodeAmNotes DL class code AM notes
FtDlClassCodeA2From DL class code A2 valid from
FtDlClassCodeA2To DL class code A2 valid to
FtDlClassCodeA2Notes DL class code A2 notes
FtDlClassCodeB1From DL class code B1 valid from
FtDlClassCodeB1To DL class code B1 valid to
FtDlClassCodeB1Notes DL class code B1 notes
FtSurnameAtBirth surname at birth
FtCivilStatus сivil status
FtNumberOfSeats number of seats
FtNumberOfStandingPlaces number of standing places
FtMaxSpeed maximum speed
FtFuelType fuel type
FtEcEnvironmentalType vehicle environmental type
FtPowerWeightRatio power–to–weight ratio
FtMaxMassOfTrailerBraked maximum weight of the trailer without brakes
FtMaxMassOfTrailerUnbraked maximum weight of the trailer without brakes
FtTransmissionType transmission type
FtTrailerHitch trailer hitch
FtAccompaniedBy accompanying person
FtPoliceDistrict police district
FtFirstIssueDate date of first issue
FtPayloadCapacity payload capacity
FtNumberOfAxels number of axels
FtPermissibleAxleLoad permissible axle load
FtPrecinct precinct
FtInvitedBy invited by
FtPurposeOfEntry purpose of entry
FtSkinColor skin color
FtComplexion complexion
FtAirportFrom airport of departure
FtAirportTo airport of arrival
FtAirlineName airline name
FtAirlineNameFrequentFlyer a loyalty program offered by the airline to its customers who fly frequently
FtLicenseNumber licenсe number
FtInTanks in tanks
FtExeptInTanks except in tanks
FtFastTrack passenger using the Fast Track service in the airport
FtOwner owner
FtMrzStringsIcaoRfid MRZ strings from ICAO RFID
FtNumberOfCardIssuance the number of times a card with this number has been issued
FtNumberOfCardIssuanceChecksum number of card issuance checksum
FtNumberOfCardIssuanceCheckDigit number of card issuance check digit
FtCenturyDateOfBirth century of birth
FtDlClasscodeA3From DL class code A3 valid from
FtDlClasscodeA3To DL class codeA3 valid to
FtDlClasscodeA3Notes DL class code A3 notes
FtDlClasscodeC2From DL class code C2 valid from
FtDlClasscodeC2To DL class code C2valid to
FtDlClasscodeC2Notes DL class code C2 notes
FtDlClasscodeB2From DL class code B2 valid from
FtDlClasscodeB2To DL class code B2valid to
FtDlClasscodeB2Notes DL class code B2 notes
FtDlClasscodeD2From DL class code D2 valid from
FtDlClasscodeD2To DL class code D2valid to
FtDlClasscodeD2Notes DL class code D2 notes
FtDlClasscodeB2eFrom DL class code B2E valid from
FtDlClasscodeB2eTo DL class code B2E valid to
FtDlClasscodeB2eNotes DL class code B2E notes
FtDlClasscodeGFrom DL class code G valid from
FtDlClasscodeGTo DL class codeG valid to
FtDlClasscodeGNotes DL class code G notes
FtDlClasscodeJFrom DL class code J valid from
FtDlClasscodeJTo DL class codeJ valid to
FtDlClasscodeJNotes DL class code J notes
FtDlClasscodeLcFrom DL class code LC valid from
FtDlClasscodeLcTo DL class code LC valid to
FtDlcLasscodeLcNotes DL class code LC notes
FtBankcardnumber bank card number
FtBankcardvalidthru bank card validity
FtTaxNumber tax number
FtHealthNumber health insurance number
FtGrandfathername grandfather's name
FtSelecteeIndicator selectee indicator
FtMotherSurname mother's surname
FtMotherGivenname mother's given name
FtFatherSurname father's surname
FtFatherGivenname father's given name
FtMotherDateofbirth mother's date of birth
FtFatherDateofbirth father's date of birth
FtMotherPersonalnumber mother's personal number
FtFatherPersonalnumber father's personal number
FtMotherPlaceofbirth mother's place of birth
FtFatherPlaceofbirth father's place of birth
FtMotherCountryofbirth mother's country of birth
FtFatherCountryofbirth father's country of birth
FtDateFirstRenewal date of first renewal
FtDateSecondRenewal date of second renewal
FtPlaceOfExamination place of examination
FtApplicationNumber application number
FtVoucherNumber voucher number
FtAuthorizationNumber authorization number
FtFaculty faculty
FtFormOfEducation form of education
FtDniNumber DNI number
FtRetirementNumber retirement number
FtProfessionalIdNumber professional Id number
FtAgeAtIssue age at issue
FtYearsSinceIssue years since issue
FtDlclasscodeBtpFrom DL class code BTP valid from
FtDlclasscodeBtpNotes DL class code BTP notes
FtDlclasscodeBtpTo DL class code BTP valid to
FtDlclasscodeC3From DL class code C3 valid from
FtDlclasscodeC3Notes DL class code C3 notes
FtDlclasscodeC3To DL class code C3 valid to
FtDlclasscodeEFrom DL class code E valid from
FtDlclasscodeENotes DL class code E notes
FtDlclasscodeETo DL class code E valid to
FtDlclasscodeFFrom DL class code F valid from
FtDlclasscodeFNotes DL class code F notes
FtDlclasscodeFTo DL class code F valid to
FtDlclasscodeFaFrom DL class code FA valid from
FtDlclasscodeFaNotes DL class code FA notes
FtDlclasscodeFaTo DL class code FA valid to
FtDlclasscodeFa1From DL class code FA1 valid from
FtDlclasscodeFa1Notes DL class code FA1 notes
FtDlclasscodeFa1To DL class code FA1 valid to
FtDlclasscodeFbFrom DL class code FB valid from
FtDlclasscodeFbNotes DL class code FB notes
FtDlclasscodeFbTo DL class code FB valid to
FtDlclasscodeG1From DL class code G1 valid from
FtDlclasscodeG1Notes DL class code G1 notes
FtDlclasscodeG1To DL class code G1 valid to
FtDlclasscodeHFrom DL class code H valid from
FtDlclasscodeHNotes DL class code H notes
FtDlclasscodeHTo DL class code H valid to
FtDlclasscodeIFrom DL class code I valid from
FtDlclasscodeINotes DL class code I notes
FtDlclasscodeITo DL class code I valid to
FtDlclasscodeKFrom DL class code K valid from
FtDlclasscodeKNotes DL class code K notes
FtDlclasscodeKTo DL class code K valid to
FtDlclasscodeLkFrom DL class code LK valid from
FtDlclasscodeLkNotes DL class code LK notes
FtDlclasscodeLkTo DL class code LK valid to
FtDlclasscodeNFrom DL class code N valid from
FtDlclasscodeNNotes DL class code N notes
FtDlclasscodeNTo DL class code N valid to
FtDlclasscodeSFrom DL class code S valid from
FtDlclasscodeSNotes DL class code S notes
FtDlclasscodeSTo DL class code S valid to
FtDlclasscodeTbFrom DL class code TB valid from
FtDlclasscodeTbNotes DL class code TB notes
FtDlclasscodeTbTo DL class code TB valid to
FtDlclasscodeTmFrom DL class code TM valid from
FtDlclasscodeTmNotes DL class code TM notes
FtDlclasscodeTmTo DL class code TM valid to
FtDlclasscodeTrFrom DL class code TR valid from
FtDlclasscodeTrNotes DL class code TR notes
FtDlclasscodeTrTo DL class code TR valid to
FtDlclasscodeTvFrom DL class code TV valid from
FtDlclasscodeTvNotes DL class code TV notes
FtDlclasscodeTvTo DL class code TV valid to
FtDlclasscodeVFrom DL class code V valid from
FtDlclasscodeVNotes DL class code V notes
FtDlclasscodeVTo DL class code V valid to
FtDlclasscodeWFrom DL class code W valid from
FtDlclasscodeWNotes DL class code W notes
FtDlclasscodeWTo DL class code W valid to
FtUrl Uniform Resource Locator
FtCaliber caliber
FtModel model
FtMake make
FtNumberOfCylinders number of cylinders
FtSurnameOfHusbandAfterRegistration surname of husband after registration
FtSurnameOfWifeAfterRegistration surname of wife after registration
FtDateOfBirthOfWife wife's date of birth
FtDateOfBirthOfHusband husband's date of birth
FtCitizenshipOfFirstPerson citizenship of the first person
FtCitizenshipOfSecondPerson citizenship of the second person
FtCvv Card Security Code
FtDateOfInsuranceExpiry Date of insurance expiry
FtMortgageBy Mortgage by
FtOldDocumentNumber Old document number
FtOldDateOfIssue Old date of issue
FtOldPlaceOfIssue Old place of issue
FtDlclasscodeLrFrom DL category LR valid from
FtDlclasscodeLrTo DL category LR valid to
FtDlclasscodeLrNotes DL category LR notes
FtDlclasscodeMrFrom DL category MR valid from
FtDlclasscodeMrTo DL category MR valid to
FtDlclasscodeMrNotes DL category MR notes
FtDlclasscodeHrFrom DL category HR valid from
FtDlclasscodeHrTo DL category HR valid to
FtDlclasscodeHrNotes DL category HR notes
FtDlclasscodeHcFrom DL category HC valid from
FtDlclasscodeHcTo DL category HC valid to
FtDlclasscodeHcNotes DL category HC notes
FtDlclasscodeMcFrom DL category MC valid from
FtDlclasscodeMcTo DL category MC valid to
FtDlclasscodeMcNotes DL category MC notes
FtDlclasscodeReFrom DL category RE valid from
FtDlclasscodeReTo DL category RE valid to
FtDlclasscodeReNotes DL category RE notes
FtDlclasscodeRFrom DL category R valid from
FtDlclasscodeRTo DL category R valid to
FtDlclasscodeRNotes DL category R notes
FtDlclasscodeCaFrom DL category CA valid from
FtDlclasscodeCaTo DL category CA valid to
FtDlclasscodeCaNotes DL category CA notes