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LCID enumeration consists of a language ID that identify a particular language:

Constant Description
Latin Latin
Afrikaans Afrikaans
Albanian Albanian
ArabicAlgeria Arabic (Algeria)
ArabicBahrain Arabic (Bahrain)
ArabicEgypt Arabic (Egypt)
ArabicIraq Arabic (Iraq)
ArabicJordan Arabic (Jordan)
ArabicKuwait Arabic (Kuwait)
ArabicLebanon Arabic (Lebanon)
ArabicLibya Arabic (Libya)
ArabicMorocco Arabic (Morocco)
ArabicOman Arabic (Oman)
ArabicQatar Arabic (Qatar)
ArabicSaudiArabia Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
ArabicSyria Arabic (Syria)
ArabicTunisia Arabic (Tunisia)
ArabicUae Arabic (U.A.E.)
ArabicYemen Arabic (Yemen)
ArabicArmenian Armenian
AzeriCyrilic Azeri (Cyrillic)
AzeriLatin Azeri (Latin)
Basque Basque
Belarusian Belarusian
Bulgarian Bulgarian
Catalan Catalan
ChineseHongkongSar Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
ChineseMacaoSar Chinese (Macao S.A.R.)
Chinese Chinese
ChineseSingapore Chinese (Singapore)
ChineseTaiwan Chinese (Taiwan)
Croatian Croatian
Czech Czech
Danish Danish
Divehi Divehi
DutchBelgium Dutch (Belgium)
DutchNetherlands Dutch (Netherlands)
EnglishAustralia English (Australia)
EnglishBelize English (Belize)
EnglishCanada English (Canada)
EnglishCarribean English (Caribbean)
EnglishIreland English (Ireland)
EnglishJamaica English (Jamaica)
EnglishNewZealand English (New Zealand)
EnglishPhilippines English (Philippines)
EnglishSouthAfrica English (South Africa)
EnglishTrinidad English (Trinidad)
EnglishUk English (United Kingdom)
EnglishUs English (United States)
EnglishZimbabwe English (Zimbabwe)
Estonian Estonian
Faeroese Faeroese
Farsi Farsi
Finnish Finnish
FrenchBelgium French (Belgium)
FrenchCanada French (Canada)
FrenchFrance French (France)
FrenchLuxembourg French (Luxembourg)
FrenchMonaco French (Monaco)
FrenchSwitzerland French (Switzerland)
FyroMacedonian FYRO Macedonian
Galician Galician
Georgian Georgian
GermanAustria German (Austria)
GermanGermany German (Germany)
GermanLiechtenstein German (Liechtenstein)
GermanLuxembourg German (Luxembourg)
GermanSwitzerland German (Switzerland)
Greek Greek
Gujarati Gujarati
Hebrew Hebrew
HindiIndia Hindi (India)
Hungarian Hungarian
Icelandic Icelandic
Indonesian Indonesian
ItalianItaly Italian (Italy)
ItalianSwitzerland Italian (Switzerland)
Japanese Japanese
Kannada Kannada
Kazakh Kazakh
Konkani Konkani
Korean Korean
KyrgyzCyrilick Kyrgyz (Cyrillic)
Latvian Latvian
Lithuanian Lithuanian
MalayMalaysia Malay (Malaysia)
MalayBruneiDarussalam Malay (Brunei Darussalam)
Marathi Marathi
MongolianCyrilic Mongolian (Cyrillic)
NorwegianBokmal Norwegian (Bokmal)
NorwegianNyorsk Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Polish Polish
PortugueseBrazil Portuguese (Brazil)
PortuguesePortugal Portuguese (Portugal)
Punjabi Punjabi
RhaetoRomanic Rhaeto-Romanic
Romanian Romanian
Russian Russian
Sanskrit Sanskrit
SerbianCyrilic Serbian (Cyrillic)
SerbianLatin Serbian (Latin)
Slovak Slovak
Slovenian Slovenian
SpanishArgentina Spanish (Argentina)
SpanishBolivia Spanish (Bolivia)
SpanishChile Spanish (Chile)
SpanichColombia Spanish (Colombia)
SpanishCostaRica Spanish (Costa Rica)
SpanishDominicanRepublic Spanish (Dominican Republic)
SpanishEcuador Spanish (Ecuador)
SpanishElSalvador Spanish (El Salvador)
SpanishGuatemala Spanish (Guatemala)
SpanishHonduras Spanish (Honduras)
SpanishMexico Spanish (Mexico)
SpanishNicaragua Spanish (Nicaragua)
SpanishPanama Spanish (Panama)
SpanishParaguay Spanish (Paraguay)
SpanishPeru Spanish (Peru)
SpanishPuertoRico Spanish (Puerto Rico)
SpanishTraditionalSort Spanish (Traditional Sort)
SpanishInternationalSort Spanish (International Sort)
SpanishUruguay Spanish (Uruguay)
SpanishVenezuela Spanish (Venezuela)
Swahili Swahili
Swedish Swedish
SwedishFinland Swedish (Finland)
Syriac Syriac
Tamil Tamil
Tatar Tatar
Telugu Telugu
ThaiThailand Thai (Thailand)
Turkish Turkish
TajikCyrillic Tajik (Cyrillic)
Turkmen Turkmen
Ukrainian Ukrainian
Urdu Urdu
UzbekCyrilic Uzbek (Cyrillic)
UzbekLatin Uzbek (Latin)
Vietnamese Vietnamese
CtcSimplified CTC Simplified
CtcTraditional CTC Traditional
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