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RGLBarcodeResult enumeration contains identifiers determining barcodes data reading result:

Constant Description
NoErr no error
NullPtrErr null pointer of input arg/param error
BadArgErr function arg/param is bad
SizeErr wrong value of data size
RangeErr bad values of any parameter range
InternalErr internal program error
TryExceptErr try-except process
BarCodeNotFound barcode detection error
BarCodeDecodeErr barcode decoding error
NoUserDLLFound "ImageProcess.dll" connection error
NoIPPDLLFound IPP Dll connection error
IppExecErr run-time error in IPP-function
IppTryExceptErr _try-except _execution in IPP-function
BARCODE_ERROR_Inputparam input data error
BARCODE_ERROR_FInit initialization error
BARCODE_ERROR_NotLoadIpDecodedll "IpDecode.dll" connection error
BARCODE_ERROR_InnerProblem internal program error
BARCODE_ERROR_Decode_1D_BadDecode 1D-barcode decoding error
BARCODE_ERROR_FindRowOrColumn Row or Column count computational error (PDF417)
BARCODE_ERROR_Find3X8_2D_X MinX computational error (PDF417)
BARCODE_ERROR_Find3X8_2D_Y MinY computational error (PDF417)

invalid barcode angle (> 3


BarcodeErrorIndefinitelyDecoded the result may contain decoding errors
BARCODE_ERROR_Dllnotinit Dll initialization error
BARCODE_ERROR_IPDECODE_DLL_Try_Except try-except in IPDECODE-function
IpdecodeErrorLargeerrors too many invalid code words
IpdecodeErrorFaultcolumns invalid number of columns
IpdecodeErrorFaultrows invalid number of rows
IpdecodeErrorIncorrectErrorLevel correction Level error
IpdecodeErrorLoadingDevTable loading "DevTable.bin" error