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RGLCheckDiagnose enumeration contains identificators which determinate the result of the text field comparison from the different sources:

Constant Description
Unknown check was not performed
Pass check was OK
InvalidInputData invalid input data
InternalError internal error in module
ExceptionInModule exception caught
UncertainVerification can't make reliable decision
NecessaryImageNotFound image in necessary light was not found
PhotoSidesNotFound necessary side of photo was not found
InvalidChecksum invalid checksum
SyntaxError syntactical error
LogicError logical error
SourcesComparisonError comparison was incorrect
FieldsComparisonLogicError logical error, e.g. the current date is less than issue date
InvalidFieldFormat wrong field format
TrueLuminiscenceError element of the luminescense in the UV does not meet the standard
FalseLuminiscenceError the presence of excess luminescence in UV
FixedPatternError pattern does not match the standard
LowContrastInIRLight low contrast of object in transmitted IR light
IncorrectBackgroundLight background of page is too light or has invalid color
BackgroundComparisonError background lightness of two pages is different
IncorrectTextColor text has incorrect color of luminescence in UV light
PhotoFalseLuminiscence invalid luminescence in photo area
TooMuchShift object is too shifted from standard coordinates
FibersNotFound no protective fibers were found in UV
TooManyObjects error finding fibers, too many objects
SpecksInUV speck or exposure in UV image
TooLowResolution resolution too low for fibers search
InvisibleElementPresent erroneous visibility of the element in IR
VisibleElementAbsent element is absent in IR
ElementShouldBeColored element should be in color
ElementShouldBeGrayscale element should be in grayscale
UVDullPaper_MRZ glow paper in MRZ
FalseLuminiscenceInMRZ luminescence characters in MRZ
UVDullPaper_Photo glow in the field of photo paper
UVDullPaper_Blank glow of the whole paper form
UVDullPaperError glow of the document in UV
FalseLuminiscenceInBlank element of blank has luminescence
BadAreaInAxial violation of the retro-reflective protection
FalseIPIParameters invalid params for IPI check
FieldPosCorrector_Highlight_IR IR image too bright
FieldPosCorrector_GlaresInPhotoArea glares in photo area
OVIIRInvisible OVI object is not visible in IR
OVIInsufficientArea insufficient area of the object OVI
OVIColorInvariable OVI color of an object does not change
OVIBadColorFront impossible to determine the color of the AXIAL image
OVIBadColorSide impossible to determine the color of the WHITE image
OVIWideColorSpread wide color spread
OVIBadColorPercent not enough color information
HologramElementAbsent hologram element absent
HologramSideTopImagesAbsent there are no side or top images. Check cancelled
HologramElementPresent hologram element present
PhotoPatternInterrupted pattern is interrupted
PhotoPatternShifted some of the patterns are shifted relative to each other
PhotoPatternDifferentColors some parts of the pattern have different color
PhotoPatternIRVisible pattern visible in the infrared
PhotoPatternNotIntersect edge of the photo does not intersect with the pattern. Check cancelled
PhotoSizeIsWrong size of the photo does not correspond to requirements
PhotoPatternInvalidColor some parts of the pattern have invalid color
PhotoPatternShiftedVert some patterns are relatively shifted
PhotoPatternPatternNotFound not found Pattern. Check cancelled
PhotoPatternDifferentLinesThickness different lines thickness
PhotoIsNotRectangle photo shape is not rectangular
PhotoCornersIsWrong photo corners don't satisfy the requirements
DocumentIsCancelling for internal use
TextColorShouldBeBlue text color should be blue
TextColorShouldBeGreen text color should be green
TextColorShouldBeRed text color should be red
TextShouldBeBlack text should be black
BarcodeWasReadWithErrors barcode read with errors
BarcodeDataFormatError barcode data format error
BarcodeSizeParamsError barcode size parameters error
NotAllBarcodesRead this document should contain more barcodes
PortraitComparisonPortraitsDiffer the portraits do not match
PortraitComparisonNoServiceReply the service does not respond
PortraitComparisonServiceError service error
PortraitComparisonNotEnoughImages not enough images
PortraitComparisonNoLivePhoto there is no camera image
PortraitComparisonNoServiceLicense there is no license for the service
PortraitComparisonNoPortraitDetected no portraits detected
MobileImagesUnsuitableLightConditions unsuitable light conditions
MobileImagesWhiteUVNoDifference no difference in visible and UV mobile images. Possible UV torch malfunction
FingerprintsComparisonMismatch fingerprints comparison mismatch
HoloPhotoFaceNotDetected face isn’t detected
HoloPhotoFaceComparisonFailed face comparison failed
HoloPhotoFaceGlareInCenterAbsent glare in center absent
HoloElementShapeError hologram element shape error
AlgorithmStepsError algorithm steps error
HoloAreasNotLoaded hologram areas not loaded
FinishedByTimeout hologram check finished by time out
LastDiagnoseValue for internal use