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RGLFieldType enumeration contains identifiers determining the logical type of the text data obtained while reading MRZ, document filling fields and bar-codes:

Constant Description
Document_Class_Code document class code
Issuing_State_Code issuing state code in compliance with 3166-1 standard (ICAO doc 9303)
Document_Number document number
Date_of_Expiry expiry date of the document
Date_of_Issue issue date of the document
Date_of_Birth date of birth
Place_of_Birth place of birth
Personal_Number personal number
Surname surname
Given_Names given name(s)
Mothers_Name mother's name
Nationality nationality
Sex sex
Height height
Weight weight
Eyes_Color eye color
Hair_Color hair color
Address address
Donor organ donor indicator
Social_Security_Number social security number
DL_Class driving licence classification code
DL_Endorsed driving licenсe endorsement code
DL_Restriction_Code driving licence restriction code
DL_Under_21_Date date of 21st birthday
Authority issuing authority
Surname_And_Given_Names surname and given name(s)
Nationality_Code nationality code in compliance with ISO3166-1 standard (ICAO doc 9303)
Passport_Number passport number
Invitation_Number invitation number
Visa_ID visa identification number
Visa_Class visa class
Visa_SubClass visa subclass
MRZ_String1 not used
MRZ_String2 not used
MRZ_String3 not used
MRZ_Type MRZ type (ID-1 – 0, ID-2 – 1, ID-3 – 2)
Optional_Data optional data
Document_Class_Name document class name
Issuing_State_Name issuing state name
Place_of_Issue place of issue
Document_Number_Checksum checksum for document number
Date_of_Birth_Checksum checksum for date of birth
Date_of_Expiry_Checksum checksum for date of expiry
Personal_Number_Checksum checksum for personal number
FinalChecksum final checksum (for the whole MRZ)
Passport_Number_Checksum checksum for passport number (for visas)
Invitation_Number_Checksum checksum for invitation number (for visas)
Visa_ID_Checksum checksum for visa identification number
Surname_And_Given_Names_Checksum checksum for surname + given name(s)
Visa_Valid_Until_Checksum checksum for visa expiry date
Other other information
MRZ_Strings MRZ lines
Name_Suffix name suffix
Name_Prefix name prefix
Date_of_Issue_Checksum checksum for date of issue
Date_of_Issue_CheckDigit check digit for date of issue
Document_Series document series
RegCert_RegNumber serial number of registration certificate
RegCert_CarModel vehicle model
RegCert_CarColor vehicle color
RegCert_BodyNumber vehicle identification number (VIN)
RegCert_CarType vehicle type
RegCert_MaxWeight permissible maximum weight
Reg_Cert_Weight vehicle weight
Address_Area address (area)
Address_State address (state)
Address_Building address (building number)
Address_House address (house number)
Address_Flat address (flat number)
Place_of_Registration place of registration
Date_of_Registration date of registration
Resident_From resident from (date)
Resident_Until resident until (date)
Authority_Code issuing authority code (for the passport of the Russian Federation)
Place_of_Birth_Area place of birth (area)
Place_of_Birth_StateCode place of birth (state code)
Address_Street address (street)
Address_City address (city)
Address_Jurisdiction_Code address (jurisdiction code)
Address_Postal_Code address (postal code)
Document_Number_CheckDigit check digit for document number
Date_of_Birth_CheckDigit check digit for date of birth
Date_of_Expiry_CheckDigit check digit for document expiry date
Personal_Number_CheckDigit check digit for personal number
FinalCheckDigit final check digit (for the whole MRZ)
Passport_Number_CheckDigit check digit for passport number (for visas)
Invitation_Number_CheckDigit check digit for invitation number (forvisas)
Visa_ID_CheckDigit check digit for visa number
Surname_And_Given_Names_CheckDigit check digit for surname and givenname(s)
Visa_Valid_Until_CheckDigit check digit for visa expiry date
Permit_DL_Class permit type
Permit_Date_of_Expiry permit expiry date
Permit_Identifier permit identifier
Permit_Date_of_Issue permit issue date
Permit_Restriction_Code driving permit restriction code
Permit_Endorsed driving permit endorsement code
Issue_Timestamp a line used for document validation inaccordance with the database
Number_of_Duplicates number of duplicates
Medical_Indicator_Codes medical indicator/code
Non_Resident_Indicator indicator showing that the documentholder is a non-resident
Visa_Type visa type
Visa_Valid_From the earliest date from which the visa isvalid
Visa_Valid_Until the date until which the visa is valid
Duration_of_Stay duration of stay (in days) granted by thevisa
Number_of_Entries number of entries granted by the visa
Day day in the date
Month month in the date
Year year in the date
Unique_Customer_Identifier idendification number
Commercial_Vehicle_Codes commercial vehicle code
AKA_Date_of_Birth also known as (date of birth)
AKA_Social_Security_Number also known as (social security number)
AKA_Surname also known as (surname)
AKA_Given_Names also known as (given names)
AKA_Name_Suffix also known as (suffix name)
AKA_Name_Prefix also known as (prefix name)
Mailing_Address_Street mailing address (street)
Mailing_Address_City mailing address (city)
Mailing_Address_Jurisdiction_Code mailing address (jurisdiction code)
Mailing_Address_Postal_Code mailing address (postal code)
Audit_Information a number which is used for driving licencevalidation
Inventory_Number inventory control number
Race_Ethnicity race/ethnicity
Jurisdiction_Vehicle_Class jurisdiction vehicle class
Jurisdiction_Endorsement_Code jurisdiction endorsement code
Jurisdiction_Restriction_Code jurisdiction restriction code
Family_Name surname and (or) given name(s) at birth
Given_Names_RUS given name(s) (Russian transcription)
Visa_ID_RUS visa ID (Russian transcription)
Fathers_Name father’s name/patronymic
Fathers_Name_RUS father’s name/patronymic (Russian transcription)
Surname_And_Given_Names_RUS surname and given name(s) (Russian transcription)
Place_Of_Birth_RUS place of birth (Russian transcription)
Authority_RUS document issuing authority (Russiantran scription)
Issuing_State_Code_Numeric numeric issuing state code in compliance with ISO 3166-1 standard
Nationality_Code_Numeric numeric nationality code in compliancewith ISO 3166-1 standard
Engine_Power engine power
Engine_Volume engine capacity
Chassis_Number chassis number
Engine_Number engine number
Engine_Model engine model
Vehicle_Category vehicle category
Identity_Card_Number identity card number
Control_No control number
Parrent_s_Given_Names parents' given names
Second_Surname second surname
Middle_Name second name
RegCert_VIN vehicle identification number
RegCert_VIN_CheckDigit check digit for vehicle identificationnumber
RegCert_VIN_Checksum checksum for vehicle identificationnumber
Line1_CheckDigit check digit for the first MRZ line
Line2_CheckDigit check digit for the second MRZ line
Line3_CheckDigit check digit for the third MRZ line
Line1_Checksum checksum for the first MRZ line
Line2_Checksum checksum for the second MRZ line
Line3_Checksum checksum for the third MRZ line
RegCert_RegNumber_CheckDigit check digit for vehicle registration number
RegCert_RegNumber_Checksum check sum for vehicle registration number
RegCert_Vehicle_ITS_Code vehicle code according to ITS (IntelligentTransportation Systems )
Card_Access_Number access number for RFID chip
Marital_Status marital status
Company_Name company name
Special_Notes special notes
Surname_of_Spose surname of spouse
Tracking_Number number for checking document status
Booklet_Number booklet number
Children children
Copy copy number
Serial_Number serial number
Dossier_Number dossier number
AKA_Surname_And_Given_Names also known as (surname and given names)
Territorial_Validity territorial validity
MRZ_Strings_With_Correct_CheckSums MRZ with correct checksums
DL_CDL_Restriction_Code commercial driving license restrictioncode
DL_Under_18_Date date of 18th birthday
DL_Record_Created date of record creation
DL_Duplicate_Date date of duplicate creation
DL_Iss_Type type of issued driving license
Military_Book_Number military card number
Destination destination
Blood_Group blood group
Sequence_Number sequence number
RegCert_BodyType car body type
RegCert_CarMark car make
Transaction_Number transaction number
Age age
Folio_Number folio number
Voter_Key voter's identification number
Address_Municipality address (municipality)
Address_Location address (location)
Section section/sector
OCR_Number OCR number
Federal_Elections federal elections
Reference_Number unique number
Optional_Data_Checksum checksum for optional data
Optional_Data_CheckDigit checkdigit for optional data
Visa_Number visa number
Visa_Number_Checksum checksum for visa
Visa_Number_CheckDigit checkdigit for visa
Voter voter
Previous_Type type/number of the previous document
FieldFromMRZ reserved for internal use
CurrentDate reserved for internal use
Status_Date_of_Expiry status expiry date
Banknote_Number banknote number
CSC_Code Customer Service Centre code
Artistic_Name pseudonym
Academic_Title academic title
Address_Country address (country)
Address_Zipcode address (zip code)
EID_Residence_Permit1 data on permanent residence permit 1(eID field)
EID_Residence_Permit2 data on permanent residence permit 2(eID field)
EID_PlaceOfBirth_Street place of birth: street (eID field)
EID_PlaceOfBirth_City place of birth: city (eID field)
EID_PlaceOfBirth_State place of birth: state (eID field)
EID_PlaceOfBirth_Country place of birth: country (eID field)
EID_PlaceOfBirth_Zipcode place of birth: zipcode (eID field)
CDL_Class commercial driving license class
DL_Under_19_Date date of 19th birthday
Weight_pounds weight (pounds)
Limited_Duration_Document_Indicator indicator of document limited duration
Endorsement_Expiration_Date endorsement expiry date
Revision_Date date of revision
Compliance_Type type of compliance
Family_name_truncation family name truncation
First_name_truncation first name truncation
Middle_name_truncation middle name truncation
Exam_Date examination date
Organization organization
Department department
Pay_Grade pay grade
Rank rank/status/title
Benefits_Number number that relates to benefit eligibility
Sponsor_Service sponsor's service
Sponsor_Status sponsor's status
Sponsor sponsor
Relationship relationship
Uscis alien registrationnumber issued by theU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
Category category
Conditions conditions
Identifier identifier
Configuration configuration
Discretionary_data discretionary data
Line1_Optional_Data optional data from MRZ Line 1
Line2_Optional_Data optional data from MRZ Line 2
Line3_Optional_Data optional data from MRZ Line 3
EQV_Code equivalence value (security code)
ALT_Code ALT сode
Binary_Code binary сode
Pseudo_Code pseudo-code
Fee fee
Stamp_Number stamp number
SBH_SecurityOptions parameters of biometric data protection
SBH_IntegrityOptions parameters of biometric data integrity
Date_of_Creation date of creation of biometric data record
Validity_Period term of validity of biometric data record
Patron_Header_Version version of header of biometric data format owner
BDB_Type type of biometric data record
Biometric_Type type of biometric data
Biometric_Subtype subtype of biometric data
Biometric_ProductID identifier of biometric data
Biometric_Format_Owner identifier of biometric data format owner
Biometric_Format_Type biometric data format
Phone DO's phone number
Profession DO's profession
Title DO's title
Personal_Summary DO's personal summary data
Other_Valid_ID other valid identifier
Custody_Info custody information
Other_Name other name
Observations observations
Tax tax information
Date_of_Personalization date of document personalization
Personalization_SN serial number of personalization
OtherPerson_Name other person's name
PersonToNotify_Date_of_Record date of record entry on persons to notify in case of emergency
PersonToNotify_Name name of person to notify in case of emergency
PersonToNotify_Phone phone number of person to notify in case of emergency
PersonToNotify_Address address of person to notify in case of emergency
DS_Certificate_Issuer textual information about the DS-certificate issuer
DS_Certificate_Subject textual information about the document issuer
DS_Certificate_ValidFrom start date of the DS-certificate validity
DS_Certificate_ValidTo expiration date of the DS-certificate
VRC_DataObject_Entry vehicle category/restrictions/conditions from DG1 data group of eDL application
TypeApprovalNumber type approval number
AdministrativeNumber administrative number
DocumentDiscriminator document discriminator
DataDiscriminator data discriminator
ISO_Issuer_ID_Number ISO issuer ID number
GNIB_Number registration number issued by GardaNational Immigration Bureau
Dept_Number department number
Telex_Code telegraph code
Allergies allergies
Sp_Code Sp. code
Court_Code code of restriction imposed by court
Cty county code
Sponsor_SSN sponsor's social security number
DoD_Number Department of Defense identification number
MC_Novice_Date expiry date of Motorcycle status
DUF_Number DUF Number (a number that is assigned to everyone who applies for residence in Norway)
Agy code of Philippine Land TransportationOffice Agency
PNR_Code passenger name record (reservation code)
From_Airport_Code code of the airport of departure
To_Airport_Code code of the airport of arrival
Flight_Number flight number
Date_of_Flight date of flight
Seat_Number seat number
Date_of_Issue_Boarding_Pass date of boarding pass issue
CCW_Until expiration date of Concealed CarryWeapon Permit
Reference_Number_Checksum checksum for reference number
Reference_Number_CheckDigit check digit for reference number
Room_Number room number
Religion religion
RemainderTerm months to expire
Electronic_Ticket_Indicator electronic ticket indicator
Compartment_Code сompartment сode
CheckIn_Sequence_Number сheck-in sequence number on a boarding pass
Airline_Designator_of_boarding_pass_issuer code of the airline which issued the boarding pass
Airline_Numeric_Code numeric airline code
Ticket_Number ticket number
Frequent_Flyer_Airline_Designator frequent flyer indicator
Frequent_Flyer_Number frequent flyer number
Free_Baggage_Allowance free baggage allowance
PDF417Codec codec for PDF417
Identity_Card_Number_Checksum checksum for identity card number
Identity_Card_Number_CheckDigit check digit for identity card number
Veteran veteran
DLClassCode_A1_From DL class code A1 valid from
DLClassCode_A1_To DL class code A1 valid to
DLClassCode_A1_Notes DL class code A1 notes
DLClassCode_A_From DL class code A valid from
DLClassCode_A_To DL class code A valid to
DLClassCode_A_Notes DL class code A notes
DLClassCode_B_From DL class code B valid from
DLClassCode_B_To DL class code B valid to
DLClassCode_B_Notes DL class code B notes
DLClassCode_C1_From DL class code C1 valid from
DLClassCode_C1_To DL class code C1 valid to
DLClassCode_C1_Notes DL class code C1 notes
DLClassCode_C_From DL class code C valid from
DLClassCode_C_To DL class code C valid to
DLClassCode_C_Notes DL class code C notes
DLClassCode_D1_From DL class code D1 valid from
DLClassCode_D1_To DL class code D1 valid to
DLClassCode_D1_Notes DL class code D1 notes
DLClassCode_D_From DL class code D valid from
DLClassCode_D_To DL class code D valid to
DLClassCode_D_Notes DL class code D notes
DLClassCode_BE_From DL class code BE valid from
DLClassCode_BE_To DL class code BE valid to
DLClassCode_BE_Notes DL class code BE notes
DLClassCode_C1E_From DL class code C1E valid from
DLClassCode_C1E_To DL class code C1E valid to
DLClassCode_C1E_Notes DL class code C1E notes
DLClassCode_CE_From DL class code CE valid from
DLClassCode_CE_To DL class code CE valid to
DLClassCode_CE_Notes DL class code CE notes
DLClassCode_D1E_From DL class code D1E valid from
DLClassCode_D1E_To DL class code D1E valid to
DLClassCode_D1E_Notes DL class code D1E notes
DLClassCode_DE_From DL class code DE valid from
DLClassCode_DE_To DL class code DE valid to
DLClassCode_DE_Notes DL class code DE notes
DLClassCode_M_From DL class code M valid from
DLClassCode_M_To DL class code M valid to
DLClassCode_M_Notes DL class code M notes
DLClassCode_L_From DL class code L valid from
DLClassCode_L_To DL class code L valid to
DLClassCode_L_Notes DL class code L notes
DLClassCode_T_From DL class code T valid from
DLClassCode_T_To DL class code T valid to
DLClassCode_T_Notes DL class code T notes
DLClassCode_AM_From DL class code AM valid from
DLClassCode_AM_To DL class code AM valid to
DLClassCode_AM_Notes DL class code AM notes
DLClassCode_A2_From DL class code A2 valid from
DLClassCode_A2_To DL class code A2 valid to
DLClassCode_A2_Notes DL class code A2 notes
DLClassCode_B1_From DL class code B1 valid from
DLClassCode_B1_To DL class code B1 valid to
DLClassCode_B1_Notes DL class code B1 notes
Surname_at_Birth surname at birth
Civil_Status сivil status
Number_of_Seats number of seats
Number_of_Standing_Places number of standing places
Max_Speed maximum speed
Fuel_Type fuel type
EC_Environmental_Type vehicle environmental type
Power_Weight_Ratio power–to–weight ratio
Max_Mass_of_Trailer_Braked maximum weight of the trailer without brakes
Max_Mass_of_Trailer_Unbraked maximum weight of the trailer without brakes
Transmission_Type transmission type
Trailer_Hitch trailer hitch
Accompanied_by accompanying person
Police_District police district
First_Issue_Date date of first issue
Payload_Capacity payload capacity
Number_of_Axels number of axels
Permissible_Axle_Load permissible axle load
Precinct precinct
Invited_by invited by
Purpose_of_Entry purpose of entry
Skin_Color skin color
Complexion complexion
Airport_From airport of departure
Airport_To airport of arrival
Airline_Name airline name
Airline_Name_Frequent_Flyer a loyalty program offered by the airline to its customers who fly frequently
License_Number licenсe number
In_Tanks in tanks
Exept_In_Tanks except in tanks
Fast_Track passenger using the Fast Track service in the airport
Owner owner
MRZ_Strings_ICAO_RFID MRZ strings from ICAO RFID
Number_of_Card_Issuance the number of times a card with this number has been issued
Number_of_Card_Issuance_Checksum number of card issuance checksum
Number_of_Card_Issuance_CheckDigit number of card issuance check digit
Century_Date_of_Birth century of birth
DLClassCode_A3_From DL class code A3 valid from
DLClassCode_A3_To DL class codeA3 valid to
DLClassCode_A3_Notes DL class code A3 notes
DLClassCode_C2_From DL class code C2 valid from
DLClassCode_C2_To DL class code C2valid to
DLClassCode_C2_Notes DL class code C2 notes
DLClassCode_B2_From DL class code B2 valid from
DLClassCode_B2_To DL class code B2valid to
DLClassCode_B2_Notes DL class code B2 notes
DLClassCode_D2_From DL class code D2 valid from
DLClassCode_D2_To DL class code D2valid to
DLClassCode_D2_Notes DL class code D2 notes
DLClassCode_B2E_From DL class code B2E valid from
DLClassCode_B2E_To DL class code B2E valid to
DLClassCode_B2E_Notes DL class code B2E notes
DLClassCode_G_From DL class code G valid from
DLClassCode_G_To DL class codeG valid to
DLClassCode_G_Notes DL class code G notes
DLClassCode_J_From DL class code J valid from
DLClassCode_J_To DL class codeJ valid to
DLClassCode_J_Notes DL class code J notes
DLClassCode_LC_From DL class code LC valid from
DLClassCode_LC_To DL class code LC valid to
DLClassCode_LC_Notes DL class code LC notes
BankCardNumber bank card number
BankCardValidThru bank card validity
TaxNumber tax number
HealthNumber health insurance number
GrandfatherName grandfather's name
Selectee_Indicator selectee indicator
Mother_Surname mother's surname
Mother_GivenName mother's given name
Father_Surname father's surname
Father_GivenName father's given name
Mother_DateOfBirth mother's date of birth
Father_DateOfBirth father's date of birth
Mother_PersonalNumber mother's personal number
Father_PersonalNumber father's personal number
Mother_PlaceOfBirth mother's place of birth
Father_PlaceOfBirth father's place of birth
Mother_CountryOfBirth mother's country of birth
Father_CountryOfBirth father's country of birth
Date_First_Renewal date of first renewal
Date_Second_Renewal date of second renewal
PlaceOfExamination place of examination
ApplicationNumber application number
VoucherNumber voucher number
AuthorizationNumber authorization number
Faculty faculty
FormOfEducation form of education
DNINumber DNI number
RetirementNumber retirement number
ProfessionalIdNumber professional Id number
Age_at_Issue age at issue
Years_Since_Issue years since issue
DLClassCode_BTP_From DL class code BTP valid from
DLClassCode_BTP_Notes DL class code BTP notes
DLClassCode_BTP_To DL class code BTP valid to
DLClassCode_C3_From DL class code C3 valid from
DLClassCode_C3_Notes DL class code C3 notes
DLClassCode_C3_To DL class code C3 valid to
DLClassCode_E_From DL class code E valid from
DLClassCode_E_Notes DL class code E notes
DLClassCode_E_To DL class code E valid to
DLClassCode_F_From DL class code F valid from
DLClassCode_F_Notes DL class code F notes
DLClassCode_F_To DL class code F valid to
DLClassCode_FA_From DL class code FA valid from
DLClassCode_FA_Notes DL class code FA notes
DLClassCode_FA_To DL class code FA valid to
DLClassCode_FA1_From DL class code FA1 valid from
DLClassCode_FA1_Notes DL class code FA1 notes
DLClassCode_FA1_To DL class code FA1 valid to
DLClassCode_FB_From DL class code FB valid from
DLClassCode_FB_Notes DL class code FB notes
DLClassCode_FB_To DL class code FB valid to
DLClassCode_G1_From DL class code G1 valid from
DLClassCode_G1_Notes DL class code G1 notes
DLClassCode_G1_To DL class code G1 valid to
DLClassCode_H_From DL class code H valid from
DLClassCode_H_Notes DL class code H notes
DLClassCode_H_To DL class code H valid to
DLClassCode_I_From DL class code I valid from
DLClassCode_I_Notes DL class code I notes
DLClassCode_I_To DL class code I valid to
DLClassCode_K_From DL class code K valid from
DLClassCode_K_Notes DL class code K notes
DLClassCode_K_To DL class code K valid to
DLClassCode_LK_From DL class code LK valid from
DLClassCode_LK_Notes DL class code LK notes
DLClassCode_LK_To DL class code LK valid to
DLClassCode_N_From DL class code N valid from
DLClassCode_N_Notes DL class code N notes
DLClassCode_N_To DL class code N valid to
DLClassCode_S_From DL class code S valid from
DLClassCode_S_Notes DL class code S notes
DLClassCode_S_To DL class code S valid to
DLClassCode_TB_From DL class code TB valid from
DLClassCode_TB_Notes DL class code TB notes
DLClassCode_TB_To DL class code TB valid to
DLClassCode_TM_From DL class code TM valid from
DLClassCode_TM_Notes DL class code TM notes
DLClassCode_TM_To DL class code TM valid to
DLClassCode_TR_From DL class code TR valid from
DLClassCode_TR_Notes DL class code TR notes
DLClassCode_TR_To DL class code TR valid to
DLClassCode_TV_From DL class code TV valid from
DLClassCode_TV_Notes DL class code TV notes
DLClassCode_TV_To DL class code TV valid to
DLClassCode_V_From DL class code V valid from
DLClassCode_V_Notes DL class code V notes
DLClassCode_V_To DL class code V valid to
DLClassCode_W_From DL class code W valid from
DLClassCode_W_Notes DL class code W notes
DLClassCode_W_To DL class code W valid to
Url Uniform Resource Locator
Caliber caliber
Model model
Make make
NumberOfCylinders number of cylinders
SurnameOfHusbandAfterRegistration surname of husband after registration
SurnameOfWifeAfterRegistration surname of wife after registration
DateOfBirthOfWife wife's date of birth
DateOfBirthOfHusband husband's date of birth
CitizenshipOfFirstPerson citizenship of the first person
CitizenshipOfSecondPerson citizenship of the second person
Cvv Card Security Code
Date_of_Insurance_Expiry Date of insurance expiry
Mortgage_by Mortgage by
Old_Document_Number Old document number
Old_Date_of_Issue Old date of issue
Old_Place_of_Issue Old place of issue
DLClassCode_LR_From DL category LR valid from
DLClassCode_LR_To DL category LR valid to
DLClassCode_LR_Notes DL category LR notes
DLClassCode_MR_From DL category MR valid from
DLClassCode_MR_To DL category MR valid to
DLClassCode_MR_Notes DL category MR notes
DLClassCode_HR_From DL category HR valid from
DLClassCode_HR_To DL category HR valid to
DLClassCode_HR_Notes DL category HR notes
DLClassCode_HC_From DL category HC valid from
DLClassCode_HC_To DL category HC valid to
DLClassCode_HC_Notes DL category HC notes
DLClassCode_MC_From DL category MC valid from
DLClassCode_MC_To DL category MC valid to
DLClassCode_MC_Notes DL category MC notes
DLClassCode_RE_From DL category RE valid from
DLClassCode_RE_To DL category RE valid to
DLClassCode_RE_Notes DL category RE notes
DLClassCode_R_From DL category R valid from
DLClassCode_R_To DL category R valid to
DLClassCode_R_Notes DL category R notes
DLClassCode_CA_From DL category CA valid from
DLClassCode_CA_To DL category CA valid to
DLClassCode_CA_Notes DL category CA notes