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RGLGraphicFieldType enumeration contains identifiers determining the logical type of the graphic data obtained while reading document filling fields or barcodes:

Constant Description
Portrait Photo of the document owner
Fingerprint Fingerprint of the document owner
Eye Iris of the document owner image
Signature Signature of the document owner
BarCode Barcode image
ProofOfCitizenship Image of the citizenship proving document
DocumentImage Document image
ColorDynamic Color dynamic area in the document
GhostPortrait Ghost portrait
Stamp Stamp
Portrait_Of_Child Portrait of child
Other Other image type
FingerLeftThumb Fingerprint, left thumb
FingerLeftIndex Fingerprint, left index
FingerLeftMiddle Fingerprint, left middle
FingerLeftRing Fingerprint, left ring
FingerLeftLittle Fingerprint, left little
FingerRightThumb Fingerprint, right thumb
FingerRightIndex Fingerprint, right index
FingerRightMiddle Fingerprint, right middle
FingerRightRing Fingerprint, right ring
FingerRightLittle Fingerprint, right little