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RGLRFIDDataFileType enumeration contains a set of constants that define the file type (or logical belonging of the data object) within the context of the communication session with electronic document:

Constant Description
Unspecified not specified
PassportDG1 Passport DG1
PassportDG2 Passport DG2
PassportDG3 Passport DG3
PassportDG4 Passport DG4
PassportDG5 Passport DG5
PassportDG6 Passport DG6
PassportDG7 Passport DG7
PassportDG8 Passport DG8
PassportDG9 Passport DG9
PassportDG10 Passport DG10
PassportDG11 Passport DG11
PassportDG12 Passport DG12
PassportDG13 Passport DG13
PassportDG14 Passport DG14
PassportDG15 Passport DG15
PassportDG16 Passport DG16
PassportDG17 Passport DG17
PassportDG18 Passport DG18
PassportDG19 Passport DG19
PassportDG20 Passport DG20
PassportSOD Passport SOD
PassportCVCA Passport CVCA
PassportCOM Passport COM
Iddg1 ID DG1
Iddg2 ID DG2
Iddg3 ID DG3
Iddg4 ID DG4
Iddg5 ID DG5
Iddg6 ID DG6
Iddg7 ID DG7
Iddg8 ID DG8
Iddg9 ID DG9
Iddg10 ID DG10
Iddg11 ID DG11
Iddg12 ID DG12
Iddg13 ID DG13
Iddg14 ID DG14
Iddg15 ID DG15
Iddg16 ID DG16
Iddg17 ID DG17
Iddg18 ID DG18
Iddg19 ID DG19
Iddg20 ID DG20
Iddg21 ID DG21
Dlcom DL COM
Dldg1 DL DG1
Dldg2 DL DG2
Dldg3 DL DG3
Dldg4 DL DG4
Dldg5 DL DG5
Dldg6 DL DG6
Dldg7 DL DG7
Dldg8 DL DG8
Dldg9 DL DG9
Dldg10 DL DG10
Dldg11 DL DG11
Dldg12 DL DG12
Dldg13 DL DG13
Dldg14 DL DG14
Dlsod DL SOD
Dlce DL CE
Dlcvca DL CVCA
PACECardAccess PACE card access
PACECardSecurity PACE card security
PACEChipSecurity PACE chip security
MIFAREValidity MIFARE validity
AuthenticityV2 Authenticity V2
ESignPK E-sign PK
ESignSignedData E-sign signed data
Certificate Certificate
MasterList Master list
DefectList Defect list
DeviationList Deviation list
AppDirectory App directory
Session Session
LogData Log data
ChipProperties Chip properties
UserDefined User defined