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After adding DocumentReaderService to the global variable, you can change the default document recognition settings:

// Default settings for video capture (From camera button):
window.RegulaDocumentSDK.recognizerProcessParam = {
   processParam: {
      returnUncroppedImage: true,
      scenario: 'MrzAndLocate',
      multipageProcessing: false,
      returnPackageForReprocess: false,
      timeout: 20000,
      resultTypeOutput: [],
      imageQa: {
         expectedPass: ['dpiThreshold', 'glaresCheck', 'focusCheck'],
         dpiThreshold: 130,
         glaresCheck: true,
         glaresCheckParams: {
            imgMarginPart: 0.05,
            maxGlaringPart: 0.01,
// Default settings for image processing (From gallery button):
window.RegulaDocumentSDK.imageProcessParam = {
   processParam: {
      scenario: 'MrzAndLocate',
      returnUncroppedImage: true,
      returnPackageForReprocess: false,

Descriptions of settings

Setting Info Data type Default value Values
returnUncroppedImage When enabled, returns input images in output. boolean true true, false
scenario Recognition scenario. string 'MrzAndLocate' 'MrzAndLocate', 'MrzOrLocate', 'Mrz', 'Locate'
multipageProcessing Enables multi-page document processing mode. boolean true true, false
timeout Recognition timeout in milliseconds. After this time process will be finished. number 2000 numbers > 0
resultTypeOutput Types of results to return in response. [] - all available types. number[] [] 1 - DocumentImageResult, 3 - TextDataResult, 5 - DocBarCodeInfo, 6 - GraphicsResult, 8 - DocumentTypesCandidatesResult, 9 - ChosenDocumentTypeResult, 20 - AuthenticityResult, 15 - LexicalAnalysisResult, 17 - TextDataResult, 18 - TextDataResult, 19 - GraphicsResult, 30 - ImageQualityResult, 33 - StatusResult, 36 - TextResult, 37 - ImagesResult, 85 - DocumentPositionResult, 102 - TextDataResult, 103 - GraphicsResult, 50 - LicenseResult, 49 - EncryptedRCLResult
returnPackageForReprocess Enable returning the package for reprocessing on the backend. boolean false true, false
imageQa When enabled, image quality checks status affects document optical and overall status.
expectedPass Activated image quality checks. string[] ['dpiThreshold', 'glaresCheck', 'focusCheck'] 'dpiThreshold', 'glaresCheck', 'focusCheck'
dpiThreshold This parameter sets threshold for Image QA check of the presented document physical dpi. If actual document dpi is below this threshold, check will fail. number 150 numbers > 0
glaresCheck This option enables glares check while performing image quality validation. boolean true true, false
glaresCheckParams Settings for glare check.
imageOutputMaxHeight This parameter allows setting maximum height in pixels of output images and thus reducing image size to desired. Does not change the aspect ratio. Changes disabled if equals to 0. number 0 numbers > 0
imageOutputMaxWidth This parameter allows setting maximum width in pixels of output images and thus reducing image size to desired. Does not change the aspect ratio. Changes disabled if equals to 0. number 0 numbers > 0
doublePageSpread Enable this option if the image you provide contains double page spread of the passport and you want to process both pages in one go. It makes sense to use it for documents that have meaningful information on both pages, like Russian domestic passport, or some others. boolean false true, false
generateDoublePageSpreadImage When enabled together with "doublePageSpread" and there is a passport with two pages spread in the image, pages will be cropped, straightened and aligned together, as if the document was captured on a flatbed scanner. boolean false true, false
fieldTypesFilter List of text field types to extract. If empty, all text fields from template will be extracted. Narrowing the list can shorten processing time. number[] []
dateFormat This option allows you to set dates format so that solution will return dates in this format. For example, if you supply 'MM/dd/yyyy', and document have printed date '09 JUL 2020' for the date os issue, you will get '07/09/2020' as a result. By default it is set to system locale default (where the service is running). string 'MM/dd/yyyy'
measureSystem This option allows you to set the system of measurement used for converting original values in document to output result values. Metric by default. number 0 0 - Metric, 1 - Imperial
imageDpiOutMax This parameter controls maximum resolution in dpi of output images. Resolution will remain original in case 0 is supplied. By default is set to return images in response with resolution not greater than 300 dpi for all scenarios except FullAuth. In FullAuth scenario this limit is 1000 dpi by default. number numbers > 0
alreadyCropped This option can be enabled if you know for sure that the image you provide contains already cropped document by its edges. This was designed to process on the server side images captured and cropped on mobile. boolean false true, false
customParams This option allows passing custom processing parameters that can be implemented in future without changing API. Object {}
fastDocDetect When enabled, shorten the list of candidates to process during document detection in a single image process mode. Reduces processing time for specific backgrounds. boolean true true, false
updateOCRValidityByGlare When enabled, fail OCR field validity, if there is a glare over the text field on the image. boolean false true, false
returnCroppedBarcode When enabled, returns cropped barcode images for unknown documents. boolean false true, false
respectImageQuality When enabled, image quality checks status affects document optical and overall status. boolean false true, false
forceDocFormat Force use of specified document format when locating and recognizing document to reduce the number of candidates. number 0 - ID1 document format, 1 - ID2 document format, 2 - ID3 document format, 3 - Undefined document format, 4 - A4 document format, 5 - ID3 double document format, 10 - ID1 format document rotated 90°, 11 - ID1 format document rotated 180°, 12 - ID1 format document rotated 270°, 13 - ID2 format document rotated 90°, 14 - ID3 format document rotated 180°, 1000 - Arbitrary format, 1002 - Flexible format. Standard formats can be resized during cropping, depending on various factors: light, background...
noGraphics When enabled, no graphic fields will be cropped from document image. boolean false true, false
documentAreaMin Specifies minimal area of the image that document should cover to be treated as candidate when locating. Value should be in range from 0 to 1, where 1 is when document should fully cover the image. number 0 0 - 1
depersonalizeLog When enabled, all personal data will be forcibly removed from the logs. boolean false true, false
multiDocOnImage This option allows locating and cropping multiple documents from one image if enabled. boolean false true, false
shiftExpiryDate This option allows shifting the date of expiry into the future or past for number of months specified. This is useful, for example, in some cases when document might be still valid for some period after original expiration date to prevent negative validity status for such documents. Or by shifting the date to the past will set negative validity for the documents that is about to expire in a specified number of months. number 0 numbers > 0
minimalHolderAge This options allows specifying the minimal age in years of the document holder for the document to be considered valid. number 0 numbers > 0
mrzFormatsFilter This option allows limiting MRZ formats to be recognized by specifying them in array. string[] [] '1x30' - IDL, '3x30' - ID1, '2x36' - ID2, '2x44' - ID3, '1x6' - CAN, '2x30' - ID1 2x30
forceReadMrzBeforeLocate When enabled, make sure that in series processing MRZ is located fully inside the result document image, if present on the document. Enabling this option may add extra processing time, by disabling optimizations, but allows more stability in output image quality. boolean false true, false
parseBarcodes This option can be disabled to stop parsing after barcode is read. boolean true true, false
splitNames When enabled, the Surname and GivenNames field will be divided into ft_First_Name, ft_Second_Name, ft_Third_Name, ft_Fourth_Name, ft_Last_Name fields. boolean false true, false

Attention! If the multipage-processing or internal-scenario attributes are set, the multipageProcessing and scenario settings will be ignored.