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Chip Verification

To install Docker Compose, refer to the Docker official guide.

Download chip-docker-compose.yml and save it as docker-compose.yml:

wget -O docker-compose.yml

To set the license, place the regula.license file into the same folder where the downloaded docker-compose.yml is located.

To start Docreader, invoke:

sudo docker-compose up -d
[+] Running 5/5
⠿ Network test_docreader-network  Created
⠿ Volume "test_minio-data"        Created
⠿ Container docreader             Started
⠿ Container minio                 Started
⠿ Container minio-mc              Started

Check the status:

sudo docker-compose ps
NAME                COMMAND                  SERVICE             STATUS              PORTS
docreader           "./"        docreader           running   >8080/tcp
minio               "/usr/bin/docker-ent…"   minio               running (healthy)>9000-9001/tcp
minio-mc            "/bin/sh -c ' /usr/b…"   create-buckets      exited (0)

To stop Docreader, run:

sudo docker-compose down

To delete data after stopping Docreader:

sudo docker-compose down -v
  1. Install Minio Please refer to the official Minio documentation.

  2. Run Minio by setting default user and password:

    export MINIO_ROOT_USER=minioadmin
    export MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD=minioadmin
    minio server /data

  3. Install the official minio mc client and create a bucket:

    chmod +x mc
    mc config host add myminio http://localhost:9000 minioadmin minioadmin
    mc mb myminio/chip-verification-data

  4. Set the Chip Verification respective environment variables to the /opt/regula/document-reader-webapi/.env file:

    • REGULA_STORAGE_URL=localhost:9000
    • REGULA_STORAGE_CHIP_DATA_BUCKET=chip-verification-data


To verify PA for the RFID sessions:

  1. Create a folder and copy masterlists there.
  2. Mount the host folder to the folder inside the container and point to that specific folder using the RFID_PKD_PA_PATH ENV variable or simply enable the RFID_PKD_PA ENV variable (uses default masterlists location "/app/rfid_pkd").
mkdir ~/masterlists
cp *.ldif ~/masterlists/

To verify PA for the RFID sessions:

  1. Create a folder (e.g. /opt/regula/document-reader-webapi/rfid_pkd - default) and copy masterlists here.
  2. Set RFID PKD respective environment variables to /opt/regula/document-reader-webapi/.env file
    • DOCREADER_RFID_PKD_PA_PATH=/opt/regula/document-reader-webapi/rfid_pkd
  3. Restart the service.

RFID_PKD_PA option

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v ~/regula.license:/app/extBin/unix_x64/regula.license -v ~/masterlists:/app/rfid_pkd -e RFID_PKD_PA="true" regulaforensics/docreader


docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v ~/regula.license:/app/extBin/unix_x64/regula.license -v ~/masterlists:/app/masterlists -e RFID_PKD_PA_PATH="/app/masterlists" regulaforensics/docreader

You can customize the path to folder containing masterlists via the DOCREADER_RFID_PKD_PA_PATH environment variable.

Note that the application should have the write permission on the folder where logs will be stored.