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Please review this page carefully before contacting our support team.

❗ If you haven't found a solution and need technical support, please describe the issue as detailed as possible, including the steps you took to solve or reproduce it. Also please provide the log file, which can be found in the Web API installation directory. This will help us to find and fix the issue. Thank you!

Where can I download the latest Web API version?

Please use the Regula Download Manager tool.

Note that the Regula Downloads Manager is only required for the download of the package and has no further impact on the Regula Document Reader Web API operation.

How to change the service base address?

The config file is saved under the following path:

  • C:\Program Files\Regula\Document Reader Web API.env for the х64 version

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Regula\Document Reader Web API.env for the x86 version

To change the service base address, you need to change the value: DOCREADER_BIND=""

By default, the service base address is:

  • "" for HTTP

  • "" for HTTPS

How to run the Web API service using HTTPS?

  • Option 1. Recommended. Nginx as a reverse-proxy

Run Nginx as a frontend container for HTTPS processing and proxy service requests to the backend docreader container. Here is the link

  • Option 2. Docreader via HTTPS

To run the docreader service via HTTPS:

  • add 644 permissions to certificates so the server is able to read certificates
  • pass cert.crt & cert.key files to the container
  • pass DOCREADER_CERT_FILE, DOCREADER_KEY_FILE environment variables
  • forward container port to 8443 host port
chmod 644 ~/cert.crt ~/cert.key
docker run -it -p 8443:8080 -v ~/regula.license:/app/extBin/unix_x64/regula.license -v ~/cert.crt:/app/cert.crt -v ~/cert.key:/app/cert.key -e DOCREADER_CERT_FILE="/app/cert.crt" -e DOCREADER_KEY_FILE="/app/cert.key" regulaforensics/docreader

Documents are not recognized or recognized incorrectly

  1. Check that you have the latest versions of SDK and document database installed
  2. Make sure that the document image meets our quality requirements
  3. Please send the incorrectly recognized document sample to our support team

How to recognize multi-page documents

You should submit both document pages within a single transaction as in the example below. Please, mark every separate page image with a different page index value. The transaction will be processed as usual. When the results are ready, the XML or JSON structure will contain a list with the results in accordance witn the requested result type (for each page).

    {   "Base64ImageString": "base64 string", 
        "Format": ".jpg", 
        "LightIndex": 6, 
        "PageIndex": 0 
    {   "Base64ImageString": "base64 string", 
        "Format": ".jpg", 
        "LightIndex": 6, 
        "PageIndex": 1

Where can I find logs?

You can find logs under the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Regula\Document Reader Web API\logs

The logs are turned on in the .env file of the service root: DOCREADER_PROCESS_RESULTS_LOG_PATH='logs/process/'

LOGS_ACCESS_CONSOLE="false" LOGS_ACCESS_FILE="true" LOGS_ACCESS_FILE_PATH='logs/access/document-reader-access.log'

LOGS_APP_CONSOLE="true" LOGS_APP_FILE="true" LOGS_APP_FILE_PATH='logs/app/document-reader-app.log'

Is there a sample client available?

Sure, check out the resources below.

Release version:

Nightly version:

The service API is simple: it is synchronous, has only one endpoint ~api/process~ for actual data processing, and ~api/ping~ for a health check. Results are delivered in JSON format.

SDK documentation

Image quality requirements:

To receive notifications once the new SDK version is released, subscribe to updates:

Why do I get a 'null' or "Result of this type is not available" response?

  1. Make sure that the image meets our quality requirements
  2. Check if the document you submitted actually contains the requested result type

Error "Processing timeout". How to increase the maximum document processing time?

C:\Program Files\Regula\Document Reader Web API.env

Note: Use single quotes '' to provide file system path

workers group




What capabilities value do you use on

The default capabilities value used on the demo website is 500. It includes MRZ, Visual Zone OCR, Document Type, Visual Graphics and Barcode Processing.

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