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Release 3.1 – 2021-10-08


  • Added LivenessResponse.guid – the id of the processing from the liveness service.
  • For iOS, added RegulaCommon – the internal shared library for Regula SDK products.
  • For Android, added the possibility to intercept network connections between a server and a client to change HTTP request settings.


  • For iOS, fixed copying of debug-symbols. Only correct ones are copied to the xcframework.
  • For iOS, fixed hold the image for LivenessResponse even when an error happens.


  • Changed for Spanish localization to Coloque su rostro en el óvalo.
  • For iOS, changed the camera settings to match DocumentReader's. The used settings: isSmoothAutoFocusEnabled, .continuousAutoWhiteBalance, and .continuousAutoExposure.
  • For Android, the FaceCapture detection logic was tweaked for a better and easier photo capture experience.

Release 3.0 – 2021-07-22

First public release! 🎉


  • Face Matching – check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person.
  • Face Recognition – automatically capture a photo with a person's face on it.
  • Liveness Detection – find out if the person on camera is alive.
  • Customization for Liveness via LivenessConfiguration.
  • Customization for FaceCapture via FaceCaptureConfiguration.
  • iOS:
    • UIAppearance and RegisterClass (Class Overriding) feature to support flexible UI customizations.
    • HTTP header fields customization via URLRequestInterceptingDelegate.
  • Android:
    • HTTP header fields customization via Configuration objects.
  • Other Platforms:
    • Support React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Ionic.
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