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  • The latest stable version of Ionic.

  • For iOS, the minimum target is iOS 11.0.

  • For Android, the minimum Android API level is 21.


The Face SDK is available on npm.

Run the following commands to add the SDK to the project:

ionic cordova plugin add @regulaforensics/cordova-plugin-face-api
npm install --save @regulaforensics/ionic-native-face-api

Huawei Vision

Huawei Vision is used for face detection in video stream using Huawei services.

Devices that do not have Google Mobile Services (GMS) such as Huawei need to include the Huawei Vision library. This means that to run the Face SDK on a Huawei device or any other device that has GMS disabled, it is necessary to integrate the Huawei Vision library. In this case, the Huawei or Honor device is automatically identified, and Huawei Vision is used.

Add the dependency, if needed:

ionic cordova plugin add @regulaforensics/cordova-plugin-face-huawei-vision

The forceToUseHuaweiVision flag is used in the configuration to force the use of the Huawei Vision library, it works only if the library is connected. So, on a device that is not Huawei and does not have Google Mobile Services, the Face SDK can work via the Huawei services.

  forceToUseHuaweiVision: true
}).then(result => {


The same way, you can use forceToUseHuaweiVision with presentFaceCaptureActivityWithConfig() and matchFacesWithConfig().