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Getting Started


The Face web components let you add automatic capture of a user's selfie and liveness check to your web site. The components capture a face from the device camera and can either simply detect a face on the captured photo or confirm the face liveness.

The available components are:

  • face-detection
  • face-liveness

The web components are based on WebAssembly (.wasm module) that is our core C++ code compiled for use in browsers, wrapped with JS layer. It is exactly the same code as built for all the other platform SDK packages.


Devices Chrome FireFox Safari
Mobile (iOS) 87 (iOS14.4+) 30 (iOS14.4+) 11
Mobile (Android) 66 68 -
Desktop 58 54 11

Before you start

Please note that:

  • The components work only under the HTTPS protocol on the web site.
  • The components library does register the components on the web page itself, so make sure to import the library to your web site before adding the components to the web page code.


Find the examples of using the components on the Samples page.

Additional Resources