Getting Started

We have two types of endpoints right now. Old-async one, based on /webapi/Transaction2/SubmitTransaction and /webapi/Transaction2/GetTransactionResult, and new-sync one - based on the /api/process method, which returns results in the same HTTP call. They are not connected, thus you can not use transaction id from the process to get results in GetTransactionResult. Basically, the old one is deprecated, and we suggest all our new customers use a new one.

New version of Regula Document Reader Web Service supports requests from the old Transaction API. That means if you run a new web service and send a Transaction request following the old logic, you will get the result processed using new logic but in the format of the old web service interface.

To switch to a new API see migration guide‚Äč

Migration From Old Transactional API

Steps for the migration:

1. Uninstall old Regula Document Reader Web Service 2. Install a new Regula Document Reader Web Service 3. Rename license file SLXXXXX to regula.license. Place it according to the setup license sections of your platform installation guide 4. [Optional] If you plan to migrate from Windows, ask your sales manager for a new license 5. Run a new Regula Document Reader Web Service