Let's speak the same language

Face SDK supports the following localizations:

  • Arabic (ar)

  • Bangla (bn)

  • Chinese Simplified / Chinese Traditional (zh-Hans/zh-Hant)

  • Czech (cs)

  • Dutch (nl)

  • English (en)

  • Finnish (fi)

  • French (fr)

  • German (de)

  • Greek (el)

  • Italian (it)

  • Japanese (ja)

  • Korean (ko)

  • Malay (ms)

  • Polish (pl)

  • Portuguese (pt)

  • Russian (ru)

  • Spanish (es)

  • Swedish (sv)

  • Thai (th)

  • Turkish (tr)

Changing Localization

If there is any language required by your application but is not supported by Face SDK, or if you want to simply change the localized strings see the platform-specific instructions.