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Application IDs (ISO7816)

To access a particular function of the electronic document or to a file in its memory, it is required to select the corresponding application first.

Identifiers of all supported by Document Reader SDK standard applications are given below.

  • A0000002471001 corresponds to the ePassport application;
  • E80704007F00070302 corresponds to the eID application;
  • A000000167455349474E corresponds to the eSign application;
  • A0000002480100 correspond to the eDL application;
  • A0000002480200 correspond to the eDL application;
  • A0000002480300 correspond to the eDL application;
  • A00000045645444C2D3031 corresponds to the eDL application (Europe).


It's a requirement of Apple to specify them explicitly in Info.plist (iOS).