Application IDs (ISO7816)
Application identifiers that the Document Reader SDK supports
To access a particular function of the electronic document or to a file in its memory, it is required to select the corresponding application first.
Identifiers of all supported by Document Reader SDK standard applications are given below.
    A0000002471001 corresponds to the ePassport application;
    E80704007F00070302 corresponds to the eID application;
    A000000167455349474E corresponds to the eSign application;
    A0000002480100 correspond to the eDL application;
    A0000002480200 correspond to the eDL application;
    A0000002480300 correspond to the eDL application;
    A00000045645444C2D3031 corresponds to the eDL application (Europe).
It's a requirement of Apple to specify them explicitly in Info.plist (iOS).
Last modified 11mo ago
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