Custom settings

Custom options


  • DOCREADER_BIND: the bind ip_address:port, default

  • DOCREADER_BACKLOG: the maximum number of requests in a queue, default 20

  • DOCREADER_WORKERS: the number of workers to process requests, default 1

  • DOCREADER_LOG_LEVEL: the granularity of Error log outputs, default info, possible options debug, info, warning, error, critical

  • DOCREADER_LOG_FILE: the absolute path to Error log file to write to, default - (log to stderr)

  • DOCREADER_ACCESS_LOG_FILE: the absolute path to Access log file to write to, default - (log to stdout)

  • DOCREADER_LIC_URL: the URL to regula.license file for further download, if the mount option is not available, default None (low priority over mounted file)

  • DOCREADER_ENABLE_DEMO_WEB_APP: enable demo site, default true


  • DOCREADER_CERT_FILE: the absolute path to SSL certificate file

  • DOCREADER_KEY_FILE: the absolute path to SSL key file


  • DOCREADER_CORS_ORIGINS: allowed cors origins, default same-origin policy

  • DOCREADER_CORS_METHODS: allowed cors methods, default all methods

  • DOCREADER_CORS_HEADERS: allowed cors headers, default all headers

Application Logs

  • DOCREADER_PROCESS_RESULTS_LOG_PATH: the application log folder to write to Document Reader logs

NOTE Custom options can be overridden on the container start:

docker run -p host_port:8080 -v host_path_to_license_folder/regula.license:/app/extBin/unix_x64/regula.license -e DOCREADER_WORKERS=4 regulaforensics/docreader:tagname

Enable HTTPS mode

Run nginx as a frontend container for https processing and proxy service requests to the backend docreader container. link

Option 2. Docreader via HTTPS

To run the docreader service via https:

  • add 644 permissions to certificates so the server is able to read certifiacates

  • pass cert.crt & cert.key files to the container

  • pass DOCREADER_CERT_FILE, DOCREADER_KEY_FILE environment variables

  • forward container port to 8443 host port

chmod 644 ~/cert.crt ~/cert.key
docker run -it -p 8443:8080 -v ~/regula.license:/app/extBin/unix_x64/regula.license -v ~/cert.crt:/app/cert.crt -v ~/cert.key:/app/cert.key -e DOCREADER_CERT_FILE="/app/cert.crt" -e DOCREADER_KEY_FILE="/app/cert.key" regulaforensics/docreader