Quick Start Guide


  • Recommended HW settings: 1CPU / 2Gb per worker

  • Internet connection is a mandatory requirement for an "On-line" license, thus the instance with pre-installed service must have internet access at least to https://lic.regulaforensics.com/ URL.


The Version A.B.C.D is composed of:

  • Regula SDK version A.B

  • Document database version C

  • Service wrapper version D

An example of version 5.2.103350.2 can be interpreted as:

  • the Regula SDK version is 5.2

  • the current documents database version is 103350

  • the service wrapper version is 2

Service health check

Ensure the installed service is up and running.

Service availability can be checked at the following link http://localhost:8080/api/ping

Here you can find all the necessary license information/status and service version.

Custom Options

Custom options can be set in a two ways:

  1. Environment variables

  2. Using .env file

%PROGRAMFILES%\Regula\Document Reader Web API\.env

Environment variables take precedence over .env file

  • DOCREADER_BIND: the bind ip_address:port, default

  • DOCREADER_BACKLOG: the maximum number of requests in a queue, default 20

  • DOCREADER_WORKERS: the number of workers to process requests, default 1

  • DOCREADER_LOG_LEVEL: the granularity of Error log outputs, default info, possible options debug, info, warning, error, critical

  • DOCREADER_LOG_FILE: the absolute path to Error log file to write to, default - (log to stderr)

  • DOCREADER_ACCESS_LOG_FILE: the absolute path to Access log file to write to, default - (log to stdout)

  • DOCREADER_LIC_URL: The URL to regula.license file for further download, if the mount option is not available, default None (low priority over mounted file)

  • DOCREADER_CERT_FILE: the absolute path to SSL certificate file

  • DOCREADER_KEY_FILE: the absolute path to SSL key file

  • DOCREADER_CORS_ORIGINS: allowed cors origins, default same-origin policy

  • DOCREADER_CORS_METHODS: allowed cors methods, default all methods

  • DOCREADER_CORS_HEADERS: allowed cors headers, default all headers