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Getting Started with Face SDK Mobile

This page guides you through the initial Face SDK Mobile Components integration process, comprising the following steps:

1. Set up Web Service: Establish the backend web service that supports the SDK, ensuring smooth communication between your app and facial recognition infrastructure.

Note that the Face SDK operates as an online service and you need to set up your own web service. Please reach out to us for further details. Meanwhile, you can follow the setup instructions and utilize our sandbox service to explore the features we offer.


The Regula's sandbox service URL is used by default.

2. Install the Face SDK: Learn how to install the Face SDK Mobile Components within your development environment, setting up the necessary dependencies for seamless integration.

3. Initialize the Face SDK: Explore the essential steps to initialize and deinitialize the SDK in your application.

4. Set Up Permissions: Manage necessary permissions for your app to secure utilization of the SDK's functionalities.

5. Get Samples: Access practical examples demonstrating how to implement the SDK's features effectively in real-world scenarios, aiding your integration process.