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Face SDK Installation

The Face Mobile SDK installation can be performed only after the Face SDK Web Service has been established. If you have skipped this step, get back to the Web Service Setup section.


The Face Mobile SDK consists of two frameworks: API and Core.

graph LR
  A(Face SDK) --> B(API);
  A --> C(Core);
  B --> D(Common);

The API framework provides the external interface for controlling the process and getting the result. It depends on the Common framework that is an interface for working with the camera and other modules.

The Core framework is an internal framework, it is used by the API framework only and is not accessible for developers. However, it should be referenced in the project.

Core Types

There are two Core framework types available:

  • Core Basic
  • Core Match

Before installation, you should choose the Core type. Here is a list of features supported by each Core:

Core Basic Core Match
Face Detection
Face Identification (1:N)
Liveness Assessment
Server-Side Face Match (1:1)
Client-Side Face Match (1:1)


You can find the features overview in the Face SDK Introduction.

Basically, the difference is that Core Basic supports only server-side face comparison while Core Match lets you perform both server-side and client-side face comparison (offline match) without sending an image to the server.

See also:

Core Match

There are two important points to note about Core Match:

1. Core Match requires initialization with a license file (while for Core Basic initialization you do not need a license file). See the Initialization Guide for details.

2. Core Match has to be separately configured, see the Client-Side Match Configuration guide.

Platform-Specific Installation Guides

Now when you have chosen the Core type, pick the platform of interest and follow the installation instructions:

Next Step

After the installation is completed, proceed to Initialization.