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Migration Guide: From 5.x To 6.x

From v6.8 To v6.9

  • RGLBaseConfig has been renamed to RGLBaseReaderConfig. RGLConfig and RGLBleConfig now inherit from RGLBaseReaderConfig.
  • Added several new configurations to configure scanning and recognition operations:

    • RGLBaseConfig
    • RGLScannerConfig
    • RecognizeConfig
  • Added new methods to RGLDocReader:

    • recognizeWithConfig:completion:
    • recognizeImageFromPresenter:config:completion:
    • recognizeVideoFrame:completion:
    • showScannerFromPresenter:config:completion:
  • Deprecated the following recognize methods in RGLDocReader:

    • [recognizeImage:completion:]
    • [recognizeImages:completion:]
    • [recognizeImagesWithImageInputs:completion:]
    • [recognizeData:completion:]
    • [recognizeImageFromPresenter:image:completion:]
    • [recognizeImage:cameraMode:completion:]

Use the new recognizeWithConfig:completion: method instead. Use recognizeVideoFrame:completion: instead of [recognizeImage:cameraMode:completion:] with cameraMode:YES.

let config = DocReader.RecognizeConfig(image: yourImage)
config.scenario = RGL_SCENARIO_MRZ
DocReader.shared.recognize(config: config) { action, results, error in
  // handle completion
  • Deprecated showScanner:completion: in RGLDocReader. Use showScannerFromPresenter:config:completion: instead:
let config = DocReader.ScannerConfig()
config.scenario = RGL_SCENARIO_MRZ
DocReader.shared.showScanner(presenter: yourController, config: config) { action, results, error in
  // handle completion

From v6.7 To v6.8

  • Changed the constant value for RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongDPI to RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongSymbolPosition. Updated the string associated with it to RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongSymbolPosition.

  • Added new constants to the RGLCheckDiagnose enumeration:

RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongSymbolPosition = 200
RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongMRZWidth = 202
RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongMRZHeight = 203
RGLCheckDiagnoseMRZQualityWrongLinePosition = 204
RGLCheckDiagnoseOCRQualityTextPosition = 220
RGLCheckDiagnoseOCRQualityInvalidFont = 221
RGLCheckDiagnoseOCRQualityInvalidBackground = 222
RGLCheckDiagnoseLasInkInvalidLinesFrequency = 230
  • Changed the value for RGLCheckDiagnoseLastDiagnoseValue from 210 to 250.

From v6.3 To v6.4

  • Added new action to the RGLDocReaderAction enum - RGLDocReaderActionProcessTimeout. It means that if the processing is completed by timeout, this action will be called instead of RGLDocReaderActionComplete.
  • Value of RGLDiDocTypeRegistrationCertificate case in RGLDiDocType enum has been changed from 31 to 206.

From v6.2 To v6.3

For Swift

  • Added NS_SWIFT_NAME for RGLImageQA. Now the Swift compiler will suggest to rename RGLImageQA to ImageQA.
  • Changed the prefix from RGLE to RGL for RGLImageQualityCheckType cases. This change makes the usage of the enum values in Swift more natural. For example, RGLEImageQualityCheckTypeImageGlares turns into ImageQualityCheckType.imageGlares.

For Objective-C

  • Changed RGLImageQualityCheckType to NS_TYPED_ENUM instead of NS_ENUM. If you compared two values of RGLImageQualityCheckType with the == operator, please make sure to update your code to use the -[isEqualTo:] method instead.
  • Changed the prefix from RGLE to RGL for the RGLImageQualityCheckType cases. For example, RGLEImageQualityCheckTypeImageGlares has become RGLImageQualityCheckTypeImageGlares. The same rule applies to all cases from the RGLImageQualityCheckType enum.

From v6.1 To v6.2

The enums RGLRFIDNotificationCodes, RGLRFIDDataFileType, RGLRFIDErrorCodes now use the NS_ENUM. This change makes the usage of the enum values in Swift more natural.
For example, RGLRFIDErrorCodesLayer6AppSelectionFailure turns into RFIDErrorCodes.layer6AppSelectionFailure.

In this specific case, we can see that the RGL prefix was dropped and the enum value was converted to the static member of enumeration that is accessible via the . notation.

Please update the usage of enum values for RGLRFIDNotificationCodes, RGLRFIDDataFileType, RGLRFIDErrorCodes in your project accordingly.

From v5.8 To v6.1

  • DocumentReaderResults has deprecated overallResult: CheckResult. The status is available now with the DocumentReaderResults.status.overallStatus property.
  • RFIDSessionData has deprecated RGLRFIDSessionDataStatus. The status is available with the DocumentReaderResults.status.detailsRFID property.
  • Changed the minimum supported iOS version to 11.