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Document Reader SDK 6.9 — September 3, 2023


  • Implemented the One-Shot Identification mode that allows getting full identity verification results (including face matching) from making one service call with a single image containing both a person's face and document. This simplifies the integration of the basic identity verification process.
  • Now, both the person’s Live portrait and External portrait can be passed with document images in a single service call for comprehensive identity verification results, including face matching. This enhancement simplifies the integration of basic identity verification.
  • Portraits from the barcode on a document now can be used for face matching in the identity verification process the same way as document visual and chip portrait if available.
  • Added JABCODE 2D barcode support.

Core SDK


  • Improved the Arabic, Cyrillic, and Vietnamese languages NNs with better recognition quality.
  • Improved support of Arabic letters in mixed fields, such as car registration numbers for Arabic-speaking countries.
  • Added new fonts support for perforated document numbers in different countries documents.
  • Fixed an issue with mask validation when static symbols are present in the mask.


  • New parsers:
    • Angola Residence Permit,
    • Mauritius Passport,
    • Thailand Passport,
    • Viet Nam ID Card.
  • Updated parsers:
    • Barbados Passport,
    • Brunei ID Card,
    • Cape Verde ID Card,
    • Djibouti ID Card,
    • Eritrea Passport,
    • France Reg Cert,
    • Morocco Reg Cert,
    • Namibia Passport,
    • Poland Reg Cert,
    • Uganda Passport.
  • Added full support for the 2x38 and 3x38 MRZ formats.
  • Added validation of personal numbers taken from MRZ by already existing rules for different countries.
  • Fixed false detections of CAN.


  • Added new parsers:
    • Brunei Resident Card,
    • Bulgaria police certificate,
    • Guatemala DL,
    • Jordan ID Card,
    • Madagascar DL,
    • Mali ID Card,
    • Mozambique Voter Card,
    • Peru ID Card,
    • Peru Reg Cert,
    • Switzerland DL,
    • Togo Voter Card.
  • Updated parsers:
    • Colombia ID Card,
    • Georgia DL,
    • India ID Card,
    • Mexico Voter Card,
    • Russian DL,
    • South Africa DL,
    • Syrian Passport,
    • UAE DL,
    • Uruguay Child ID Card,
    • Viet Nam ID Card.
  • Added support for JABCODE.
  • Added support for static text validation inside the barcode parsed fields.
  • Added validation of personal numbers taken from barcodes by already existing rules for different countries.
  • Fixed an issue with reading the Guatemala Passport barcode.
  • Updated the list of airports and airlines.

Text Data Parsing and Validation

  • Added the generation of the issuer state/province field from the document template for USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Added partial comparison of full dates to year, full dates to month and year.
  • Added parsing and conversion of the Buddhist calendar dates into Gregorian, creating additional fields of the same type as original with LCID equal to 0.
  • Implemented a check to ensure that numbers are not all equal to 9s.
  • Added parsing for addresses into separate fields for Romania.
  • Added a personal number format check, parsing, and check digit validation where applicable for multiple countries.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating surnames in full name when both first and second surname fields are available.
  • Fixed an issue with creation of the date of birth field from personal numbers that could lead to exceptions in some rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the Date of Issue from chip DG11 for Turkish ePassports.
  • Fixed an issue with the Place of Birth field LCID from RFID DG11 for Ecuadorian and Polish ePassports, which led to incorrect comparisons.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect validity for the Old Date of Issue field type.


  • Added the OneShotIdentification capability, which allows you to match a face against a document portrait in a single image together with processing the document. This is achieved through an implicit call to the Regula Face SDK service.

    To use the capability, make sure that an appropriate license for the Regula Face SDK is available and the processParam.faceApi service parameters are provided. processParam.oneShotIdentification and processParam.useFaceApi should be enabled. Note that for correct processing the image resolution should be high enough to contain both the face and document, minimum 200 DPI.

  • Added the capability to provide the livePortrait and extPortrait images together with the document image in a single request. This allows for matching faces against the document portrait by using an implicit call to the Regula Face SDK service.

    To use the capability, ensure that an appropriate license for Regula Face SDK is available, the required processParam.faceApi service parameters are provided, and processParam.useFaceApi is enabled.

  • Added the capability to perform face matching using the portrait from the barcode if enabled for specific documents.

  • Added the capability to perform OVI checks if an axial light image is available for specific documents.
  • Added the capability to control the background inside 2D barcodes.
  • Added a specific diagnose for the Barcode Format check result when glare in the barcode area is detected and data cannot be correctly verified.
  • Improved the NN for the Electronic Device detection including screenshot detection.
  • Improved the NN for IPI validation.
  • The LASINK check is now only enabled if the focus check on the image has passed successfully.
  • Fixed an issue with IPI position coordinates.


  • Added new eVisualFieldType enum members:
    • ft_First_Surname,
    • ft_Month_of_Birth,
    • ft_Address_Floor_Number,
    • ft_Address_Entrance,
    • ft_Address_Block_Number,
    • ft_Address_Street_Number,
    • ft_Address_Street_Type,
    • ft_Address_City_Sector,
    • ft_Address_County_Type,
    • ft_Address_City_Type,
    • ft_Address_Building_Type.
  • Added a new eBarCodeType enum member bct_JABCODE.
  • Added new eCheckDiagnose enum members:
    • chd_GlaresInBarcodeArea,
    • chd_DocLiveness_InvalidBarcodeBackground.
  • Added new eRPRM_SecurityFeatureType enum members:
    • SecurityFeatureType_Liveness_BarcodeBackground,
    • SecurityFeatureType_Portrait_Comparison_vsBarcode,
    • SecurityFeatureType_Portrait_Comparison_RFIDvsBarcode,
    • SecurityFeatureType_Portrait_Comparison_ExtvsBarcode,
    • SecurityFeatureType_Portrait_Comparison_BarcodevsCamera.
  • Added data from the containers RPRM_ResultType_LivePortrait, RPRM_ResultType_ExtPortrait, RPRM_ResultType_FingerPrints to be available in processing results if they were provided initially in the request for simplicity of processing. Also, their graphical data is available now in the RPRM_ResultType_Images container.
  • Implemented passing of the tag request attribute (a session identifier) to the Regula Face SDK service calls to map transactions into one session if used together implicitly.
  • Fixed an issue with processing input images of different sizes in different light sources. Now, the visible light image size is selected as the main one, and all images whose size differs from the main size will be ignored, with only matching images being processed.
  • Fixed an issue with portrait detection occurring after the document was located on the image.
  • Fixed an issue where some container data was missing in OneCandidate (RPRM_ResultType_ChosenDocumentTypeCandidate) if an ICAO code was not assigned.
  • Fixed an issue with a ChipPage incorrect value in some cases in results.
  • Fixed an issue with parsing multipart images from PDF files that led to exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue with MRZ multithreaded initialization that sometimes led to exceptions on mobile platforms.
  • Code quality improved with lots of small issues fixed.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Added the possibility to proxy HTTP headers from rfidScenario.reprocParam for authorization purposes on CA and AA keys and challenges generation calls to the server.
  • Updated the method for obtaining the correct SCard device name from the system.
  • Fixed the issue with VDS signature validation caused by a HEX vs Dec data presentation issue. This fixed some Schengen visa VDS validation issues.
  • Code quality improved.
  • Documentation updated.

Desktop API

  • Fixed the issue with incomplete data sent for the result type RPRM_ResultType_MRZ_TestQuality in the OnResultReady event.
  • Fixed the issue with RFID results when chip reading finished before optical scanning was finished.
  • Fixed the issue with the RPRM_Command_Device_SetRequiredOcrFields command not applying any changes.
  • Fixed the issue with database metadata available even if database was not enabled.

Hardware Support

  • Added the eSeek M600 device support.
  • Fixed issues with Desko devices' correct scanning support.

Mobile API

  • Added the possibility to pass HTTP headers to the requests during the RFID chip reprocessing.
  • Added RFID_ePassp_Directory to DocumentReaderResults that shows which data groups an RFID chip contains (DocumentReaderResults.rfidSessionData.dataGroups).
  • Added raw results to the RFID results (DocumentReaderResults.rfidSessionData.dataFields).
  • Added the possibility to get the size of the database via the checkDatabaseUpdate method.
  • Added the possibility to create and handle your own buttons anywhere on the camera UI.
  • Added necessary changes to reflect the Face SDK integration.
  • Added new implementation of the showScanner and recognizeImage methods with the scannerConfig parameter. To use these methods, a setting scenario is required.
  • Added inheritance of the system font size.
  • Updated the RFID notification and error messages that appear during the chip reading and processing.
  • Fixed the DefaultReadingBufferSize value to be equal to zero for correct reading of some ID cards via CAN.
  • iOS
    • Added a SelectMasterFile amendment to the default scenario for correct chip reading and processing.
  • Android
    • Added matrix and scaleType for the border background image (setBorderBackgroundImage) that can be customized.
    • Fixed an issue with the hologram animation overlapping the help animation.
    • Fixed an issue with the scanning process video recording. In some cases, videos were generated incorrectly.
  • Hybrid
    • Added Flutter API Gradle 8 support.

Document Reader Application

  • Added the possibility to save the DS certificate from the chip into the scanning results folder as a DS.cer file if the corresponding option is set.
  • Added the capability to reset the chip power, if the corresponding option is set, after the chip reading is finished. This prevents incorrect behavior of some chips that led to using BAC instead of PACE on the next consecutive read.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the chip parameters info only for Regula devices where this information is available.
  • Fixed an issue with correct RFID device selection for 3rd party devices.
  • Fixed an issue with saving RFID reading log to both the current scan results folder and recent results folder if saving is enabled.


  • Added the property SaveDSCertificate for enabling/disabling the saving of DS certificates into the results folder (read/write, boolean). Disabled by default.
  • Added the property RFIDAutoReset for enabling/disabling the power reset after the chip reading (read/write, boolean). Disabled by default.
  • Added rfid_model_desc into the HealthCheck method response.
  • Fixed an issue with FaceAPIType, FaceAPICustomeURL, FaceAPIServiceTimeout, and FaceAPIThreshold values not applied after setting.

Web Component

  • Added a wide range of customization settings for the camera frame, statuses, and background.
  • Added the possibility to customize flip icons both front and back (help animation).
  • Added the possibility to show/hide the Capture button.
  • Added the possibility to choose a scanning mode:
    • Auto — all frames are processed right after a scenario is started,
    • Video processing — all frames are processed right after the Capture button is pressed.
    • Frame processing — one frame is processed right after the Capture button is pressed.
  • Removed the doublePageSpread and generateDoublePageSpreadImage properties.
  • Fixed an issue with a wide-angle camera selection by default on some Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the wasm module exception when processing a document with a barcode.

Web Service API

  • Demo site:
    • Added the possibility to process an RFID session (RFID_Session.dat) via Drag & Drop / Upload button.
    • Added the correct font for displaying Arabic and Urdu text.
    • Implemented changes to reflect the new SDK functionality setup and results display.
  • Clients:
    • Added the possibility to get a raw response.
    • Added support of JDK 17.
  • Open API specification is updated on GitHub.
  • Clients and packages are updated.


  • Removed the unnecessary call for license update availability check for the online license type.
  • Improved the loading of the devices.dat file that helped reduce the loading time.

Installation packages

  • Windows Desktop API
    • Regula Reader Drivers package 1.8.24 with the Regula camera driver version included.
  • Linux
    • Updated the home folder to /home/regula for the regula user under Linux when installing the regula-document-reader-webapi package.
  • Docker
    • Updated the base image to the latest.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 233 included.
  • ICAO Health master list version 7 included.


  • Updated multiple document templates to include Extended MRZ, Extended OCR, Photo embedding type, Patterns checks where appropriate.
  • Includes 247 countries and territories, 13117 documents.
  • Added 504 new documents.

For details, see the Supported documents list.