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SSL Configuration

While HTTPS and CORS can be set directly on the web service, we strongly recommend running a reverse proxy server in front and move configuration to it instead. Both variants of the Web Service infrastructure setup are considered in detail on the Security page.

To set up the HTTPS connection, use:

      enabled: false
      cert: "certs/tls.crt"
      key: "certs/tls.key"
      tlsVersion: 1.2
Parameter Type Default Description
enabled boolean false Whether to provide the Web Service via HTTPS, setting default cert and key file paths.
cert string "certs/tls.crt" Custom file path containing cert file.
key string "certs/tls.key" Custom file path containing key file.
tlsVersion string 1.2 Version of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to use for secure connections within the application. Available values: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.