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Enumeration contains a pool of constants which determine the type of resulting data formed during the data scanning and processing cycle and passed to the user application.

Value Name Description
1 DOCUMENT_IMAGE Contains cropped and rotated with perspective compensation image of document. Single input image can contain multiple document side/pages, which will be returned as separated results. Most of coordinates in other types defined on that image
3 MRZ_TEXT Contains MRZ OCR results
5 BARCODES Contains raw information about barcodes on the input image
6 VISUAL_GRAPHICS Contains cropped graphic fields from Visual zone
8 DOCUMENT_TYPE_CANDIDATES Contains list of document type candidates with their probabilities and descriptions
9 DOCUMENT_TYPE Contains description of determined document type, if any
15 LEXICAL_ANALYSIS Contains lexical data analysis results that allow you to compare MRZ OCR results, Visual zone OCR results, barcodes and RFID chip data for an additional assessment of the authenticity of the document (this is an old format, better use TEXT type)
17 VISUAL_TEXT Contains Visual zone OCR results
18 BARCODE_TEXT Contains barcode parsing result with text fields
19 BARCODE_GRAPHICS Contains barcode parsing result with graphic fields
20 AUTHENTICITY Contains result of document authenticity checks
30 IMAGE_QUALITY Contains image quality check results
33 STATUS Contains check statuses with details, grouped by source
36 TEXT Contains document textual fields from all sources (mrz, rfid, visual, barcode) with validity and cross-source compare checks
37 IMAGES Contains images from all document sources (mrz, rfid, visual, barcode)
49 ENCRYPTED_RCL Contains encrypted ResultContainerList
50 LICENSE Contains license
85 DOCUMENT_POSITION Contains information about document position on the input image, its center, angle, etc
101 RFID_RAW_DATA Contains RFID raw data
102 RFID_TEXT Contains RFID text results
103 RFID_GRAPHICS Contains RFID graphic results
104 RFID_BINARY_DATA Contains RFID binary data
105 RFID_ORIGINAL_GRAPHICS Contains RFID original graphics data