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Document Reader SDK 7.2 — April 20, 2024


Core SDK

Document Type Recognition

  • Fixed issue with distinguishing a specific document type between multiple dozens of very similar documents within the same country, format, and type.


  • Updated parsers:
    • Bulgaria Residence permit
    • Sudan Passport


  • Added new parsers:

    • Iceland ID card
    • India ID card
    • Iran Residence card
    • Marshall Islands Passport
    • Mozambique DL
    • Pakistan DL
    • Peru Registration certificate
    • Saudi Arabia eVisa
    • US DoD ID card
  • Updated parsers:

    • Albania DL
    • Guatemala Passport
    • Niger DL
    • Philippines Police card
    • Rwanda ID card
  • Implemented support for ICAO Datastructure for Barcode. All standard tags included. Added capability to support custom tags for specific countries based on templates. Added capability to find the corresponding signing certificate in PKD, build a certificate chain and perform signature validation.

  • Improved reading of damaged QR codes.
  • Fixed issue with applying dormant image processing settings from template that lead to wrong results.
  • Fixed issue with the processParam.doBarcodes filter not applied correctly when processing barcodes from a document template. Now if the template does contain a barcode type which is not included in processParam.doBarcodes, it will not be read and processed.
  • Fixed issue with reading PDF417 that lead to exception in rare specific cases.

Text Data Parsing and Validation

  • Added generation of ft_Issuing_State_Code in VIZ from the document template in case there is no such field printed on the document.
  • Added transliteration of ft_Middle_Name fields into Latin by default.
  • Added check for the DS certificate validity period considering the document issue date.
  • Removed validity check for the ft_DS_Certificate_Issuer field types for text results and moved it to RFID PA validation procedure.
  • Fixed issue in parsing dates from DG11/DG12, where in specific cases, custom separators should be omitted to obtain the correct date value.
  • Fixed issue in parsing “00/00/0000” dates, now such dates converted into the “01/01/2100” format.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect validity check of the text fields, glared on the parsed image.
  • Fixed the issue with adjusting century for MRZ dates based on VIZ dates. Now the value is corrected only when dates fully match, otherwise the 21st century is defaulted.
  • Fixed the issue with comparison of ft_Date_Of_Issue, ft_Age_At_Issue between sources, where one of the sources provides only partial date and another the full date.
  • Fixed the issue with validation of zero numbers.
  • Updated parsing of DG11/DG12 field values into correct field types and LCID for documents from multiple countries.
  • Updated list of specimen documents.


  • Fixed the issue with defaults not set correctly in processParam.authParams.livenessParams.
  • Fixed the issue with validation of variable patterns with low luminescence in UV.
  • Fixed the issue with position coordinates of dynamic elements in results.
  • Fixed the issue with position coordinates of barcode elements in results when the barcode was not found or read correctly.
  • Fixed multiple issues with validation of dynamic elements.

Image QA

  • Fixed the issue with extra results container used for multipage processing on mobile platforms in some cases.


  • Added new eVisualFieldType enum members:

    • ft_Signature
  • Added new eCheckDiagnose enum members:

    • chd_ICAO_IDB_Base32Error
    • chd_ICAO_IDB_ZippedError
    • chd_ICAO_IDB_MessageZoneEmpty
    • chd_ICAO_IDB_SignatureMustBePresent
    • chd_ICAO_IDB_SignatureMustNotBePresent
    • chd_ICAO_IDB_CertificateMustNotBePresent


  • Added support for Additional ICAO TD1 layout specification.
  • Fixed the issue with verification of peer SSL certificate for all outbound connections, that lead to inability to work with other domains, except Regula’s. The issue is related to the server-side reprocessing functionality.
  • Fixed the issue with multipage capture and data delivery for server-side reprocessing.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect session tag reporting in the data package for server-side reprocessing.
  • Fixed the issue with MRZ redetection algorithm applied to large images with document covering only its small area.
  • Fixed the issue with the processParam.documentAreaMin property not applied when capturing the document on mobile/web.
  • Fixed the issue with Status.detailsOptical.docType validity calculation when “Show next page request” is enabled in Document Reader application options.
  • Fixed the issue with processing perforated fields under the light conditions, different from the visible spectrum, when such light is not available.
  • Fixed the issue with BarcodeAndLocate scenario in multipage mode when page without a barcode could not be captured correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with MRZ recognized in BarcodeAndLocate scenario, but it should not.
  • Fixed miscellaneous issues in logging.


  • Added the amendment feature to force the scenario performance until its completion, ignoring potential failures in reading or processing of the required data groups.
  • Moved matching of DS Certificate Issuer vs Subject from Text results into RFID PA status calculation.
  • Fixed the issue with PACE support in eDL.
  • Fixed validating Hungary ePassport SOD data with LDS version format compliance issue.
  • ntfLDS_ICAO_SignedData_Certificates_Missed and ntfLDS_ICAO_SignedData_Certificates_Empty notifications removed from PA sensitive list.
  • Enums:
    • Added new eLDS_ParsingNotificationCodes members:
      • ntfLDS_ICAO_Certificate_Chain_Country_NonMatching
      • ntfLDS_ICAO_Certificate_VisualMrz_Country_NonMatching
      • ntfLDS_ICAO_Certificate_MRZ_Country_NonMatching
      • ntfLDS_MRZ_CountryCode_VisualMrz_NonMatching
    • Added new eRFID_Commands enum members:
      • RFID_Command_Session_PA_CrossCheck

Mobile API

  • Added new error codes for cases:
    • CAMERA_NO_PERMISSION — when there is no permission for camera usage.
    • CAMERA_NOT_AVAILABLE — when the selected camera is unavailable.
  • Added the proceedReadingAlways property to the RFID settings. If set to true, allows to continue processing until a scenario is complete even if some required data groups or authentications failed to be read or performed.
  • Added possibility to get the size of the database to download.
  • Added support for the manualMultipage mode with backendProcessing enabled.
  • Fixed issue with the "powered by Regula" watermark always displayed on the RFID chip processing screen regardless of the license settings.
  • Android
    • Improved camera focusing.
    • Fixed image mirroring in the multipage animation.
  • iOS
    • Updated privacy manifests to comply with the latest Apple requirements. It's crucial to emphasize that dynamic frameworks were overridden. In cases where Cocoapods integration is used, it's required to remove CocoaPods from the project and clear the CocoaPods cache. This action ensures the retrieval of newly updated frameworks from the service during the package installation process.
    • Removed deprecated recognizeImage method. Use recognizeWithConfig instead.
    • Updated default margins for the custom UI. If left and right constraints are not added via JSON, by default adds reference to the boundaries of the superview (leftMargin and rightMargin).
    • Fixed the resources releasing when calling the deinitializeReader method.
    • Fixed image customization in multipage animation.
    • Fixed content mode customization in multipage animation.
    • Fixed crash in case of cancelling the database download.
    • Fixed the issue with incorrect displaying of the multipage, liveness animations in the child mode.
    • Fixed the issue with incorrect displaying of the camera frame in the multipage processing when changing the aspect ratio.
  • Hybrid
    • Flutter
      • Fixed the issue with incorrect selection of orientation in the setOrientation method.

Document Reader Application

  • Added the Proceed anyway option to the RFID tab in the Options dialog.
  • Added platform description in the About dialog.
  • Fixed the way some of the RFID settings were provisioned into a reading scenario.
  • Fixed the issue with providing an access key for RFID chip reading from barcode.
  • Fixed the issue with trying to read both ePassport and eDL applications from the chip for eDL documents. Now they only attempted to read separately depending on the document type.
  • Fixed the issue with potential lock while reprocessing images in the main thread. Now reprocessing happens in a separate thread, the same way as the scanning.


  • Added the property RFIDMIFARE for enabling/disabling MIFARE data retrieval attempt during the chip reading (read/write, boolean). Disabled by default.
  • Added the property RFIDProceedAnyway for enabling/disabling the mode in which the chip reading will continue even if some required data groups or authentications were missing or failed during the scenario run (read/write, boolean). Disabled by default.

Web Component

  • Added support for backend reprocessing feature. Now, captured sessions on the web can be safely transferred to the backend server and then reprocessed together with other document data as a single package in a safe trusted environment to obtain final verification results.
  • Fixed the error that may appear when the camera is switched.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Web Service API

  • Added X-Response-Time header to requests to track the processing time.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect returned images after the package reprocessing.
  • Clients
    • Added possibility to pass custom parameters — using the WithCustomParams property.
  • Updated package dependencies to the latest version to fix security breaches.
  • Open API specification is updated on GitHub.
  • Clients and packages are updated.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed the issue with input images hash calculation for license reporting.
  • Fixed the issue with selecting most recent licensing info from container or devices.dat licensing store file.

Installation Packages

  • Windows Desktop API
    • Documentation in different languages is now provided as a separate component.
  • Linux
    • Added Web Service arm64 packages. Installation packages for the Desktop SDK will be available in the next versions.
  • Docker
    • Updated the base image to the latest version.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 259 included.
  • ICAO Health master list version 9 included.


  • Updated multiple document templates to include OVI, MLI, Contact chip, Holograms, Extended MRZ, Extended OCR, Photo embedding type, Patterns checks where appropriate.
  • Some templates were removed due to various reasons.
  • Includes 249 countries and territories, 13900 documents.
  • Added 294 new documents.

For details, see the Supported documents list.