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Welcome to Regula Developer Documentation!

Regula Forensics is a one-stop shop for identity verification solutions on-premise. Here is detailed information for the Document Reader SDK (ID Verification) and Face SDK (Biometric Verification).

What You Can Find Here

In the Fundamentals section, find the key definitions, image quality requirements, documents database, and the list of supported languages.

Go to Develop to read the release notes, technologies description, and instructions on the SDKs installation, migration, integration, initialization, etc.

In the Resources section, you can find the client libraries, cross-platform frameworks as well as guides on how to build demo applications and integrate the SDKs.

Click Contact Sales to open the contact form and enter your inquiry.

Pick the Support section to submit a request to the Regula Support Center.

More Useful Resources

  • You can download demo versions of our products on Google Play and App Store.

  • To get a demo license generated for your application, create an account on the licensing page.

  • Demo Web APIs are available for Document Reader SDK and Face SDK.

  • To stay updated on the latest changes, you can subscribe to our newsletters.

  • In the Regula Help Center, find a big knowledge base prepared by our support team with FAQ, known issues, updates, etc.

  • To download the current or previous versions of the products and recent updates for the databases, use the Regula Downloads Manager.

  • To find out which documents the Document Reader SDK is capable of working with, download the Documents list here.