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Getting Started


The Document Reader web components let you add document verification to your web site. The components can capture a document from the device camera or process an uploaded image, crop the image by the document boundaries, detect the presence or absence of the machine readable zone (MRZ) and return the MRZ text fields.

The available components are:

  • document-reader for documents recognition;
  • camera-snapshot for capturing images from a camera or uploading from gallery.

Before You Start

Please note that:

  • The components work only under the HTTPS protocol on the web site.
  • The components library does register the components on the web page itself, so make sure to import the library to your web site before adding the components to the web page code.


The uploaded image of a document must meet the Image Quality Requirements, otherwise, the processing may not be completed.


Find the examples of using the components on the Samples page.


To get the license, contact your Regula account manager or

❗ To use the web components on test environments, add the license parameter with the base64 license value.

Additional Resources