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Enum contains identifiers that determine the logical type of text data obtained while reading MRZ, document filling fields, and barcodes.

Constant Variable Description
0 DOCUMENT_CLASS_CODE Document class code
1 ISSUING_STATE_CODE Issuing country document code in accordance with the standard ISO 3166-1 (ICAO, document 9303)
2 DOCUMENT_NUMBER Document number
3 DATE_OF_EXPIRY Document expiration date
4 DATE_OF_ISSUE Date of issue
5 DATE_OF_BIRTH Date of birth
6 PLACE_OF_BIRTH Place of birth
7 PERSONAL_NUMBER Personal number
8 SURNAME Surname
9 GIVEN_NAME Given name (names)
10 MOTHERS_NAME Mother`s name
11 NATIONALITY Nationality
12 SEX Sex
13 HEIGHT Height
14 WEIGHT Weight
15 EYES_COLOR Eyes color
16 HAIR_COLOR Hair color
17 ADDRESS Address
18 DONOR Donation stamp
19 SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER Social security number
20 DL_CLASS Driving license class
21 DL_ENDORSED Driving license permission code
22 DL_RESTRICTION_CODE Driving license restriction code
23 DL_UNDER_21_DATE Date when the owner of the document turns 21 years old
24 AUTHORITY Document issuing authority
26 NATIONALITY_CODE Nationality letter code according to standard ISO 3166-1 (ICAO doc 9303)
27 PASSPORT_NUMBER Passport number (used in visas)
28 INVITATION_NUMBER Invitation number (used in visas)
29 VISA_ID Visa ID
30 VISA_CLASS Visa class
31 VISA_SUBCLASS Visa subclass
35 MRZ_TYPE MRZ type
36 OPTIONAL_DATA Optional data
37 DOCUMENT_CLASS_NAME Full name of the document class
38 ISSUING_STATE_NAME Full name of issuing state
39 PLACE_OF_ISSUE Place of document issue
40 DOCUMENT_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Document number checksum
41 DATE_OF_BIRTH_CHECKSUM Date of birth checksum
42 DATE_OF_EXPIRY_CHECKSUM Date of document expiration checksum
43 PERSONAL_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Personal number checksum
44 FINAL_CHECKSUM Final checksum
45 PASSPORT_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Passport number checksum (used in visas)
46 INVITATION_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Invitation number checksum (used in visas)
47 VISA_ID_CHECKSUM Visa identification number checksum
49 VISA_VALID_UNTIL_CHECKSUM Visa expiration date checksum
50 OTHER Other information
51 MRZ_STRINGS MRZ strings
52 NAME_SUFFIX Name suffix
53 NAME_PREFIX Name prefix
54 DATE_OF_ISSUE_CHECKSUM Checksum for the date of issue of the document
55 DATE_OF_ISSUE_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for or the date of issue of the document
56 DOCUMENT_SERIES Document series
57 REG_CERT_REG_NUMBER Vehicle registration certificate number
58 REG_CERT_CAR_MODEL Vehicle model
59 REG_CERT_CAR_COLOR Vehicle color
60 REG_CERT_BODY_NUMBER Vehicle body number
61 REG_CERT_CAR_TYPE Vehicle type
63 REG_CERT_WEIGHT Vehicle unladen weight
64 ADDRESS_AREA Address (region)
65 ADDRESS_STATE Address (state)
66 ADDRESS_BUILDING Address (building number)
67 ADDRESS_HOUSE Address (house number)
68 ADDRESS_FLAT Address (flat number)
69 PLACE_OF_REGISTRATION Place of registration
70 DATE_OF_REGISTRATION Date of registration
71 RESIDENT_FROM Start date of residence
72 RESIDENT_UNTIL End date of residence
73 AUTHORITY_CODE Issuing authority code
74 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_AREA Place of birth address (region)
75 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_STATE_CODE Place of birth address (state code)
76 ADDRESS_STREET Address (street)
77 ADDRESS_CITY Address (city)
79 ADDRESS_POSTAL_CODE Address (postal code)
80 DOCUMENT_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for document number
81 DATE_OF_BIRTH_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for date of birth
82 DATE_OF_EXPIRY_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for date of expiry
83 PERSONAL_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for personal number
84 FINAL_CHECK_DIGIT Final check digit for all MRZ
85 PASSPORT_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for passport number (used in visas)
86 INVITATION_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for invitation number (used in visas)
87 VISA_ID_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for visa identification number
88 SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for full name
89 VISA_VALID_UNTIL_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for visa expiration date
90 PERMIT_DL_CLASS Permit type
91 PERMIT_DATE_OF_EXPIRY Permit expiration date
92 PERMIT_IDENTIFIER Permit identifier
93 PERMIT_DATE_OF_ISSUE Permit issue date
94 PERMIT_RESTRICTION_CODE Driving restriction code
95 PERMIT_ENDORSED Driving permit code
96 ISSUE_TIMESTAMP A string that is used to validate a document against a database
97 NUMBER_OF_DUPLICATES Number of duplicates
98 MEDICAL_INDICATOR_CODES Medical indicator codes
99 NON_RESIDENT_INDICATOR Non resident stamp
100 VISA_TYPE Visa type
101 VISA_VALID_FROM Visa valid-from date
102 VISA_VALID_UNTIL Visa valid-until date
103 DURATION_OF_STAY Duration of stay on visa
104 NUMBER_OF_ENTRIES Number of entries
105 DAY Day in date
106 MONTH Month in date
107 YEAR Year in date
108 UNIQUE_CUSTOMER_IDENTIFIER Unique customer identifier
109 COMMERCIAL_VEHICLE_CODES Commercial vehicle code
110 AKA_DATE_OF_BIRTH Also known as (date of birth)
111 AKA_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER Also known as (social security number)
112 AKA_SURNAME Also known as (last name)
113 AKA_GIVEN_NAMES Also known as (first name)
114 AKA_NAME_SUFFIX Also known as (name suffix)
115 AKA_NAME_PREFIX Also known as (name prefix)
116 MAILING_ADDRESS_STREET Postal address (street)
117 MAILING_ADDRESS_CITY Postal address (city)
118 MAILING_ADDRESS_JURISDICTION_CODE Postal address (tax code)
119 MAILING_ADDRESS_POSTAL_CODE Postal address (zip)
120 AUDIT_INFORMATION Driver license validation number
121 INVENTORY_NUMBER Inventory number
122 RACE_ETHNICITY Race ethnicity
123 JURISDICTION_VEHICLE_CLASS Vehicle legal class
125 JURISDICTION_RESTRICTION_CODE Legal restriction code
126 FAMILY_NAME Surname and (or) name at birth
127 GIVEN_NAMES_RUS Name (russian transcription)
128 VISA_ID_RUS Visa identification number (russian transcription)
129 FATHERS_NAME Father`s name
130 FATHERS_NAME_RUS Father`s name (russian transcription)
131 SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAME_RUS Full name (russian transcription)
132 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_RUS Place of birth (russian transcription)
133 AUTHORITY_RUS Issuing authority (russian transcription)
134 ISSUING_STATE_CODE_NUMERIC Digital code of the state of issue of the document in accordance with ISO 3166-1 (ICAO Doc 9303)
135 NATIONALITY_CODE_NUMERIC Digital code of nationality in accordance with ISO 3166-1 (ICAO Doc 9303)
136 ENGINE_POWER Vehicle engine power
137 ENGINE_VOLUME Vehicle engine volume
138 CHASSIS_NUMBER Vehicle chassis number
139 ENGINE_NUMBER Vehicle engine number
140 ENGINE_MODEL Vehicle engine model
141 VEHICLE_CATEGORY Vehicle category
142 IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER Identity card number
143 CONTROL_NUMBER Control number
144 PARENTS_GIVEN_NAMES Parent names
145 SECOND_SURNAME Second last name
146 MIDDLE_NAME Middle name
147 REG_CERT_VIN Vehicle identification number
148 REG_CERT_VIN_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit for vehicle identification number
149 REG_CERT_VIN_CHECKSUM Checksum for vehicle identification number
150 LINE_1_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit of the first line of the MRZ
151 LINE_2_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit of the second line of the MRZ
152 LINE_3_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit of the third line of the MRZ
153 LINE_1_CHECKSUM Checksum of the first line of the MRZ
154 LINE_2_CHECKSUM Checksum of the second line of the MRZ
155 LINE_3_CHECKSUM Checksum of the third line of the MRZ
156 REG_CERT_REG_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Check digit of the vehicle registration number
157 REG_CERT_REG_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Checksum of the vehicle registration number
158 REG_CERT_VEHICLE_ITS_CODE Vehicle code in accordance with ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
159 CARD_ACCESS_NUMBER Card number for access to the RFID chip
160 MARITAL_STATUS Marital status
161 COMPANY_NAME Company name
162 SPECIAL_NOTES Special notes
163 SURNAME_OF_SPOUSE Spouse`s last name
164 TRACKING_NUMBER Document status tracking number
165 BOOKLET_NUMBER Booklet number
166 CHILDREN Children
167 COPY_NUMBER Copy number
168 SERIAL_NUMBER Serial number
169 DOSSIER_NUMBER Dossier number
170 AKA_SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES Also known as (full name)
171 TERRITORIAL_VALIDITY Territorial validity
172 MRZ_STRINGS_WITH_CORRECT_CHECK_SUMS MRZ strings with correct checksums (calculated)
173 DL_CDL_RESTRICTION_CODE Restriction code for commercial driving license
174 DL_UNDER_18_DATE Date the document holder turns 18 years old
175 DL_RECORD_CREATED Record creation date
176 DL_DUPLICATE_DATE Duplicate creation date
177 DL_ISSUE_TYPE Driving license type
178 MILITARY_BOOK_NUMBER Military card number
179 DESTINATION Destination
180 BLOOD_GROUP Blood type
181 SEQUENCE_NUMBER Sequence number
182 REG_CERT_BODY_TYPE Vehicle body type
183 REG_CERT_CAR_MARK Make of vehicle
184 TRANSACTION_NUMBER Transaction number
185 AGE Age
186 FOLIO_NUMBER Registration number (document on the record-keeping system)
187 VOTER_KEY Voter personal number
188 ADDRESS_MUNICIPALITY Address (municipality)
189 ADDRESS_LOCATION Address (locality)
190 SECTION Domain/sector
191 OCR_NUMBER OCR number
192 FEDERAL_ELECTIONS Federal elections
193 REFERENCE_NUMBER Reference number
194 OPTIONAL_DATA_CHECKSUM Optional data checksum
195 OPTIONAL_DATA_CHECK_DIGIT Optional data check digit
196 VISA_NUMBER Visa number
197 VISA_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Visa number checksum
198 VISA_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Visa number check digit
199 VOTER Voter
200 PREVIOUS_TYPE Type/number of previous document
220 FIELD_FROM_MRZ Field from MRZ
221 CURRENT_DATE Current date
251 STATUS_DATE_OF_EXPIRY Status expiration date
252 BANK_NOTE_NUMBER bank note number
253 CSC_CODE Code of customer service center
254 ARTISTIC_NAME Pseudonym
255 ACADEMIC_TITLE Academic rank
256 ADDRESS_COUNTRY Address (country)
257 ADDRESS_ZIP_CODE Address (zip)
258 E_ID_RESIDENCE_PERMIT_1 Information on a permit for permanent residence 1 (field for eID)
259 E_ID_RESIDENCE_PERMIT_2 Information on a permit for permanent residence 2 (field for eID)
260 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_STREET Place of birth address: street (field for eID)
261 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_CITY Place of birth address: city (field for eID)
262 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_STATE Place of birth address: state (field for eID)
263 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_COUNTRY Place of birth address: country (field for eID)
264 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_ZIP_CODE Place of birth address: zip (field for eID)
265 CDL_CLASS Commercial driving license class
266 DL_UNDER_19_DATE Date when the holder of the document is 19 years old
267 WEIGHT_POUNDS Weight (pounds)
268 LIMITED_DURATION_DOCUMENT_INDICATOR Document expiration indicator
269 ENDORSEMENT_EXPIRATION_DATE Driving license permit
270 REVISION_DATE Revision date
271 COMPLIANCE_TYPE Compliance type
272 FAMILY_NAME_TRUNCATION Abbreviated last name
273 FIRST_NAME_TRUNCATION Abbreviated first name
274 MIDDLE_NAME_TRUNCATION Abbreviated middle name
275 EXAM_DATE Exam date
276 ORGANIZATION Organization
277 DEPARTMENT Department
278 PAY_GRADE Salary level
279 RANK Rank/status/title
280 BENEFITS_NUMBER Number confirming the right to receive benefits
281 SPONSOR_SERVICE Type of armed forces in which sponsor serves
282 SPONSOR_STATUS Sponsor status
283 SPONSOR Sponsor
284 RELATIONSHIP Degree of kindred
285 USCIS US Citizenship and Immigration Services Alien Registration Number
286 CATEGORY Category
287 CONDITIONS Remainder term
288 IDENTIFIER Conditions
289 CONFIGURATION Identifier
290 DISCRETIONARY_DATA Configuration
291 LINE_1_OPTIONAL_DATA Optional data
292 LINE_2_OPTIONAL_DATA Optional data from MRZ first line
293 LINE_3_OPTIONAL_DATA Optional data from MRZ second line
294 EQV_CODE Optional data from MRZ third line
295 ALT_CODE EQV-code
297 PSEUDO_CODE Binary code
298 FEE Pseudo code
301 SBH_INTEGRITY_OPTIONS Biometric data protection settings
302 DATE_OF_CREATION Biometric data integrity parameters
303 VALIDITY_PERIOD Biometric data creation date
304 PATRON_HEADER_VERSION Biometric data validity period
305 BDB_TYPE Biometric data header format version
306 BIOMETRIC_TYPE Biometric data record type
307 BIOMETRIC_SUBTYPE Biometric data type
308 BIOMETRIC_PRODUCT_ID Biometric data subtype
309 BIOMETRIC_FORMAT_OWNER Biometric data id
310 BIOMETRIC_FORMAT_TYPE Biometric data format
311 PHONE Phone number
312 PROFESSION Profession
313 TITLE Job position
314 PERSONAL_SUMMARY Common personal data
315 OTHER_VALID_ID Other valid identifier
316 CUSTODY_INFO Custody info
317 OTHER_NAME Other name
318 OBSERVATIONS Additional data
319 TAX Tax information
320 DATE_OF_PERSONALIZATION Document personalization date
321 PERSONALIZATION_SN Personalization serial number
322 DATE_OF_RECORD Record creation date
323 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_DATE_OF_RECORD Date of creation of a record of persons for notification in case of unforeseen situations
324 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_NAME Person name for contingency notification
325 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_PHONE Person phone for contingency notification
326 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_ADDRESS Person address for contingency notification
327 DS_CERTIFICATE_ISSUER Text details of the organization issuing the DS certificate
328 DS_CERTIFICATE_SUBJECT Text details of the organization issuing the document
329 DS_CERTIFICATE_VALID_FROM DS-certificate start date
330 DS_CERTIFICATE_VALID_TO DS-certificate expiration date
331 VRC_DATA_OBJECT_ENTRY Vehicle category/restriction/conditions from data group DG1 of the eDL application
332 TYPE_APPROVAL_NUMBER Type confirmation number
333 ADMINISTRATIVE_NUMBER Administrative number
334 DOCUMENT_DISCRIMINATOR Document discriminator
335 DATA_DISCRIMINATOR Data discriminator
336 ISO_ISSUER_ID_NUMBER ISO issuer identifier
340 GNIB_NUMBER The Garda National Immigration Bureau registration number
341 DEPT_NUMBER Department number
342 TELEX_CODE Telegraph code
343 ALLERGIES Allergies
344 SP_CODE Sp-code
345 COURT_CODE Court restriction code
346 CTY County code
347 SPONSOR_SSN Sponsor social security number
348 DOD_NUMBER Military identification number
349 MC_NOVICE_DATE Novice driver until ... (date)
350 DUF_NUMBER Registration number in the computer system of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (the UDI)
351 AGY Philippines Traffic Police Unit Code
352 PNR_CODE PNR-code (book number)
353 FROM_AIRPORT_CODE Departure airport code
354 TO_AIRPORT_CODE Arrival airport code
355 FLIGHT_NUMBER Flight number
356 DATE_OF_FLIGHT Departure date
357 SEAT_NUMBER Seat number
358 DATE_OF_ISSUE_BOARDING_PASS Boarding pass issue date
359 CCW_UNTIL Hidden weapons license, valid until... (date)
360 REFERENCE_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Reference number checksum
361 REFERENCE_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Reference number check digit
362 ROOM_NUMBER Room number
363 RELIGION Religion
364 REMAINDER_TERM Number of months before the due date expiration of a document
365 ELECTRONIC_TICKET_INDICATOR Electronic ticket indicator
366 COMPARTMENT_CODE Free baggage allowance
367 CHECK_IN_SEQUENCE_NUMBER Frequent flyer number
368 AIRLINE_DESIGNATOR_OF_BOARDING_PASS_ISSUER Airline frequent flyer indicator
369 AIRLINE_NUMERIC_CODE Ticket number
370 TICKET_NUMBER Airline numeric code
371 FREQUENT_FLYER_AIRLINE_DESIGNATOR Boarding pass issuer code
372 FREQUENT_FLYER_NUMBER Check-in sequence number
373 FREE_BAGGAGE_ALLOWANCE Compartment code
374 PDF_417_CODEC PDF417 codec
375 IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER_CHECKSUM identity card checksum
376 IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT identity card check digit
377 VETERAN Veteran
378 DL_CLASS_CODE_A1_FROM Validity date of A1 driver’s license
379 DL_CLASS_CODE_A1_TO Expiration date of A1 driver’s license
380 DL_CLASS_CODE_A1_NOTES Restrictions for A1 driver’s license
381 DL_CLASS_CODE_A_FROM Validity date of A driver’s license
382 DL_CLASS_CODE_A_TO Expiration date of A driver’s license
383 DL_CLASS_CODE_A_NOTES Restrictions for A driver’s license
384 DL_CLASS_CODE_B_FROM Validity date of B driver’s license
385 DL_CLASS_CODE_B_TO Expiration date of B driver’s license
386 DL_CLASS_CODE_B_NOTES Restrictions for B driver’s license
387 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1_FROM Validity date of C1 driver’s license
388 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1_TO Expiration date of C1 driver’s license
389 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1_NOTES Restrictions for C1 driver’s license
390 DL_CLASS_CODE_C_FROM Validity date of C driver’s license
391 DL_CLASS_CODE_C_TO Expiration date of C driver’s license
392 DL_CLASS_CODE_C_NOTES Restrictions for C driver’s license
393 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1_FROM Validity date of D1 driver’s license
394 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1_TO Expiration date of D1 driver’s license
395 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1_NOTES Restrictions for D1 driver’s license
396 DL_CLASS_CODE_D_FROM Validity date of D driver’s license
397 DL_CLASS_CODE_D_TO Expiration date of D driver’s license
398 DL_CLASS_CODE_D_NOTES Restrictions for D driver’s license
399 DL_CLASS_CODE_BE_FROM Validity date of BE driver’s license
400 DL_CLASS_CODE_BE_TO Expiration date of BE driver’s license
401 DL_CLASS_CODE_BE_NOTES Restrictions for BE driver’s license
402 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1E_FROM Validity date of C1E driver’s license
403 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1E_TO Expiration date of C1E driver’s license
404 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1E_NOTES Restrictions for C1E driver’s license
405 DL_CLASS_CODE_CE_FROM Validity date of CE driver’s license
406 DL_CLASS_CODE_CE_TO Expiration date of CE driver’s license
407 DL_CLASS_CODE_CE_NOTES Restrictions for CE driver’s license
408 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1E_FROM Validity date of D1E driver’s license
409 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1E_TO Expiration date of D1E driver’s license
410 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1E_NOTES Restrictions for D1E driver’s license
411 DL_CLASS_CODE_DE_FROM Validity date of DE driver’s license
412 DL_CLASS_CODE_DE_TO Expiration date of DE driver’s license
413 DL_CLASS_CODE_DE_NOTES Restrictions for DE driver’s license
414 DL_CLASS_CODE_M_FROM Validity date of M driver’s license
415 DL_CLASS_CODE_M_TO Expiration date of M driver’s license
416 DL_CLASS_CODE_M_NOTES Restrictions for M driver’s license
417 DL_CLASS_CODE_L_FROM Validity date of L driver’s license
418 DL_CLASS_CODE_L_TO Expiration date of L driver’s license
419 DL_CLASS_CODE_L_NOTES Restrictions for L driver’s license
420 DL_CLASS_CODE_T_FROM Validity date of T driver’s license
421 DL_CLASS_CODE_T_TO Expiration date of T driver’s license
422 DL_CLASS_CODE_T_NOTES Restrictions for T driver’s license
423 DL_CLASS_CODE_AM_FROM Validity date of AM driver’s license
424 DL_CLASS_CODE_AM_TO Expiration date of AM driver’s license
425 DL_CLASS_CODE_AM_NOTES Restrictions for AM driver’s license
426 DL_CLASS_CODE_A2_FROM Validity date of A2 driver’s license
427 DL_CLASS_CODE_A2_TO Expiration date of A2 driver’s license
428 DL_CLASS_CODE_A2_NOTES Restrictions for A2 driver’s license
429 DL_CLASS_CODE_B1_FROM Validity date of B1 driver’s license
430 DL_CLASS_CODE_B1_TO Expiration date of B1 driver’s license
431 DL_CLASS_CODE_B1_NOTES Restrictions for B1 driver’s license
432 SURNAME_AT_BIRTH Last name at birth
433 CIVIL_STATUS Civil status
434 NUMBER_OF_SEATS Number of seats
435 NUMBER_OF_STANDING_PLACES Number of standing places
436 MAX_SPEED Max speed
437 FUEL_TYPE Fuel type
438 EC_ENVIRONMENTAL_TYPE Vehicle emission class
439 POWER_WEIGHT_RATIO Engine power-to-weight ratio
440 MAX_MASS_OF_TRAILER_BRAKED Trailer with brakes maximum weight
441 MAX_MASS_OF_TRAILER_UNBRAKED Trailer without brakes maximum weight
442 TRANSMISSION_TYPE Transmission type
443 TRAILER_HITCH Trailer equipment
444 ACCOMPANIED_BY Accompanying person
445 POLICE_DISTRICT Police district
446 FIRST_ISSUE_DATE Date of document first issue
447 PAYLOAD_CAPACITY Maximum payload
448 NUMBER_OF_AXLES Number of axles
449 PERMISSIBLE_AXLE_LOAD Axle weight limit
450 PRECINCT Precinct
451 INVITED_BY Inviter
452 PURPOSE_OF_ENTRY Purpose of arrival
453 SKIN_COLOR Skin color
454 COMPLEXION Complexion
455 AIRPORT_FROM Departure airport
456 AIRPORT_TO Arrival airport
457 AIRLINE_NAME Airline name
458 AIRLINE_NAME_FREQUENT_FLYER Airline bonus program for frequent flyers
459 LICENSE_NUMBER License number
460 IN_TANKS In tanks
461 EXCEPT_IN_TANKS Other than tanks
462 FAST_TRACK Passenger with fast track priority (express formal procedures at the airport)
463 OWNER Owner
465 NUMBER_OF_CARD_ISSUANCE Number of card issues with this number
466 NUMBER_OF_CARD_ISSUANCE_CHECKSUM Card issues count checksum
467 NUMBER_OF_CARD_ISSUANCE_CHECK_DIGIT Card issues count check digit
468 CENTURY_DATE_OF_BIRTH Birth century
469 DL_CLASS_CODE_A3_FROM Validity date of A3 driver’s license
470 DL_CLASS_CODE_A3_TO Expiration date of A3 driver’s license
471 DL_CLASS_CODE_A3_NOTES Restrictions for A3 driver’s license
472 DL_CLASS_CODE_C2_FROM Validity date of C2 driver’s license
473 DL_CLASS_CODE_C2_TO Expiration date of C2 driver’s license
474 DL_CLASS_CODE_C2_NOTES Restrictions for C2 driver’s license
475 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2_FROM Validity date of B2 driver’s license
476 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2_TO Expiration date of B2 driver’s license
477 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2_NOTES Restrictions for B2 driver’s license
478 DL_CLASS_CODE_D2_FROM Validity date of D2 driver’s license
479 DL_CLASS_CODE_D2_TO Expiration date of D2 driver’s license
480 DL_CLASS_CODE_D2_NOTES Restrictions for D2 driver’s license
481 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2E_FROM Validity date of B2E driver’s license
482 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2E_TO Expiration date of B2E driver’s license
483 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2E_NOTES Restrictions for B2E driver’s license
484 DL_CLASS_CODE_G_FROM Validity date of G driver’s license
485 DL_CLASS_CODE_G_TO Expiration date of G driver’s license
486 DL_CLASS_CODE_G_NOTES Restrictions for G driver’s license
487 DL_CLASS_CODE_J_FROM Validity date of J driver’s license
488 DL_CLASS_CODE_J_TO Expiration date of J driver’s license
489 DL_CLASS_CODE_J_NOTES Restrictions for J driver’s license
490 DL_CLASS_CODE_LC_FROM Validity date of LC driver’s license
491 DL_CLASS_CODE_LC_TO Expiration date of LC driver’s license
492 DL_CLASS_CODE_LC_NOTES Restrictions for LC driver’s license
493 BANK_CARD_NUMBER Bank card number
494 BANK_CARD_VALID_THRU Bank card validity
495 TAX_NUMBER Tax number
496 HEALTH_NUMBER Health insurance number
497 GRANDFATHER_NAME Grandfather`s name
498 SELECTEE_INDICATOR Recruit indicator
499 MOTHER_SURNAME Mother`s last name
500 MOTHER_GIVEN_NAME Mother`s first name
501 FATHER_SURNAME Father`s last name
502 FATHER_GIVEN_NAME Father`s first name
503 MOTHER_DATE_OF_BIRTH Mother`s date of birth
504 FATHER_DATE_OF_BIRTH Father`s date of birth
505 MOTHER_PERSONAL_NUMBER Mother`s personal number
506 FATHER_PERSONAL_NUMBER Father`s personal number
507 MOTHER_PLACE_OF_BIRTH Mother`s place of birth
508 FATHER_PLACE_OF_BIRTH Father`s place of birth
509 MOTHER_COUNTRY_OF_BIRTH Mother`s country of birth
510 FATHER_COUNTRY_OF_BIRTH Father`s country of birth
511 DATE_FIRST_RENEWAL Date of document first renewal
512 DATE_SECOND_RENEWAL Date of document second renewal
513 PLACE_OF_EXAMINATION Place of examination
514 APPLICATION_NUMBER Application number
515 VOUCHER_NUMBER Voucher number
516 AUTHORIZATION_NUMBER Authorization number
517 FACULTY Faculty
518 FORM_OF_EDUCATION Form of education
519 DNI_NUMBER DNI number
520 RETIREMENT_NUMBER Retirement number
521 PROFESSIONAL_ID_NUMBER Professional id number
522 AGE_AT_ISSUE Age at issue
523 YEARS_SINCE_ISSUE Years since issue
524 DL_CLASS_CODE_BTP_FROM Validity date of BTP driver’s license
525 DL_CLASS_CODE_BTP_NOTES Restrictions for BTP driver’s license
526 DL_CLASS_CODE_BTP_TO Expiration date of BTP driver’s license
527 DL_CLASS_CODE_C3_FROM Validity date of C3 driver’s license
528 DL_CLASS_CODE_C3_NOTES Restrictions for C3 driver’s license
529 DL_CLASS_CODE_C3_TO Expiration date of C3 driver’s license
530 DL_CLASS_CODE_E_FROM Validity date of E driver’s license
531 DL_CLASS_CODE_E_NOTES Restrictions for E driver’s license
532 DL_CLASS_CODE_E_TO Expiration date of E driver’s license
533 DL_CLASS_CODE_F_FROM Validity date of F driver’s license
534 DL_CLASS_CODE_F_NOTES Restrictions for F driver’s license
535 DL_CLASS_CODE_F_TO Expiration date of F driver’s license
536 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA_FROM Validity date of FA driver’s license
537 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA_NOTES Restrictions for FA driver’s license
538 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA_TO Expiration date of FA driver’s license
539 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA1_FROM Validity date of FA1 driver’s license
540 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA1_NOTES Restrictions for FA1 driver’s license
541 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA1_TO Expiration date of FA1 driver’s license
542 DL_CLASS_CODE_FB_FROM Validity date of FB driver’s license
543 DL_CLASS_CODE_FB_NOTES Restrictions for FB driver’s license
544 DL_CLASS_CODE_FB_TO Expiration date of FB driver’s license
545 DL_CLASS_CODE_G1_FROM Validity date of G1 driver’s license
546 DL_CLASS_CODE_G1_NOTES Restrictions for G1 driver’s license
547 DL_CLASS_CODE_G1_TO Expiration date of G1 driver’s license
548 DL_CLASS_CODE_H_FROM Validity date of H driver’s license
549 DL_CLASS_CODE_H_NOTES Restrictions for H driver’s license
550 DL_CLASS_CODE_H_TO Expiration date of H driver’s license
551 DL_CLASS_CODE_I_FROM Validity date of I driver’s license
552 DL_CLASS_CODE_I_NOTES Restrictions for I driver’s license
553 DL_CLASS_CODE_I_TO Expiration date of I driver’s license
554 DL_CLASS_CODE_K_FROM Validity date of K driver’s license
555 DL_CLASS_CODE_K_NOTES Restrictions for K driver’s license
556 DL_CLASS_CODE_K_TO Expiration date of K driver’s license
557 DL_CLASS_CODE_LK_FROM Validity date of LK driver’s license
558 DL_CLASS_CODE_LK_NOTES Restrictions for LK driver’s license
559 DL_CLASS_CODE_LK_TO Expiration date of LK driver’s license
560 DL_CLASS_CODE_N_FROM Validity date of N driver’s license
561 DL_CLASS_CODE_N_NOTES Restrictions for N driver’s license
562 DL_CLASS_CODE_N_TO Expiration date of N driver’s license
563 DL_CLASS_CODE_S_FROM Validity date of S driver’s license
564 DL_CLASS_CODE_S_NOTES Restrictions for S driver’s license
565 DL_CLASS_CODE_S_TO Expiration date of S driver’s license
566 DL_CLASS_CODE_TB_FROM Validity date of TB driver’s license
567 DL_CLASS_CODE_TB_NOTES Restrictions for TB driver’s license
568 DL_CLASS_CODE_TB_TO Expiration date of TB driver’s license
569 DL_CLASS_CODE_TM_FROM Validity date of TM driver’s license
570 DL_CLASS_CODE_TM_NOTES Restrictions for TM driver’s license
571 DL_CLASS_CODE_TM_TO Expiration date of TM driver’s license
572 DL_CLASS_CODE_TR_FROM Validity date of TR driver’s license
573 DL_CLASS_CODE_TR_NOTES Restrictions for TR driver’s license
574 DL_CLASS_CODE_TR_TO Expiration date of TR driver’s license
575 DL_CLASS_CODE_TV_FROM Validity date of TV driver’s license
576 DL_CLASS_CODE_TV_NOTES Restrictions for TV driver’s license
577 DL_CLASS_CODE_TV_TO Expiration date of TV driver’s license
578 DL_CLASS_CODE_V_FROM Validity date of V driver’s license
579 DL_CLASS_CODE_V_NOTES Restrictions for V driver’s license
580 DL_CLASS_CODE_V_TO Expiration date of V driver’s license
581 DL_CLASS_CODE_W_FROM Validity date of W driver’s license
582 DL_CLASS_CODE_W_NOTES Restrictions for W driver’s license
583 DL_CLASS_CODE_W_TO Expiration date of W driver’s license
585 CALIBER Caliber
586 MODEL Model
587 MAKE Make
588 NUMBER_OF_CYLINDERS Number of cylinders
589 SURNAME_OF_HUSBAND_AFTER_REGISTRATION Surname of husband after registration
590 SURNAME_OF_WIFE_AFTER_REGISTRATION Surname of wife after registration
591 DATE_OF_BIRTH_OF_WIFE Date of birth of wife
592 DATE_OF_BIRTH_OF_HUSBAND Date of birth of husband
593 CITIZENSHIP_OF_FIRST_PERSON Citizenship of first person
594 CITIZENSHIP_OF_SECOND_PERSON Citizenship of second person
595 CVV CVV code
596 DATE_OF_INSURANCE_EXPIRY Date of insurance expiry
597 MORTGAGE_BY Mortgage
598 OLD_DOCUMENT_NUMBER Old document number
599 OLD_DATE_OF_ISSUE Old date of issue
600 OLD_PLACE_OF_ISSUE Old place of issue
601 DL_CLASS_CODE_LR_FROM Validity date of LR driver’s license
602 DL_CLASS_CODE_LR_TO Expiration date of LR driver’s license
603 DL_CLASS_CODE_LR_NOTES Restrictions for LR driver’s license
604 DL_CLASS_CODE_MR_FROM Validity date of MR driver’s license
605 DL_CLASS_CODE_MR_TO Expiration date of MR driver’s license
606 DL_CLASS_CODE_MR_NOTES Restrictions for MR driver’s license
607 DL_CLASS_CODE_HR_FROM Validity date of HR driver’s license
608 DL_CLASS_CODE_HR_TO Expiration date of HR driver’s license
609 DL_CLASS_CODE_HR_NOTES Restrictions for HR driver’s license
610 DL_CLASS_CODE_HC_FROM Validity date of HC driver’s license
611 DL_CLASS_CODE_HC_TO Expiration date of HC driver’s license
612 DL_CLASS_CODE_HC_NOTES Restrictions for HC driver’s license
613 DL_CLASS_CODE_MC_FROM Validity date of MC driver’s license
614 DL_CLASS_CODE_MC_TO Expiration date of MC driver’s license
615 DL_CLASS_CODE_MC_NOTES Restrictions for MC driver’s license
616 DL_CLASS_CODE_RE_FROM Validity date of RE driver’s license
617 DL_CLASS_CODE_RE_TO Expiration date of RE driver’s license
618 DL_CLASS_CODE_RE_NOTES Restrictions for RE driver’s license
619 DL_CLASS_CODE_R_FROM Validity date of R driver’s license
620 DL_CLASS_CODE_R_TO Expiration date of R driver’s license
621 DL_CLASS_CODE_R_NOTES Restrictions for R driver’s license
622 DL_CLASS_CODE_CA_FROM Validity date of CA driver’s license
623 DL_CLASS_CODE_CA_TO Expiration date of CA driver’s license
624 DL_CLASS_CODE_CA_NOTES Restrictions for CA driver’s license
625 CITIZENSHIP_STATUS Citizenship Status
626 MILITARY_SERVICE_FROM Military Service From
627 MILITARY_SERVICE_TO Military Service To
628 DL_CLASS_CODE_NT_FROM Validity date of NT driver’s license
629 DL_CLASS_CODE_NT_TO Expiration date of NT driver’s license
630 DL_CLASS_CODE_NT_NOTES Restrictions for NT driver’s license
631 DL_CLASS_CODE_TN_FROM Validity date of TN driver’s license
632 DL_CLASS_CODE_TN_TO Expiration date of TN driver’s license
633 DL_CLASS_CODE_TN_NOTES Restrictions for TN driver’s license
634 DL_CLASS_CODE_D3_FROM Validity date of D3 driver’s license
635 DL_CLASS_CODE_D3_TO Expiration date of D3 driver’s license
636 DL_CLASS_CODE_D3_NOTES Restrictions for D3 driver’s license
637 ALT_DATE_OF_EXPIRE Alt Date of expire
638 DL_CLASS_CODE_CD_FROM Validity date of CD driver’s license
639 DL_CLASS_CODE_CD_TO Expiration date of CD driver’s license
640 DL_CLASS_CODE_CD_NOTES Restrictions for CD driver’s license
641 ISSUER_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER Issuer identification number
647 FT_SECOND_NAME Second name
648 FT_THIRD_NAME Third name
649 FT_FOURTH_NAME Fourth name
650 FT_LAST_NAME Last name