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Enum contains identifiers that determine the logical type of text data obtained while reading MRZ, document filling fields, and barcodes.

Value Name Description
0 DOCUMENT_CLASS_CODE Document class code
1 ISSUING_STATE_CODE Issuing state code
2 DOCUMENT_NUMBER Document number
3 DATE_OF_EXPIRY Date of expiry
4 DATE_OF_ISSUE Date of issue
5 DATE_OF_BIRTH Date of birth
6 PLACE_OF_BIRTH Place of birth
7 PERSONAL_NUMBER Personal number
8 SURNAME Surname
9 GIVEN_NAMES Given name(s)
10 MOTHERS_NAME Mother's name
11 NATIONALITY Nationality
12 SEX Sex
13 HEIGHT Height
14 WEIGHT Weight
15 EYES_COLOR Eyes color
16 HAIR_COLOR Hair color
17 ADDRESS Address
18 DONOR Donor
19 SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER Social security number
20 DL_CLASS DL class
21 DL_ENDORSED DL endorsement code
22 DL_RESTRICTION_CODE DL restriction code
23 DL_UNDER_21_DATE Date of 21st birthday
24 AUTHORITY Issuing authority
25 SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES Surname and given names
26 NATIONALITY_CODE Nationality code
27 PASSPORT_NUMBER Passport number
28 INVITATION_NUMBER Invitation number
29 VISA_ID Visa ID
30 VISA_CLASS Visa class
31 VISA_SUBCLASS Visa subclass
35 MRZ_TYPE MRZ type
36 OPTIONAL_DATA Optional data
37 DOCUMENT_CLASS_NAME Document class name
38 ISSUING_STATE_NAME Issuing state name
39 PLACE_OF_ISSUE Place of issue
40 DOCUMENT_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Document number checksum
41 DATE_OF_BIRTH_CHECKSUM Date of birth checksum
42 DATE_OF_EXPIRY_CHECKSUM Date of expiry checksum
43 PERSONAL_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Personal number checksum
44 FINAL_CHECKSUM Final checksum
45 PASSPORT_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Passport number checksum
46 INVITATION_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Invitation number checksum
47 VISA_ID_CHECKSUM Visa ID checksum
48 SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES_CHECKSUM Surname and given names checksum
49 VISA_VALID_UNTIL_CHECKSUM Visa valid until checksum
50 OTHER Other
51 MRZ_STRINGS MRZ strings
52 NAME_SUFFIX Name suffix
53 NAME_PREFIX Name prefix
54 DATE_OF_ISSUE_CHECKSUM Date of issue checksum
55 DATE_OF_ISSUE_CHECK_DIGIT Date of issue check digit
56 DOCUMENT_SERIES Document series
57 REG_CERT_REG_NUMBER Registration number
58 REG_CERT_CAR_MODEL Vehicle model
59 REG_CERT_CAR_COLOR Vehicle color
60 REG_CERT_BODY_NUMBER Vehicle body number
61 REG_CERT_CAR_TYPE Vehicle type
62 REG_CERT_MAX_WEIGHT Max permissible weight
63 REG_CERT_WEIGHT Unladen mass
64 ADDRESS_AREA Address: area
65 ADDRESS_STATE Address: state
66 ADDRESS_BUILDING Address: building
67 ADDRESS_HOUSE Address: house
68 ADDRESS_FLAT Address: flat
69 PLACE_OF_REGISTRATION Place of registration
70 DATE_OF_REGISTRATION Date of registration
71 RESIDENT_FROM Resident from
72 RESIDENT_UNTIL Resident until
73 AUTHORITY_CODE Issuing authority code
74 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_AREA Place of birth: area
75 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_STATE_CODE Place of birth: state code
76 ADDRESS_STREET Address: street
77 ADDRESS_CITY Address: city
78 ADDRESS_JURISDICTION_CODE Address: jurisdiction code
79 ADDRESS_POSTAL_CODE Address: postal code
80 DOCUMENT_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Document number check digit
81 DATE_OF_BIRTH_CHECK_DIGIT Date of birth check digit
82 DATE_OF_EXPIRY_CHECK_DIGIT Date of expiry check digit
83 PERSONAL_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Personal number check digit
84 FINAL_CHECK_DIGIT Final check digit
85 PASSPORT_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Passport number check digit
86 INVITATION_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Invitation number check digit
87 VISA_ID_CHECK_DIGIT Visa ID check digit
88 SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES_CHECK_DIGIT Surname and given names check digit
89 VISA_VALID_UNTIL_CHECK_DIGIT Visa valid until check digit
90 PERMIT_DL_CLASS Permit class
91 PERMIT_DATE_OF_EXPIRY Permit expiry date
92 PERMIT_IDENTIFIER Permit identifier
93 PERMIT_DATE_OF_ISSUE Permit issue date
94 PERMIT_RESTRICTION_CODE Permit restriction code
95 PERMIT_ENDORSED Permit endorsement code
96 ISSUE_TIMESTAMP Issue timestamp
97 NUMBER_OF_DUPLICATES Number of duplicates
98 MEDICAL_INDICATOR_CODES Medical indicator codes
99 NON_RESIDENT_INDICATOR Non-resident indicator
100 VISA_TYPE Visa type
101 VISA_VALID_FROM Visa valid from
102 VISA_VALID_UNTIL Visa valid until
103 DURATION_OF_STAY Duration of stay
104 NUMBER_OF_ENTRIES Number of entries
105 DAY Day
106 MONTH Month
107 YEAR Year
108 UNIQUE_CUSTOMER_IDENTIFIER Unique customer identifier
109 COMMERCIAL_VEHICLE_CODES Commercial vehicle code
110 AKA_DATE_OF_BIRTH AKA: date of birth
111 AKA_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER AKA: social insurance number
112 AKA_SURNAME AKA: surname
113 AKA_GIVEN_NAMES AKA: given name(s)
114 AKA_NAME_SUFFIX AKA: name suffix
115 AKA_NAME_PREFIX AKA: name prefix
116 MAILING_ADDRESS_STREET Mailing address: street
117 MAILING_ADDRESS_CITY Mailing address: city
118 MAILING_ADDRESS_JURISDICTION_CODE Mailing address: jurisdiction code
119 MAILING_ADDRESS_POSTAL_CODE Mailing address: postal code
120 AUDIT_INFORMATION Number for validation
121 INVENTORY_NUMBER Inventory number
122 RACE_ETHNICITY Race ethnicity
123 JURISDICTION_VEHICLE_CLASS Jurisdiction vehicle class
124 JURISDICTION_ENDORSEMENT_CODE Jurisdiction endorsement code
125 JURISDICTION_RESTRICTION_CODE Jurisdiction restriction code
126 FAMILY_NAME Family name
127 GIVEN_NAMES_RUS Given name(s) (national)
128 VISA_ID_RUS Visa ID (national)
129 FATHERS_NAME Father's name
130 FATHERS_NAME_RUS Father's name (national)
131 SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES_RUS Surname and given names (national)
132 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_RUS Place of birth (national)
133 AUTHORITY_RUS Issuing authority (national)
134 ISSUING_STATE_CODE_NUMERIC Issuing state code (numeric)
135 NATIONALITY_CODE_NUMERIC Nationality code (numeric)
136 ENGINE_POWER Engine power
137 ENGINE_VOLUME Engine volume
138 CHASSIS_NUMBER Chassis number
139 ENGINE_NUMBER Engine number
140 ENGINE_MODEL Engine model
141 VEHICLE_CATEGORY Vehicle category
142 IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER Identity card number
143 CONTROL_NUMBER Control number
144 PARENTS_GIVEN_NAMES Parents' given names
145 SECOND_SURNAME Second surname
146 MIDDLE_NAME Middle name
147 REG_CERT_VIN Vehicle identification number
150 LINE_1_CHECK_DIGIT Line 1 check digit
151 LINE_2_CHECK_DIGIT Line 2 check digit
152 LINE_3_CHECK_DIGIT Line 3 check digit
153 LINE_1_CHECKSUM Line 1 checksum
154 LINE_2_CHECKSUM Line 2 checksum
155 LINE_3_CHECKSUM Line 3 checksum
156 REG_CERT_REG_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Registration number check digit
157 REG_CERT_REG_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Registration number checksum
159 CARD_ACCESS_NUMBER Card access number
160 MARITAL_STATUS Marital status
161 COMPANY_NAME Company name
162 SPECIAL_NOTES Special notes
163 SURNAME_OF_SPOUSE Spouse's surname
164 TRACKING_NUMBER Tracking number
165 BOOKLET_NUMBER Booklet number
166 CHILDREN Children
167 COPY Copy
168 SERIAL_NUMBER Serial number
169 DOSSIER_NUMBER Dossier number
170 AKA_SURNAME_AND_GIVEN_NAMES AKA: surname and given names
171 TERRITORIAL_VALIDITY Territorial validity
172 MRZ_STRINGS_WITH_CORRECT_CHECK_SUMS MRZ strings with correct checksums
173 DL_CDL_RESTRICTION_CODE CDL restriction code
174 DL_UNDER_18_DATE Date of 18th birthday
175 DL_RECORD_CREATED DL record created
176 DL_DUPLICATE_DATE DL date of duplicate issue
177 DL_ISSUE_TYPE Card type
178 MILITARY_BOOK_NUMBER Military ID number
179 DESTINATION Destination
180 BLOOD_GROUP Blood group
181 SEQUENCE_NUMBER Sequence number
182 REG_CERT_BODY_TYPE Body type
183 REG_CERT_CAR_MARK Vehicle make
184 TRANSACTION_NUMBER Transaction number
185 AGE Age
186 FOLIO_NUMBER Folio number
187 VOTER_KEY Voter key
188 ADDRESS_MUNICIPALITY Address: municipality
189 ADDRESS_LOCATION Address: location
190 SECTION Section
191 OCR_NUMBER OCR number
192 FEDERAL_ELECTIONS Federal elections
193 REFERENCE_NUMBER Reference number
194 OPTIONAL_DATA_CHECKSUM Optional data checksum
195 OPTIONAL_DATA_CHECK_DIGIT Optional data check digit
196 VISA_NUMBER Visa number
197 VISA_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Visa number checksum
198 VISA_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Visa number check digit
199 VOTER Voter
200 PREVIOUS_TYPE Type of the previous document
220 FIELD_FROM_MRZ Field from MRZ
221 CURRENT_DATE Current date
251 STATUS_DATE_OF_EXPIRY Status date of expiry
252 BANKNOTE_NUMBER Banknote number
253 CSC_CODE CSC code
254 ARTISTIC_NAME Pseudonym
255 ACADEMIC_TITLE Academic title
256 ADDRESS_COUNTRY Address country
257 ADDRESS_ZIP_CODE Address ZIP code
258 E_ID_RESIDENCE_PERMIT_1 eID residence permit 1
259 E_ID_RESIDENCE_PERMIT_2 eID residence permit 2
260 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_STREET eID place of birth: street
261 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_CITY eID place of birth: city
262 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_STATE eID place of birth: state
263 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_COUNTRY eID place of birth: country
264 E_ID_PLACE_OF_BIRTH_ZIP_CODE eID place of birth: postal code
265 CDL_CLASS CDL class
266 DL_UNDER_19_DATE Date of 19th birthday
267 WEIGHT_POUNDS Weight (pound)
268 LIMITED_DURATION_DOCUMENT_INDICATOR Indicator of document limited duration
269 ENDORSEMENT_EXPIRATION_DATE Endorsement expiration date
270 REVISION_DATE Revision date
271 COMPLIANCE_TYPE Compliance type
272 FAMILY_NAME_TRUNCATION Family name truncation
273 FIRST_NAME_TRUNCATION First name truncation
274 MIDDLE_NAME_TRUNCATION Middle name truncation
275 EXAM_DATE Exam date
276 ORGANIZATION Organization
277 DEPARTMENT Department
278 PAY_GRADE Pay grade
279 RANK Rank
280 BENEFITS_NUMBER Benefits number
281 SPONSOR_SERVICE Sponsor service
282 SPONSOR_STATUS Sponsor status
283 SPONSOR Sponsor
284 RELATIONSHIP Relationship
286 CATEGORY Category
287 CONDITIONS Conditions
288 IDENTIFIER Identifier
289 CONFIGURATION Configuration
290 DISCRETIONARY_DATA Discretionary data
291 LINE_1_OPTIONAL_DATA Line 1 optional data
292 LINE_2_OPTIONAL_DATA Line 2 optional data
293 LINE_3_OPTIONAL_DATA Line 3 optional data
294 EQV_CODE EQV code
295 ALT_CODE ALT code
296 BINARY_CODE Binary code
297 PSEUDO_CODE Pseudo code
298 FEE Fee
299 STAMP_NUMBER Stamp number
300 SBH_SECURITY_OPTIONS SBH security options
301 SBH_INTEGRITY_OPTIONS SBH integrity options
302 DATE_OF_CREATION Date of creation
303 VALIDITY_PERIOD Validity period
304 PATRON_HEADER_VERSION Patron header version
305 BDB_TYPE BDB type
306 BIOMETRIC_TYPE Biometric type
307 BIOMETRIC_SUBTYPE Biometric subtype
308 BIOMETRIC_PRODUCT_ID Biometric product ID
309 BIOMETRIC_FORMAT_OWNER Biometric format owner
310 BIOMETRIC_FORMAT_TYPE Biometric format type
311 PHONE Phone
312 PROFESSION Profession
313 TITLE Position
314 PERSONAL_SUMMARY Personal data summary
315 OTHER_VALID_ID Other valid ID
316 CUSTODY_INFO Custody info
317 OTHER_NAME Other name
318 OBSERVATIONS Observations
319 TAX Tax
320 DATE_OF_PERSONALIZATION Personalization date
321 PERSONALIZATION_SN Personalization SN
322 OTHER_PERSON_NAME Other person name
323 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_DATE_OF_RECORD Notify person: date of record
324 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_NAME Notify person: name
325 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_PHONE Notify person: phone
326 PERSON_TO_NOTIFY_ADDRESS Notify person: address
327 DS_CERTIFICATE_ISSUER DS certificate issuer
328 DS_CERTIFICATE_SUBJECT DS certificate subject
329 DS_CERTIFICATE_VALID_FROM DS certificate valid from
330 DS_CERTIFICATE_VALID_TO DS certificate valid to
331 VRC_DATA_OBJECT_ENTRY Vehicle data from the DG1 data group
332 TYPE_APPROVAL_NUMBER Type of approval number
333 ADMINISTRATIVE_NUMBER Administrative number
334 DOCUMENT_DISCRIMINATOR Document discriminator
335 DATA_DISCRIMINATOR Data discriminator
336 ISO_ISSUER_ID_NUMBER ID number of ISO issuer
341 DEPT_NUMBER Department number
342 TELEX_CODE Telegraph code
343 ALLERGIES Allergies
344 SP_CODE Special code
345 COURT_CODE Court code
346 CTY County
348 DOD_NUMBER DoD number
349 MC_NOVICE_DATE Expiry date of Motorcycle Novice status
350 DUF_NUMBER DUF number
352 PNR_CODE PNR code
353 FROM_AIRPORT_CODE Code of the airport of departure
354 TO_AIRPORT_CODE Code of the airport of arrival
355 FLIGHT_NUMBER Flight number
356 DATE_OF_FLIGHT Date of flight
357 SEAT_NUMBER Seat number
358 DATE_OF_ISSUE_BOARDING_PASS Date of boarding pass issue
359 CCW_UNTIL CCW until
360 REFERENCE_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Reference number checksum
361 REFERENCE_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Reference number check digit
362 ROOM_NUMBER Room number
363 RELIGION Religion
364 REMAINDER_TERM Months to expire
365 ELECTRONIC_TICKET_INDICATOR Electronic ticket indicator
366 COMPARTMENT_CODE Compartment code
367 CHECK_IN_SEQUENCE_NUMBER Check-in sequence number
368 AIRLINE_DESIGNATOR_OF_BOARDING_PASS_ISSUER Airline designator of boarding pass issuer
369 AIRLINE_NUMERIC_CODE Airline numeric code
370 TICKET_NUMBER Ticket number
371 FREQUENT_FLYER_AIRLINE_DESIGNATOR Frequent flyer airline designator
372 FREQUENT_FLYER_NUMBER Frequent flyer number
373 FREE_BAGGAGE_ALLOWANCE Free baggage allowance
374 PDF417_CODEC PDF417 codec
375 IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER_CHECKSUM Identity card number checksum
376 IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER_CHECK_DIGIT Identity card number check digit
377 VETERAN Veteran
378 DL_CLASS_CODE_A1_FROM DL category A1 valid from
379 DL_CLASS_CODE_A1_TO DL category A1 valid to
380 DL_CLASS_CODE_A1_NOTES DL category A1 codes
381 DL_CLASS_CODE_A_FROM DL category A valid from
382 DL_CLASS_CODE_A_TO DL category A valid to
383 DL_CLASS_CODE_A_NOTES DL category A codes
384 DL_CLASS_CODE_B_FROM DL category B valid from
385 DL_CLASS_CODE_B_TO DL category B valid to
386 DL_CLASS_CODE_B_NOTES DL category B codes
387 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1_FROM DL category C1 valid from
388 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1_TO DL category C1 valid to
389 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1_NOTES DL category C1 codes
390 DL_CLASS_CODE_C_FROM DL category C valid from
391 DL_CLASS_CODE_C_TO DL category C valid to
392 DL_CLASS_CODE_C_NOTES DL category C codes
393 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1_FROM DL category D1 valid from
394 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1_TO DL category D1 valid to
395 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1_NOTES DL category D1 codes
396 DL_CLASS_CODE_D_FROM DL category D valid from
397 DL_CLASS_CODE_D_TO DL category D valid to
398 DL_CLASS_CODE_D_NOTES DL category D codes
399 DL_CLASS_CODE_BE_FROM DL category BE valid from
400 DL_CLASS_CODE_BE_TO DL category BE valid to
401 DL_CLASS_CODE_BE_NOTES DL category BE codes
402 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1E_FROM DL category C1E valid from
403 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1E_TO DL category C1E valid to
404 DL_CLASS_CODE_C1E_NOTES DL category C1E codes
405 DL_CLASS_CODE_CE_FROM DL category CE valid from
406 DL_CLASS_CODE_CE_TO DL category CE valid to
407 DL_CLASS_CODE_CE_NOTES DL category CE codes
408 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1E_FROM DL category D1E valid from
409 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1E_TO DL category D1E valid to
410 DL_CLASS_CODE_D1E_NOTES DL category D1E codes
411 DL_CLASS_CODE_DE_FROM DL category DE valid from
412 DL_CLASS_CODE_DE_TO DL category DE valid to
413 DL_CLASS_CODE_DE_NOTES DL category DE codes
414 DL_CLASS_CODE_M_FROM DL category M valid from
415 DL_CLASS_CODE_M_TO DL category M valid to
416 DL_CLASS_CODE_M_NOTES DL category M codes
417 DL_CLASS_CODE_L_FROM DL category L valid from
418 DL_CLASS_CODE_L_TO DL category L valid to
419 DL_CLASS_CODE_L_NOTES DL category L codes
420 DL_CLASS_CODE_T_FROM DL category T valid from
421 DL_CLASS_CODE_T_TO DL category T valid to
422 DL_CLASS_CODE_T_NOTES DL category T codes
423 DL_CLASS_CODE_AM_FROM DL category AM valid from
424 DL_CLASS_CODE_AM_TO DL category AM valid to
425 DL_CLASS_CODE_AM_NOTES DL category AM codes
426 DL_CLASS_CODE_A2_FROM DL category A2 valid from
427 DL_CLASS_CODE_A2_TO DL category A2 valid to
428 DL_CLASS_CODE_A2_NOTES DL category A2 codes
429 DL_CLASS_CODE_B1_FROM DL category B1 valid from
430 DL_CLASS_CODE_B1_TO DL category B1 valid to
431 DL_CLASS_CODE_B1_NOTES DL category B1 codes
432 SURNAME_AT_BIRTH Surname at birth
433 CIVIL_STATUS Civil status
434 NUMBER_OF_SEATS Number of seats
435 NUMBER_OF_STANDING_PLACES Number of standing places
436 MAX_SPEED Max speed
437 FUEL_TYPE Fuel type
438 EC_ENVIRONMENTAL_TYPE Vehicle environmental type
439 POWER_WEIGHT_RATIO Power-to-weight ratio
440 MAX_MASS_OF_TRAILER_BRAKED Max mass of trailer (braked)
441 MAX_MASS_OF_TRAILER_UNBRAKED Max mass of trailer (unbraked)
442 TRANSMISSION_TYPE Transmission type
443 TRAILER_HITCH Trailer hitch
444 ACCOMPANIED_BY Accompanied by
445 POLICE_DISTRICT Police district
446 FIRST_ISSUE_DATE First issue date
447 PAYLOAD_CAPACITY Payload capacity
448 NUMBER_OF_AXLES Number of axles
449 PERMISSIBLE_AXLE_LOAD Permissible axle load
450 PRECINCT Precinct
451 INVITED_BY Invited by
452 PURPOSE_OF_ENTRY Purpose of entry
453 SKIN_COLOR Skin color
454 COMPLEXION Complexion
455 AIRPORT_FROM Airport of departure
456 AIRPORT_TO Airport of arrival
457 AIRLINE_NAME Airline name
458 AIRLINE_NAME_FREQUENT_FLYER Airline loyalty program for frequent flyers
459 LICENSE_NUMBER License number
460 IN_TANKS In tanks
461 EXCEPT_IN_TANKS Other than tanks
462 FAST_TRACK Fast Track service
463 OWNER Owner
465 NUMBER_OF_CARD_ISSUANCE Number of card issuances
466 NUMBER_OF_CARD_ISSUANCE_CHECKSUM Number of card issuances checksum
467 NUMBER_OF_CARD_ISSUANCE_CHECK_DIGIT Number of card issuances check digit
468 CENTURY_DATE_OF_BIRTH Century of birth
469 DL_CLASS_CODE_A3_FROM DL category A3 valid from
470 DL_CLASS_CODE_A3_TO DL category A3 valid to
471 DL_CLASS_CODE_A3_NOTES DL category A3 codes
472 DL_CLASS_CODE_C2_FROM DL category C2 valid from
473 DL_CLASS_CODE_C2_TO DL category C2 valid to
474 DL_CLASS_CODE_C2_NOTES DL category C2 codes
475 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2_FROM DL category B2 valid from
476 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2_TO DL category B2 valid to
477 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2_NOTES DL category B2 codes
478 DL_CLASS_CODE_D2_FROM DL category D2 valid from
479 DL_CLASS_CODE_D2_TO DL category D2 valid to
480 DL_CLASS_CODE_D2_NOTES DL category D2 codes
481 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2E_FROM DL category B2E valid from
482 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2E_TO DL category B2E valid to
483 DL_CLASS_CODE_B2E_NOTES DL category B2E codes
484 DL_CLASS_CODE_G_FROM DL category G valid from
485 DL_CLASS_CODE_G_TO DL category G valid to
486 DL_CLASS_CODE_G_NOTES DL category G codes
487 DL_CLASS_CODE_J_FROM DL category J valid from
488 DL_CLASS_CODE_J_TO DL category J valid to
489 DL_CLASS_CODE_J_NOTES DL category J codes
490 DL_CLASS_CODE_LC_FROM DL category LC valid from
491 DL_CLASS_CODE_LC_TO DL category LC valid to
492 DL_CLASS_CODE_LC_NOTES DL category LC codes
493 BANK_CARD_NUMBER Bank card number
494 BANK_CARD_VALID_THRU Bank card validity
495 TAX_NUMBER Tax number
496 HEALTH_NUMBER Health insurance number
497 GRANDFATHER_NAME Grandfather's name
498 SELECTEE_INDICATOR Selectee indicator
499 MOTHER_SURNAME Mother's surname
500 MOTHER_GIVEN_NAME Mother's name
501 FATHER_SURNAME Father's surname
502 FATHER_GIVEN_NAME Father's name
503 MOTHER_DATE_OF_BIRTH Mother's date of birth
504 FATHER_DATE_OF_BIRTH Father's date of birth
505 MOTHER_PERSONAL_NUMBER Mother's personal number
506 FATHER_PERSONAL_NUMBER Father's personal number
507 MOTHER_PLACE_OF_BIRTH Mother's place of birth
508 FATHER_PLACE_OF_BIRTH Father's place of birth
509 MOTHER_COUNTRY_OF_BIRTH Mother's country of birth
510 FATHER_COUNTRY_OF_BIRTH Father's country of birth
511 DATE_FIRST_RENEWAL Date of first renewal
512 DATE_SECOND_RENEWAL Date of second renewal
513 PLACE_OF_EXAMINATION Place of examination
514 APPLICATION_NUMBER Application number
515 VOUCHER_NUMBER Voucher number
516 AUTHORIZATION_NUMBER Authorization number
517 FACULTY Faculty
518 FORM_OF_EDUCATION Form of education
519 DNI_NUMBER DNI number
520 RETIREMENT_NUMBER Retirement number
521 PROFESSIONAL_ID_NUMBER Professional id number
522 AGE_AT_ISSUE Age at issue
523 YEARS_SINCE_ISSUE Years since issue
524 DL_CLASS_CODE_BTP_FROM DL category BTP valid from
525 DL_CLASS_CODE_BTP_NOTES DL category BTP codes
526 DL_CLASS_CODE_BTP_TO DL category BTP valid to
527 DL_CLASS_CODE_C3_FROM DL category C3 valid from
528 DL_CLASS_CODE_C3_NOTES DL category C3 codes
529 DL_CLASS_CODE_C3_TO DL category C3 valid to
530 DL_CLASS_CODE_E_FROM DL category E valid from
531 DL_CLASS_CODE_E_NOTES DL category E codes
532 DL_CLASS_CODE_E_TO DL category E valid to
533 DL_CLASS_CODE_F_FROM DL category F valid from
534 DL_CLASS_CODE_F_NOTES DL category F codes
535 DL_CLASS_CODE_F_TO DL category F valid to
536 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA_FROM DL category FA valid from
537 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA_NOTES DL category FA codes
538 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA_TO DL category FA valid to
539 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA1_FROM DL category FA1 valid from
540 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA1_NOTES DL category FA1 codes
541 DL_CLASS_CODE_FA1_TO DL category FA1 valid to
542 DL_CLASS_CODE_FB_FROM DL category FB valid from
543 DL_CLASS_CODE_FB_NOTES DL category FB codes
544 DL_CLASS_CODE_FB_TO DL category FB valid to
545 DL_CLASS_CODE_G1_FROM DL category G1 valid from
546 DL_CLASS_CODE_G1_NOTES DL category G1 codes
547 DL_CLASS_CODE_G1_TO DL category G1 valid to
548 DL_CLASS_CODE_H_FROM DL category H valid from
549 DL_CLASS_CODE_H_NOTES DL category H codes
550 DL_CLASS_CODE_H_TO DL category H valid to
551 DL_CLASS_CODE_I_FROM DL category I valid from
552 DL_CLASS_CODE_I_NOTES DL category I codes
553 DL_CLASS_CODE_I_TO DL category I valid to
554 DL_CLASS_CODE_K_FROM DL category K valid from
555 DL_CLASS_CODE_K_NOTES DL category K codes
556 DL_CLASS_CODE_K_TO DL category K valid to
557 DL_CLASS_CODE_LK_FROM DL category LK valid from
558 DL_CLASS_CODE_LK_NOTES DL category LK codes
559 DL_CLASS_CODE_LK_TO DL category LK valid to
560 DL_CLASS_CODE_N_FROM DL category N valid from
561 DL_CLASS_CODE_N_NOTES DL category N codes
562 DL_CLASS_CODE_N_TO DL category N valid to
563 DL_CLASS_CODE_S_FROM DL category S valid from
564 DL_CLASS_CODE_S_NOTES DL category S codes
565 DL_CLASS_CODE_S_TO DL category S valid to
566 DL_CLASS_CODE_TB_FROM DL category TB valid from
567 DL_CLASS_CODE_TB_NOTES DL category TB codes
568 DL_CLASS_CODE_TB_TO DL category TB valid to
569 DL_CLASS_CODE_TM_FROM DL category TM valid from
570 DL_CLASS_CODE_TM_NOTES DL category TM codes
571 DL_CLASS_CODE_TM_TO DL category TM valid to
572 DL_CLASS_CODE_TR_FROM DL category TR valid from
573 DL_CLASS_CODE_TR_NOTES DL category TR codes
574 DL_CLASS_CODE_TR_TO DL category TR valid to
575 DL_CLASS_CODE_TV_FROM DL category TV valid from
576 DL_CLASS_CODE_TV_NOTES DL category TV codes
577 DL_CLASS_CODE_TV_TO DL category TV valid to
578 DL_CLASS_CODE_V_FROM DL category V valid from
579 DL_CLASS_CODE_V_NOTES DL category V codes
580 DL_CLASS_CODE_V_TO DL category V valid to
581 DL_CLASS_CODE_W_FROM DL category W valid from
582 DL_CLASS_CODE_W_NOTES DL category W codes
583 DL_CLASS_CODE_W_TO DL category W valid to
585 CALIBER Caliber
586 MODEL Model
587 MAKE Make
588 NUMBER_OF_CYLINDERS Number of cylinders
589 SURNAME_OF_HUSBAND_AFTER_REGISTRATION Surname of husband after registration
590 SURNAME_OF_WIFE_AFTER_REGISTRATION Surname of wife after registration
591 DATE_OF_BIRTH_OF_WIFE Date of birth of wife
592 DATE_OF_BIRTH_OF_HUSBAND Date of birth of husband
593 CITIZENSHIP_OF_FIRST_PERSON Citizenship of first person
594 CITIZENSHIP_OF_SECOND_PERSON Citizenship of second person
595 CVV CVV code
596 DATE_OF_INSURANCE_EXPIRY Date of insurance expiry
597 MORTGAGE_BY Mortgage by
598 OLD_DOCUMENT_NUMBER Old document number
599 OLD_DATE_OF_ISSUE Old date of issue
600 OLD_PLACE_OF_ISSUE Old place of issue
601 DL_CLASS_CODE_LR_FROM DL category LR valid from
602 DL_CLASS_CODE_LR_TO DL category LR valid to
603 DL_CLASS_CODE_LR_NOTES DL category LR codes
604 DL_CLASS_CODE_MR_FROM DL category MR valid from
605 DL_CLASS_CODE_MR_TO DL category MR valid to
606 DL_CLASS_CODE_MR_NOTES DL category MR codes
607 DL_CLASS_CODE_HR_FROM DL category HR valid from
608 DL_CLASS_CODE_HR_TO DL category HR valid to
609 DL_CLASS_CODE_HR_NOTES DL category HR codes
610 DL_CLASS_CODE_HC_FROM DL category HC valid from
611 DL_CLASS_CODE_HC_TO DL category HC valid to
612 DL_CLASS_CODE_HC_NOTES DL category HC codes
613 DL_CLASS_CODE_MC_FROM DL category MC valid from
614 DL_CLASS_CODE_MC_TO DL category MC valid to
615 DL_CLASS_CODE_MC_NOTES DL category MC codes
616 DL_CLASS_CODE_RE_FROM DL category RE valid from
617 DL_CLASS_CODE_RE_TO DL category RE valid to
618 DL_CLASS_CODE_RE_NOTES DL category RE codes
619 DL_CLASS_CODE_R_FROM DL category R valid from
620 DL_CLASS_CODE_R_TO DL category R valid to
621 DL_CLASS_CODE_R_NOTES DL category R codes
622 DL_CLASS_CODE_CA_FROM DL category CA valid from
623 DL_CLASS_CODE_CA_TO DL category CA valid to
624 DL_CLASS_CODE_CA_NOTES DL category CA codes
625 CITIZENSHIP_STATUS Citizenship status
626 MILITARY_SERVICE_FROM Military service from
627 MILITARY_SERVICE_TO Military service to
628 DL_CLASS_CODE_NT_FROM DL category NT valid from
629 DL_CLASS_CODE_NT_TO DL category NT valid to
630 DL_CLASS_CODE_NT_NOTES DL category NT codes
631 DL_CLASS_CODE_TN_FROM DL category TN valid from
632 DL_CLASS_CODE_TN_TO DL category TN valid to
633 DL_CLASS_CODE_TN_NOTES DL category TN codes
634 DL_CLASS_CODE_D3_FROM DL category D3 valid from
635 DL_CLASS_CODE_D3_TO DL category D3 valid to
636 DL_CLASS_CODE_D3_NOTES DL category D3 codes
637 ALT_DATE_OF_EXPIRY Alternative date of expiry
638 DL_CLASS_CODE_CD_FROM DL category CD valid from
639 DL_CLASS_CODE_CD_TO DL category CD valid to
640 DL_CLASS_CODE_CD_NOTES DL category CD codes
641 ISSUER_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER Issuer identification number
642 PAYMENT_PERIOD_FROM Payment period from
643 PAYMENT_PERIOD_TO Payment period to
644 VACCINATION_CERTIFICATE_IDENTIFIER Vaccination certificate identifier
645 FIRST_NAME First name
646 DATE_OF_ARRIVAL Date of arrival
647 SECOND_NAME Second name
648 THIRD_NAME Third name
649 FOURTH_NAME Fourth name
650 LAST_NAME Last name
651 DL_CLASS_CODE_RM_FROM DL category RM valid from
652 DL_CLASS_CODE_RM_NOTES DL category RM codes
653 DL_CLASS_CODE_RM_TO DL category RM valid to
654 DL_CLASS_CODE_PW_FROM DL category PW valid from
655 DL_CLASS_CODE_PW_NOTES DL category PW codes
656 DL_CLASS_CODE_PW_TO DL category PW valid to
657 DL_CLASS_CODE_EB_FROM DL category EB valid from
658 DL_CLASS_CODE_EB_NOTES DL category EB codes
659 DL_CLASS_CODE_EB_TO DL category EB valid to
660 DL_CLASS_CODE_EC_FROM DL category EC valid from
661 DL_CLASS_CODE_EC_NOTES DL category EC codes
662 DL_CLASS_CODE_EC_TO DL category EC valid to
663 DL_CLASS_CODE_EC1_FROM DL category EC1 valid from
664 DL_CLASS_CODE_EC1_NOTES DL category EC1 codes
665 DL_CLASS_CODE_EC1_TO DL category EC1 valid to
666 PLACE_OF_BIRTH_CITY Place of birth city
667 YEAR_OF_BIRTH Year of birth
668 YEAR_OF_EXPIRY Year of expiry
669 GRANDFATHER_NAME_MATERNAL Grandfather's name (maternal)
670 FIRST_SURNAME First surname
671 MONTH_OF_BIRTH Month of birth
673 ADDRESS_ENTRANCE Entrance number
681 DATE_OF_RETIREMENT Date of Retirement
682 DOCUMENT_STATUS Document Status