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Getting Started

Worker Model

By default, the web service starts with one worker process. Each worker handles documents in a single-threaded mode that means that it can process only one request at a time. The number of workers is limited by available hardware resources and the license type.

See also: Performance considerations


For the Face SDK web service, Online and Software licensing models are available.

See also: How to perform the licensing service health check


The recommended machine settings are 1CPU and 3Gb RAM per worker.


The version A.B.C.D-cpu/gpu is composed of:

  • A.B for the Regula SDK version
  • C for the neural network version
  • D for the service wrapper version
  • cpu or gpu for the version configuration

For example, a version 3.2.325.304-gpu should be interpreted as follows:

  • 3.2 is the Regula SDK version
  • 325 is the current neural network version
  • 304 is the web service wrapper version
  • gpu is the version configuration