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Release 3.0 – July 22, 2021

Mobile API


  • Face Matching – check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person.
  • Face Recognition – automatically capture a photo with a person's face on it.
  • Liveness Detection – find out if the person on camera is alive.
  • Customization for Liveness via LivenessConfiguration.
  • Customization for FaceCapture via FaceCaptureConfiguration.
  • iOS:
    • The UIAppearance and RegisterClass (Class Overriding) features to support flexible UI customizations.
    • HTTP header fields customization via URLRequestInterceptingDelegate.
  • Android:
    • HTTP header fields customization via Configuration objects.
  • Other Platforms:
    • Support React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Ionic.


Core Functionality


  • New face detection algorithm, processing arbitrary face orientations.
  • Face thumbnail in responses, cropped and properly aligned.
  • Rotation angle in response.
  • Face attributes: age (child/adult), emotion (neutral/smile).


  • Face ROI in response for face matching for unambiguous results interpretation.
  • Face thumbnail in responses.

Liveness 3D

  • Updated algorithms for liveness classification.
  • Rejecting faces with occlusions (medicine mask, sunglasses, hat, hands).
  • Rejecting art face masks.
  • Rejecting faces with closed eyes.

Liveness Depth

  • Updated model for classification.

Web Server


  • WARNING: app validation logic returns 200 instead of 400 http codes. Previously, if you supply bad images, or wrong params, you will get a response with 400 http code. Starting from this version, you will always get 200 result and should check the code property inside the response json-body to get the operation result. All the possible codes are listed here.
  • WARNING: all project related libraries changed their names and artifacts names to FaceSDK. Now the project name is consistent across all platforms.
  • WARNING: /detect now by default returns only the central face.
  • face compare operation renamed to face match operation. This leads to changing model names in clients. /compare endpoint renamed to /match endpoint. Old models and routes are still present via type aliases for backward compatibility.
  • Migrate to python 3.8.
  • [docker] by default do not spam access log to stdout.
  • [docker] sends all app logs to stdout instead of stderr.
  • [docker] logs format changed.
  • [linux,win] by default stores app logs into daily rotating "logs/app/facesdk-app.log" file.


  • HTTPS certs custom path options for all platforms (previously it was only in docker).
  • Process logs now support try_id params(beside custom id). Now operations inputs and results are saved under next id invocation_id = uuid.uuid4().hex if not id else id + '_' + try_id.
  • C# client published.
  • Logging format unified across all platforms.
  • Added ability to store logs into files with daily rotation.
  • JSON log formatting (useful for log collectors).