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Document Reader SDK 5.5 — March 30, 2021

Core SDK

Document detection and crop

  • Fixed issue with processing images, having artificially added white frame around the initial picture.
  • Fixed issue with locating already cropped documents in FullAuth scenario.
  • Fixed issue with locating documents on backgrounds with multiple lines aligned with the document edges.
  • Fixed issue with locating two sides of ID card on one image.
  • Fixed issue with locating documents on non-contrast backgrounds.


  • Greatly improved bank cards OCR.
  • Improved OCR of perforated fields.


  • Added new parsers:
    • Pakistan ID card.
  • Updatedparsers:
    • Austrian residence permit,
    • EU residence permit,
    • France ID card,
    • Kazakhstan Residence permit,
    • Malta ID card,
    • Norway ID card,
    • Poland ID card.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect MRZ detection on some images.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect symbol probabilities in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with 1-line MRZ in DL parsing.


  • Added new parsers:
    • Belarus ID card,
    • Colombia DL,
    • France ID card,
    • Ghana Voter card,
    • Nigeria Voter card,
    • Pakistan ID card.
  • Updated parsers:
    • Korea Alien registration card,
    • Moldova ID card.
  • Fixed issue with code types for recognition filter.

Text data parsing and validation

  • Added capability to verify date of issue validity based on document template activity term.
  • Added capability for Italy tax code validation.
  • Added capability for comparison of the field value from one source with abbreviature of this value from another source.
  • Added XXK nationality code for Kosovo.
  • Fixed issue with comparison between MRZ and Visual for document without expiration date.
  • Fixed issue with probabilities for transliterated fields: they will have probability of original field.
  • Fixed issue with German Ü letter transliteration.
  • Fixed issue with composite surnames comparison where last part is missing in MRZ. o Fixed issue with measure units on locale change.
  • Fixed issue with ft_Date_First_Renewal and ft_Date_Second_Renewal fields validity.

• Image QA

  • Improved focus detection NN.
  • Improved algorithm for detection of colorless images.


  • Added new algorithm for obtaining correct IR image on 7310 devices.
  • Implemented correct processing of all authenticity checks in FullAuth scenario.
  • Improved IR visibility check for photo area, where grayscale photo should look the same in visible and IR.
  • Improved variable patterns check for documents with a lot of UV luminescence. o FixedissuewithLetterScreen++resultsonconsecutiveprocessing.
  • Fixed issue with hologram checks on series of frames.


  • Added new eRPRM_Lights member RPRM_Light_White_Special.
  • Added new eRPRM_ResultType member RPRM_ResultType_FingerPrint_Comparison.
  • Added new eVisualFieldType enum members:
    • ft_Military_Service_From
    • ft_Military_Service_To
  • Added new eRPRM_Authenticity enum member RPRM_Authenticity_Liveness.
  • Added new eRPRM_SecurityFeatureType enum member SecurityFeatureType_Liveness_Depth.
  • Added new eCheckDiagnose enum member chd_Liveness_DepthCheckFailed.
  • Added native support of PDF files with images as input.
  • Added support of reading data from both sides of bank cards.
  • Added support of single page (back page) data bank cards.
  • Improved processing of bank cards: now it is payment system agnostic.
  • Fixed issue with input images page indexes. Now they will be set automatically and correctly if missing.
  • Fixed issue with forced log folder creation on Posix. May lead to exceptions if no write permissions available.
  • Fixed issue with cropping portrait from document if requested light type from template is not available.
  • Fixed issue with timeout on network requests (licensing, Face API, etc.).
  • Fixed issue with TIFF images processing.
  • Code quality improved with lots of small issues fixed.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Fixed issue with different .ldif format support.
  • Fixed issue with parsing certificates on different platforms.

Desktop API

  • Added support for liveness status check when performing face match via Face API if depth data is made available together with RPRM_ResultType_LivePortrait.
  • Added support of Face API timeout setting via “processParameters.extPortrait.timeout” parameter that can be applied via RPRM_Command_Set_ProcessParametersJson command call.
  • Added support for fingerprints scanning and comparison with RFID data via external wrapper libraries. Results of scanning are available in RPRM_ResultType_FingerPrints container. Results of fingerprints comparison are available in RPRM_ResultType_FingerPrint_Comparison container.
  • Multiple page processing mode is enabled by default.
  • Improved IPI security check performance for 70xx-5A, 7027, 7028M reader devices.
  • Fixed issue with repeated download of calibration information.

Hardware support

  • IMPORTANT! New firmware version 10.33. It is recommended to update your 10.x firmware series RFID devices to this new version. Fixed issue with USB packets format, that lead to failed reading on some new passports with PACE.
  • Added support for 7310 devices on mobile platforms. This includes obtaining correct IR and UV luminescence image with ambient light and RFID chip reading using NFC.

Mobile API

  • Added the ability to save a video of the document recognition process.
  • Added the ability to use the FullAuth scenario in multipage mode.
  • Added the ability to set the mode via checkRequiredTextFields parameter where field validity would be set to Failed if required field value is missing in Visual OCR.
  • DocumentReaderResults now contains an array of DocumentPosition, BarcodePosition, MRZPosition, and *ImageQualityGroup items with information for each document page that was read, where available.
  • getTextFieldValueByType function call with LCID parameter returns nil if the value with such LCID is not presented in the results.
  • RFID chip reading works correctly without first scanning the document, if the MRZ or CAN key is pre-set.
  • Fixed issue with “Capture” scenario when using the 1120 device.
  • Android:
    • Completely redesigned camera focus control implementation.
    • Fixed the position of custom statuses (status and resultStatus),now they are displayed in the center.
  • iOS:
    • Added interactive documentation inside the SDK (Option + tap in XCode).
    • Fixed the operation of the completion block in the stopRFIDReader function.
    • Fixed the rendering position of the help animation and the multipage mode animations.
    • Added the source code for the extended DocumentReader SDK usage sample on GitHub.

Web Service API

  • Added CERT_FILE and KEY_FILE environment variables handling to obtain external SSL certificate and private key for enabling HTTPS.
  • Added pass-back object: if included in request as “passBackObject” JSON object will be returned in response the same way.
  • Fixed issue with missing write to folder permissions for request logging on start-up.
  • Fixed issue with translating old style API request capabilities value into scenario value.
  • Fixed issue with non-ASCII characters presented as escaped Unicode codes in UTF-8.
  • Fixed issue with datetime format in /ping response.
  • Open API specification updated on GitHub.
  • Clients and packages updated.

Document Reader Application

  • Fingerprints scanning and comparison capability redefined. Now it is possible to use any 3rd party scanner via wrapper libraries (provided on demand) and any 3rd party comparison algorithm via wrapper libraries (provided on demand). It is possible to scan and compare multiple fingers.
  • Added new results tab for fingerprints comparison results.
  • Added capability to support Intel D4xx cameras for live face capture with depth information.
  • Added display of liveness status check in face comparison results.
  • Added support for 18MP resolution readers.
  • Improved security check status calculation for unknown documents. Now it will be set to unknown, even if basic security checks have passed.
  • Fixed issue with MIFARE cards and chip presence.
  • Fixed RFID profiler type setting order, so PKD certificates are verified in the same profiler mode.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Added property FaceAPIServiceTimeout to set timeout in milliseconds for Face API service communication. Default 3000 (integer, read/write).
  • Added method FPCompare to run fingerprints comparison process manually.
  • Added property FPCompareLibName to set library name that will be used for performing fingerprints comparison. This library should be present in SDK folder. It is a wrapper over some 3rd party comparison algorithm, that should be installed separately from SDK. Empty by default (string, read/write).
  • Added property FPCompareThreshold to set threshold value for accepting fingerprints comparison result. This value depends on the selected fingerprints comparison algorithm provider in FPCompareLibName (integer, read/write).
  • Added method FPScan to run fingerprint scan process for selected finger manually.
  • Added method FPScanUI to show fingerprint scan UI dialog.
  • Added property FPScanLibName to set library name that will be used for performing fingerprints scanning. This library should be present in SDK folder. It is a wrapper over some 3rd party fingerprint scanner library, that should be installed separately from SDK. Empty by default (string, read/write).
  • Added property FPScanQualityThreshold to set threshold value for accepting fingerprint image on scan. This value depends on the selected fingerprints scanner provider in FPScanLibName (integer, read/write).
  • Added property FPScanTimeout to set timeout in milliseconds for scanning fingerprints with FPScan or FPScanUI methods. Scan will finish with obtained result if expected quality image will be available before timeout, or with error, if not. Default 5000 (integer, read/write).
  • Added property LiveCameraDepth for enabling/disabling usage of camera depth information when capturing person’s live picture. This depth information may be available if Intel D4xx camera is used, and its SDK correctly installed. Depth information is used for liveness check. Default False (Boolean, read/write).
  • Added method GetReaderGraphicsBitmapByFieldTypeAndSource for obtaining graphic field image as bitmap by its type and from specific source.
  • Added method GetReaderGraphicsFileImageByFieldTypeAndSource for obtaining graphic field image in selected graphical format by its type and from specific source.
  • Enums updated.
  • Documentation updated.

Installation packages

  • Linux
    • Debian packages now built specifically on Debian, and not on Ubuntu as before.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 171 included in RFID SDK component.


  • Added to templates in whole database where applicable: o Perforated text fields,
    • Hologramareasandchecks,
    • Activity term for template,
    • Extended description for visible patterns,
    • Barcode format check parameters,
    • IR visibility for portraits, where they are the same in visible and IR.
  • 248 countries and territories / 9331 documents included.
  • 179 new documents added.
  • For details see Supported documents list.