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Document Reader SDK 5.4 — December 30, 2020

Core SDK

Document detection and crop

  • Added capability to return 2 passport pages spread from input image aligned and straighten as if it was captured from the flatbed scanner. Can be enabled via “processParam.generateDoublePageSpreadImage” Boolean flag. Relevant only when “processParam.doublePageSpread” is enabled as well.
  • Added Boolean flag “processParam.fastDocDetect” to shorten the list of candidates to process during document detection in a single image process mode. Enabled by default. This solves the issue introduced in 5.2, that lead to significantly longer processing times on the images with specific backgrounds.
  • Improved ID2 MRZ documents cropping in some cases.


  • Added support for Amharic (fidäl / Ephiopian).
  • Added support for perforated numbers OCR (different fonts, straight and mirror).
  • Added Boolean flag “processParam.checkRequiredTextFields”. When enabled, each field in template will be checked for value presence and if the field is marked as required, but has no value, it will have "error" in validity status. Disabled by default.
  • Added Boolean flag “processParam.updateOCRValidityByGlare”. When enabled, OCR field validity will be updated with | tr_GlaresOnField value, if there is a glare over the text field on the image. Disabled by default.
  • Improved Latin NN.
  • Improved Hebrew NN.


  • Updated Peru ID Card parser.
  • Fixed issue with multiple pages processing.

Text data parsing and validation

  • Implemented conversion from ROC dates (Minguo) into Gregorian.
  • Fixed issue with DL class field comparison between barcode and visual.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect validity for dates in Hijri.

Image QA

  • Added new Resolution assessment check. Should be above threshold (150 ppi), otherwise the check will fail. Can be set via “processParam.imageQA.dpiThreshold”.
  • Added new Perspective angle assessment check. Should be below threshold (5 degrees), otherwise the check will fail. Can be set via “processParam.imageQA.angleThreshold”.
  • Added new Documents bounds inside the image check. All document corners should be inside the image, otherwise the check will fail.
  • Added new Colorless check. If the document image is not colored, the check will fail.


  • Added support for hologram presence detection by analysis of multiple frames.
  • Improved patterns check for visible and IR light images.
  • Improved patterns check for Russian Federation domestic passport.
  • Fixed issue with AV on specific images in IR visibility check.


  • Added new eVisualFieldType enum member ft_Citizenship_Status.
  • Added new eTestTextField enum member tr_GlaresOnField.
  • Added new eCheckDiagnose enum members:
    • chd_HoloPhoto_FaceNotDetected
    • chd_HoloPhoto_FaceComparisonFailed
    • chd_HoloPhoto_GlareInCenterAbsent
    • chd_HoloPhoto_HoloElementShapeError
    • chd_HoloPhoto_AlgorithmStepsError
    • chd_HoloPhoto_HoloAreasNotLoaded
    • chd_HoloPhoto_FinishedByTimeout
  • Added new eImageQualityCheck enum members:
    • IQC_ImageColorness
    • IQC_Perspective
    • IQC_Bounds
  • Added new member originalPageIndex to TImageFieldValue structure.
  • Fixed issue with 1- and 8-bit images processing.
  • Code quality improved with lots of small issues fixed.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Now works under Apple OS X operating system.
  • Added native support of communication with TCC web services according to BSI TR-03129. Now if TCC parameters are set via RFID_Command_Set_TCC_Params command, during TA procedure TCC will be contacted automatically for necessary certificate chain and challenge signature to perform TA successfully. If no certificates provided from TCC or any other error, process would fall back to sending callbacks with request for data.
  • Added new eRFID_Commands enum member RFID_Command_Set_TCC_Params.
  • Fixed issue with calculation of 8TDetailsRFID.overallStatus* status by also checking MRZ parsing notifications.
  • Documentation updated.

Desktop API

  • Now works under Apple OS X operating system.

Mobile API

  • Added document authentication based on the detection of the presence of a hologram.
  • Updated document image for NFC chip reading controller animation for USA passport which can be read only when passport book is open.
  • Android:
    • Added the ability to disable checking for the presence of a flashlight on the device.
    • Updated enumeration values of eImageQualityCheckType.
    • Updated RGLDocumentReaderErrorCode enumeration values related to licensing errors that may occur during initialization.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect camera focus in camera activity.
    • Fixed an issue in the zoomFactor property. Now when setting a value above the maximum allowed value, the camera will be zoomed to the maximum available value for this camera.
  • iOS:
    • Added the DocumentReaderException class to reflect licensing errors that may occur during initialization.
    • Updated enumeration values of RGLImageQualityCheckType.
    • Fixed an issue in the frame buffering operation, in which a frame from the buffer of the previous session of the controller's camera operation could be used.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur during camera configuration when using the camera controller as a child view controller.

Web Service API

  • Improved validation of input request for correctness.
  • Now all responses contain JSON.
  • Fixed issue with passing some images into core library from request (webp).
  • Fixed compatibility with old API. Now all results types are available for retrieval.
  • Service version is now printed in logs on startup for convenience.
  • Open API specification updated on GitHub.
  • Clients and packages updated.

Document Reader Application

  • To set RFID TCC service access params, they can be placed into TCCParams.json file in "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Regula\Document Reader SDK" folder. ("%LOCALAPPDATA%\Regula\Document Reader SDK (x64)" for x64 version).
  • Fixed issue with displaying next page scanning request in multipage scanning mode when Options -> View -> Show next page request option is enabled.


  • Added method SetRFIDTCCParams to set TCC service parameters to use (BSI TR-03129). In case these parameters are set correctly, then TCC will be accessed for certificates and signing the challenge during Terminal Authentication process when reading the chip.
  • Enums updated.
  • Documentation updated.

Installation packages

  • Windows Desktop API
    • Updated Regula Licensing package included.


  • Fixed issue with Yandex.Cloud instances licensing.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 162 included in RFID SDK component.


  • 246 countries and territories / 9152 documents included.
  • 193 new documents added.
  • For details see Supported documents list.