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Document Reader SDK 5.3 — November 2, 2020

Core SDK

Document detection and crop

  • Improvements in single image process algorithm with more precise cropping.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect cropping by inner document lines instead of outer in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with cropping large document formats like birth/marriage certificates.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect cropping documents with MRZ in some cases.

Document type recognition

  • New functionality implemented in template description that allows more precise document cropping and resolution determination.
  • Fixed issue with MRZ filter for IDL.
  • Fixed issue with “procParams.documentIDList” filter working incorrectly.


  • Added support for Farsi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Marathi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Punjabi languages.
  • Arabic, Hindi, and Thai languages reading quality greatly improved. o Added Arabic and Persian numbers correct support.
  • Added capability to ignore field mask on recognition when *“processParam.matchTextFieldMask” is set to false. By default, we are trying to read a field value with maximum efforts to match the mask and provide a correctly formatted value, making assumptions based on the provided field mask. In case this parameter is disabled, OCR will be done as is and then the recognized value will be matched to the field mask for validity.
  • Updated Cyrillic NN with better recognition probability.
  • Fixed issue with Latin characters in right-to-left strings (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.) leading to incorrect text direction (RTL, LTR markers).
  • Fixed issue with incorrect recognition probability (over 100).


  • Added new parsers:
    • Malaysia visa,
    • South Sudan ID card.
  • Updatedparsers:
    • Azerbaijan Permanent Resident Card,
    • Iceland Residence permit,
    • Kenia ID card,
    • Mexico ID card,
    • Mexico Voting card,
    • New Zealand passport,
    • Peru ID card,
    • USA & CAN Enhanced Driving License,
    • USA Permanent Resident Card,
    • USA Visa.
  • Improved reading of images with color noise over MRZ.
  • In IDL with 1-line MRZ, the first character “D” is now always parsed as ft_Identifier instead of ft_Document_Class_Code.


  • Added output of the gf_Barcode graphic field with barcode image for unknown documents, where the barcode was detected and read.
  • Updated New York Enhanced Driving License parser.
  • Updated US DL parsers – zip code is output with trailing zeros.
  • Updated US DL parsers – full names are divided into parts using spaces and commas correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Peru ID card data parsing.
  • Fixed Brazil ID card consular parser.
  • Fixed issue with Code 128 decoding on some samples.
  • Fixed rare issue with extra character added on PDF417 decoding.
  • Fixed issue with data parsing of a specific boarding pass leading to exception.
  • Fixed issue with reading multiple codes in series processing, when one code read on one frame, and the other on a different frame.
  • Removed ft_PDF417Codec fieldgeneration.
  • Optimized processing in series and with multiple-page documents.

Text data parsing and validation

  • Added correct LCID for fields from RFID DG11 and DG12 for all countries instead of always Latin.
  • Added check digit calculation for Swiss health insurance card.
  • Added parsing possibility for Australia DL categories that are dynamically printed on the document.
  • Fixed issue with visual vs MRZ comparison for field values that contain Ü. For some countries MRZ contains UE and for some U.
  • Fixed issue with Slovenian Ć transliteration for MRZ comparison.
  • Fixed issue with Russian Domestic passport date of expiry validation if passport was renewed just before 45 years of age.
  • Reverted ^ symbol removal in ft_Surname,ft_GivenNames and ft_Surname_And_Given_Names in lexical analysis results. If you need to remove this symbol from a field value, please do this on the client’s side, as this symbol helps to distinguish, for example, between the first and second surnames in some documents.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect validities in RPRM_ResultType_Text.
  • Fixed issue with empty values in RPRM_ResultType_Text while values should be present.


  • Added portrait and glares presence checks in Photo embedding type security check.
  • Fixed issue with Barcode format check result was not available in case barcode should be present in document but cannot be detected or read.
  • Fixed issue with output element coordinates in Image patterns checks.
  • Fixed issue with output element coordinates in PhotoArea checks.
  • Fixed issue with processing UV images taken with 1120 device.
  • Fixed issue with Russian Domestic passport UV pattern check.

  • Added new eRPRM_DeviceAdditionalFeatures enum member RPRM_DeviceAdditionalFeature_LiveView.

  • Added new eRPRM_ResultType enum member RPRM_ResultType_FingerPrints.
  • Added new eVisualFieldType enum members:
    • ft_Date_of_Insurance_Expiry
    • ft_Mortgage_by
    • ft_Old_Document_Number
    • ft_Old_Date_of_Issue
    • ft_Old_Place_of_Issue
    • ft_DLClassCode_LR_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_LR_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_LR_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_MR_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_MR_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_MR_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_HR_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_HR_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_HR_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_HC_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_HC_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_HC_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_MC_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_MC_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_MC_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_RE_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_RE_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_RE_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_R_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_R_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_R_Notes
    • ft_DLClassCode_CA_From
    • ft_DLClassCode_CA_To
    • ft_DLClassCode_CA_Notes
  • Deprecated eVisualFieldType enum member ft_MRZ_Strings_With_Correct_CheckSums.
  • Added new eCheckDiagnose enum members:
    • chd_MobileImages_UnsuitableLightConditions
    • chd_MobileImages_WhiteUVNoDifference
    • chd_FingerprintsComparison_Mismatch
  • Added new eRPRM_Authenticity enum member RPRM_Authenticity_Fingerprint_Comparison.
  • Added Core version to TransactionInfo in results for identification.
  • Added transaction log output to results JSON in case “procParams.log” is set to true under “log” key in base64 encoded format.
  • Added flag for returning cropped barcode image for unknown documents in case “procParams.returnCroppedBarcode” is set to true.
  • Added parameter “procParams.imageDpiOutMin” for input resolution adjustment in case it is too small. By default, the image will be resized up to 200 dpi if it has less resolution. This parameter cannot be less than 100.
  • Improved PNG saving speed.
  • Fixed issue with TDetailsOptical.Doctype status calculation when multiple pages are present for ID1 format documents.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect rotation after incorrect face detection.
  • Fixed incorrect transaction GUID generation for all platforms, including mobile.
  • Fixed input JSON validation for correctness.
  • Fixed issue with RPRM_ResultType_Images containing 2 copies of RFID images.
  • Fixed issue with enormously large images loading under x86. Now they can be automatically resized on load to some limit to fit in memory.
  • Fixed issue with resolution difference in input images if multiple pages are provided. In this case image resolution will be ignored.
  • Fixed issue with process timeout when processing single images. Now it is ignored.
  • Fixed issue with no graphic results available in output if timeout reached.
  • Fixed issue with binding input images to output pages. Now input page_idx is saved into output list_idx of all containers.
  • Fixed issue with processing barcodes in “FullAuth” scenario.
  • Code quality improved with lots of small issues fixed.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Added certificate holder reference value into “keyCHR” attribute in “TA_Signature” request callback for performing EAC online.
  • Fixed issue with disabling Certificate Propagation Service on Windows.
  • Fixed issue with calculation of PA status by also checking ReadingStatus of the files.

Hardware support

  • IMPORTANT! New firmware version 22.05. It is recommended to update your 21.x or 22.x firmware series RFID devices to this new version. Fixed minor issues.
  • Camera driver updated to version with fixes on Invalid Device descriptor and other issues. Now it is possible to reset the camera completely without re-plugging it physically in USB.
  • Fixed issue with 7017D device calibration.
  • Fixed issue with endless scanning loop on 70x7 under some conditions.

Desktop API

  • Added support of new parameter in RPRM_Command_Set_ProcessParametersJson JSON “processParameters.depersonalizeLog” for enabling/disabling depersonalization of the messages in the log.
  • Fixed issue with device connection not possible when devProperties.LabelSerialNumberStr was empty on old devices.
  • Fixed MRZ processing logic.
  • Fixed issue with RPRM_ResultType_Authenticity result type absence in Linux.
  • Fixed issue with glare removal switch resulting in black images.
  • Fixed issue with calibration data cache file dates and loading updated ones.
  • Fixed issue with not all video detection frames were sent via results callback.
  • Fixed issue with some cards with an 1D barcode on the edge were not detected in some positions in video detection.
  • Fixed memory leak when UV image taken with different exposition.

Mobile API

  • Added the ability to change the zoom on the scanning screen.
  • Added the ability to set the starting zoom factor for the scanning screen.
  • Added the ability to change the size of the toolbar.
  • Added the ability to get cut-out images of barcodes when working without a document description (ProcessParams: returnCroppedBarcode).
  • Added new localizations: Bengali, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Swedish.
  • The jsonResult property has been replaced with the rawResult string property in DocumentReaderResults, which contains the original JSON string.
  • Android:
    • The database and resources are now stored in internal storage.
    • Added support for the camera2 API.
    • Added the ability to add a list of devices that should not use the camera2 API.
    • Updated the eVisualFieldType enumeration.
    • Updated the eCheckDiagnose enumeration.
    • Fixed a bug when adding a database to the app.
    • Fixed the way to change the size of camera preview.
  • iOS:
    • Updated the RGLFieldType enumeration.
    • Updated the RGLCheckDiagnose enumeration.
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect return of an error when processing an RFID chip.

WebService API

  • Open API specification updated on GitHub.
  • C# client published on GitHub with examples. NuGet package available.
  • Implemented environment variable DOCREADER_LIC_URL to pass license file by its URL into docker image for convenient start of multiple containers with an orchestrator, like kubernetes. See Docker Hub description.
  • /ping endpoint response changed to include version information.
  • Fixed issue with /webapi/Transaction2/GetTransactionStatus returning “in progress” status for unknown transaction ID.
  • Fixed issue with crash on /ping if no license available.

Document Reader Application

  • Added capability to enable/disable saving BSI TR-03135 style results in the “Results” tab in “Options” dialog.
  • Added capability to enable/disable grouping saved results by status in the “Results” tab in “Options” dialog.
  • Fixed issue with displaying fields ROI on the main document image on double-click.
  • Optimized image handling to use less RAM.
  • Documentation updated.


  • Added property GroupResultsByStatus to enable or disable whether scanning and processing results will be saved into subfolders of the ResultsFolder based on the CheckStatusComplete value. Disabled by default (boolean, read/write).
  • Enums updated.
  • Documentation updated.

Installation packages

  • Windows Desktop API
    • New drivers package version 1.8.12 with Regula camera driver version included.
    • Updated Regula Licensing package included.
  • Linux packages for all OS located in our repository.
  • Docker images available at Docker Hub.
  • We have set up nightly builds of the product and they are available via docker pull regulaforensics/docreader:nightly command.


  • Improved capability of updating online licenses not only with expiry date, but also with license type and products remotely.
  • Fixed issue with starting service with more instances than licensed leading to crash.
  • Fixed issue with online licenses to restore product functionality automatically after Internet access not available when it is available again.
  • Fixed issue with online license to restore product functionality automatically after it was expired and then prolonged.


  • ICAO PKD master list version 159 included in RFID SDK component.


• 246 countries and territories / 8983 documents included. • 185 new documents added. • For details see Supported documents list.